Reason Why You Must Not Rush In To Marriage

Reason Why You Must Not Rush In To Marriage

Many people that think that marriage is just something that is easy or simple, but the truth is that you should not think of it as friendship you do with someone because, in marriage there are many promises involved and due to that you need to be very careful, you need to make sure you know what marriage is all about, you need to be sure that you can live with that your partner ion all situation, you need to be very sure that you and your partner truly love each other, you need to be sure that the marriage you are trying to enter with someone will not be the type of marriage that you be today and tomorrow you will be looking for divorce.

So here is the Reason Why You Must Not Rush In To Marriage

Remember is better is better to cool down and relax or even marry late with the right partner that is made for you than to marry the wrong person and divorce tomorrow. So try to understand what you want to enter into, try to know why others succeed in their marriage because marriage don’t succeed by chance but it takes hard work, understanding, and endurance for it to work out. There is a promise that is made which is for better or worse, you must love and stand strong with your partner till death do you part, so don’t just take it as a normal boyfriend and girlfriend relationship because it is more than that.

Don’t think because she is very beautiful, and due that she will make a good wife and mother for you and your children, because beauty cannot build a home but good character, obedient, respectful and understanding woman will build a good family for you. Don’t think because he is rich and due to that you will lack nothing because only that man who love you, care, understand and value and also show concern is the only one that will make you happy, so why will you then rush into marriage that you rush out immediately or go into divorce, why then will you be in a hurry to enter into such marriage which you will regret tomorrow, don’t be mislead by your feelings or the feelings you have for the person, try to give it a big thought and be sure that your partner is the right person for you, because marriage is a product of diligent work and make sure that your partner will join you for the marriage to work because it is not only meant for one person.

Be sure that your partner is the kind of person that listen to you and agree with what you said because it takes two to dance in marriage, there cannot be a healthy relationship between a man and a woman without agreement. So your partner needs to be the kind of person that listen to you and also agree with you before your marriage must work out, but you need to understand that you and your partner cannot be one and agree on a particular issue or principle without understanding of each other and understanding of what marriage is all about. You need to know the likes and dislike of your partner.

Above all you need to know God’s expectations in marriage because without God in your marriage, your marriage will lack peace. So try to give it a big thought on that marriage which you are about to enter or which you may be one day with a person for not to make a mistake in your life, because marriage is sweet when you are with the right person that is truly meant for you but when you make a mistake and marry the wrong person then marriage will be more than bitter to you but then will be hell, so be careful.





14 Reasons causes Relationship Problems or Problems of marriage

14 Reasons Why Some Relationship or Marriage Don’t Last

14 Reasons Why Some Relationship or Marriage Don’t Last

Marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman, to be in union as husband and wife. If marriage is an agreement a man and a woman made to each other, why then will this agreement be broken and what are the things that can make a marriage to be broken. So I will list out the reasons why so many marriages don’t last and explain them all in a way you will understand.

  1. Understanding
  2. Endurance
  3. Lies
  4. Jealousy
  5. Trust
  6. Ballistic Temperament
  7. Cheating
  8. Career Men or Women
  9. Third Party
  10. Infertility
  11. Feminism
  12. Feeling Insecure
  13. One Sided Love
  14. Nagging

This list above is things that make some marriages not to last and I will explain them all to you for you to have a better understanding and the meaning of them all.

14 Reasons causes Relationship Problems or Problems of marriage

Understanding. Lack of understanding in any relationship or marriage, make such union not to last, because if you understand your partner’s weak point and your partner also understand your weak point then you will see that your relationship will last long and your marriage will be a happy one. So learn to understand your partner and don’t use his or her weak point against him or her, try to understand that you two are one and that means that you will also live as one.

Endurance. It works in hand with understanding because you can only endure your partner’s weak point  or actions when you understand him or her well. So try to learn to understand your partner for at all time for only that will help you endure the wrongs and things he or she do to hurt you. Always remember that two wrongs cannot make a right, because if you want peace and happiness to reign in your marriage learn to understand and endure your partner actions.

Lies. There is nothing much to say on this because you know that to lie to someone is never good, and if you lie to your partner on any issue, when your partner find out or realize that you lie to him or her, it will hurt your love well and will make him never to trust you or you will lose your partner trust, so never you try to lie to your partner if you want to gain your partner’s trust and love.

14 Reasons Why Some Relationship or Marriage Don’t Last

Jealousy. It is said that to have jealous or jealousy is way to know that your partner loves it but too much of it is bad and can make your partner unhappy and uncomfortable with you, so please if you have too much jealousy in you know that you are hurting your partner and at the same time causing harm to your marriage.

Trust. this is one of the relationship problems or problems of marriage.It is very bad of you, if you don’t trust your partner, is never a good thing, try to always trust your partner, give your love that trust for he or she deserves it and doing so will make them more happy and love you more, if you don’t trust your partner, you will be doing things that hurt them at times and you may not be able to defend your partner in public, which can easily destroy your marriage.

 Ballistic Temperament. Is not good to have hot temper, because doing so will make you to easily get angry with your partner and this may result to beating or fighting with your partner. So in other to save your marriage you must learn to control your temper and be at peace with your partner.

Cheating. We all know that is never good to cheat at your partner and is better you avoid cheating because is the number thing that will destroy and damage your relationship easily, remember that marriage is the agreement between you and your partner to leave as for forever till death do you too part, why then will you break that promise by cheating on your partner. What is the training and legacy you want your children to learn please avoid cheating and make your marriage better.

Career Men Or Women. To have dream, aim and goal you want to achieve is good but don’t let it destroy your marriage. Make out time each day to call and spend good time with your partner, don’t always think of that your work or business, make out time now that you live to have fun and play with your partner. You may lose your partner to someone else do to that your work or business that you always give time, so avoid making that mistake if you truly love your partner.

Third Party. This is one of the things that causes relationship problems or problems of marriage. By this I mean friends and parents, don’t easily take your friends and parents advice, listen to what they said and take only the one that will bring more joy and peace to your partner. Never take all your problem out for them to know, is good to talk to your parents apart your problem in your family but don’t talk to the one that will give you advice that will destroy your marriage, in all that your do put your family and partner first, consider your actions before you act.

Infertility. This is one of the major problems that we are facing today in some marriages but is never good for you to allow this to bring issues or cause problem in your family. So please if you love your partner stand strong with your partner and never allow anything to divide that your love for her.

Feminism. Well is one of the big problems seen in marriage and is cause by women who think that a woman is not meant to be under a man. Such thinking is never good is better you don’t marry at all than to marry and have such in mind, for doing so will quickly cause a big problem in your marriage especially for those men who have hot temper, So avoid this as a woman for your marriage to last.

Feeling Insecure. Some people always feel that there is always something bad or that their partner is cheating at them, they may be angry or hurt just by seeing their partner talking with another person, some of the people who do this always stay with their opposite sex too but will see that as nothing, thinking that they can’t cheat on their partner, but when they saw their partner with their opposite sex they became angry which is not good and avoid this if you are doing so.

One sided love. In any relationship or marriage is never good for only one person to be the one to show love and care. Any relationship or marriage that only partner is the one who always show love and concern, such marriage won’t last because one day he or she may be tired of that love or character and may decide to leave, so for marriage to last both parties must learn to love and care for each other as one.

Nagging. In any relationship or marriage that nagging is part of their  culture, that relationship has 99% chances to collapse because when a man or a woman nags in any little mistakes that happened, you will see that the man or the woman will always be tired of that relationship even sometimes regret ever being in that marriage or relationship. For a example your wife or your husband may do something unintentionally instead of u as a wife or as a husband to calmly correct your spouse in a good manner, you will use hash voice at the same time nag, you will see that your spouse sometimes will find it difficult to share some things with you especially those ones he makes mistakes.

Now that you have seen relationships problems or problems of marriage, I pray and wish that you and your spouse, love or partner will put them in practice and make a happy marriage life!

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Women This is How To Make Your Marriage Relationship Better

better marriage relationship family

Women This is How To Make Your Marriage Relationship Better


Beautiful mothers and caring women who are married to different families around the world, I want you all to listen to this word of advice practice them for the sake of your family and children remember that marriage bring more respect to a woman, so try to build a better family relationship before we talk about it there is a story i want to tell you, a little story of a family but i won’t mention their name here.

A woman lived with her husband in a city, the husband is a very rich man and well respected man with good reputation in a society, the woman is also a good woman but her problem is that she loved her brothers and sisters more than her children to the extent that she will do anything for them not minding if that hurt her children and that made her children to have less regard on her and value their father more instead.


Now to bring it to our topic all I want for advice married women is for them to know that they now have family. I don’t say that is not good to care for your sisters, brothers and parents all am saying is that you should try to consider your children first before anything because your children’s care, love, guide and protection is in your hands, what men care mostly is their business and how to provide for their family, the training a child receive today is mostly from the mother, that is why if a child misbehave the first person to blame is the mother, hardly you see the father been blamed because to build a better marriage relationship for the family and society is in the hand of a woman.

Mothers are the heart of the family, they are the one that unite a family together, they bring father and children together, a good mother means a lot to the family because any family that has a good mother lacks nothing whether a family is rich or poor, if there is a good mother in the family there will be peace, a goods mother matters a lot in the family because no matter your wealth or the wealth of the family is there is no good mother there is no peace

better marriage relationship

Characteristics of a Good Mother

  1. She defend her children
  2. She brings peace to the family
  3. she stand up and fight for what is right for the family
  4. She caution her children when they do wrong act
  5. She unite the family by bringing father and children together

There are many qualities that you see in a mother and you will believe that she is truly a good mother, so please women try to behave well in any family you found yourself, you people are the pillars of the family use endurance and peace to live in your family, please mothers we all are in your hands to direct for us to have a happy and better marriage relationship is in your hands, and please help the world to achieve it all, so that the future of your beloved children, which you bore in your womb for nine (9) months will not be scattered. I also plead for us all to support them, so that the world will be a better place for us all.

Why marriage promise are easily forgotten

Why marriage promise are easily forgotten

If you look around today in you will notice that so many marriages today are not in peace anymore but is you ask yourself this question why is marriage promise are easily forgotten? Well there is no much reason that break many marriages today than lack of understanding and consideration, I know that you will be asking how what about love, but the truth is that love may be in marriage but still the partner is not happy or fully satisfied, yes there are many relationships and marriages that are broken because there is no understanding neither will you see a bit of consideration in actions and things they do.

How many couples today think of what they will do to make his or her partner, how many ask themselves these questions, what will I do to please you? What will I do to make you happy? How many still cares on what to do to please your partner, all these are part of things that make marriage promise seems to be forgotten ,think of it and give it a thought, call that your partner or lover, try to ask or tell him or her what will I do to make you happy, try to make your spouse understand that you will like to know what makes him or her smile, show him or her that you are ready to o anything just to please him or her. If you and understand that selfish in love, marriage or relationship can make your living with someone unhappy.

Marriage promises easily broken

How can you expect someone to still be with you when you don’t understand them neither do you consider the effect of your actions or if your actions suit them, nobody love to be with someone who don’t care about them because there will not be happiness, such person will not understand you, such person don’t  consider you in their actions but they only do the things that suit them or that is best for them, been with such person is just a waste of time because you can’t get the love you needed fully with them and due to this many break their marriage promise.

marriage promise

So my advice to you is this, try to understand and consider your partner in all you do, because he or she loving you is not a crime so try to appreciate his or her love towards you by your actions not just words because action like it is said speaks more Lauder than words. Try to look at their face and their eyes and you will understand how your partner feels to be hurt by you, it will be the highest they ever have in their life and the heartbreak involved is very high. So never hurt the heart that love you, never try to be the one that will make them forget your marriage promises, do your part and watch them do their own because if he or she truly love you they will repay you back with much love!

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Life Of Women And Marriage

Women And Marriage

Some times if you look at some families you will see that there are so many things and mistakes that is happening in those families, but at times all these happen because there is no woman in the house or because the woman in the house fails to do her duty as the mother of the family. There are so many things about a woman and it duty in the family because for a woman to be called the mother of the house or the mother of the family all the duties that a woman do for the family must be in her and when she fail to do all these as a mother, then you know that such woman does not deserve to be a mother of the family.

A woman is not just the mother of the family but also the heart of the family and marriage, and as you know the heart is one of the main parts of the body that controls human, so in that way a woman is very important in the family because just as the heart connect and controls the body, that same way she connect and gather the man and her children, she endures a lot from anyone, she never fear for anything, she stand up always to fight and defend for the right of the family, she direct and train up his children in a good way, she direct them to be a good children for her family and society.


A woman must have equal love on her children and her husband to create full happiness for the family, a woman must be there always when her family needs her most. A woman must put her family or marriage  first before anything, no matter what her husband do or act, she must stand strong especially for her children sake, she must back her children up in a good way and not the bad way because children easily listen to their mother and follow her steps, so she must try always to live a good life for her children not to have a bad foundation.

No man prays to have a bad woman as wife, so my advice to you as a woman is this, you must bear in mind that a man may have you now as his girlfriend but that doesn’t qualify you to be his wife because if you lack manners and good character, believe me he must one day leave you because there Is happiness in the face of that man who finds a good wife. A woman who never contribute anything good to her man, who is capable of taking a man life, who always don’t care on the way she treat and or act in the society, who is very arrogant and lacks manners of speech or approach, such woman is never what a man or family pray, or wish to have as a mother because there is nothing good that will comes out of such woman but sorrows and such woman can never make a good family or train her children in a good way.

Beauty is not all my dear stop been deceive by that beauty that attract men today to you today because a true beauty is when you have manners and good character of a good mother. Remember this as a young lady that most men that comes near you today only cares for your body, so try to leave a good life to meet that your man who you two will live together and train those beautiful kids that God will give you tomorrow. Never forget that Marriage is for better for worst, and due to that any man that want to marry always try to be careful for the kind of woman he want to marry

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Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage

Before I decide to write this I have got so many questions people ask me about their marriage and I decide to write the summary to help answer some questions people ask but before we head straight to what this topic is saying, let look at marriage meaning and start from there for us to understand this well.

Now marriage can be define as the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife or an agreement between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Now let get something straight from this, it says that is an agreement between two people, which is a man and a woman, there is never a time it is said to be an agreement between a person.

So if the agreement is between two people the question is this” what then is needed for this two people to be happy and enjoy the union they agree to be in together?” when you ask yourself this question there is only two answers that you will have in mind which covers all others, which is “understanding” and “love”. This are the two things that is needed for marriage to work out which are the things needed from any couple in the world to know and do, for them to save their marriage, let take a look at these two things individually.

First let look out understanding, any marriage that lacks understanding can never be strong because marriage neither succeeds by chance nor by accident. It is you as an individual who needs to make conscious and deliberate effort, if you want to save your marriage because a successful marriage will be made only from your hand work and understanding that you have on your spouse. For you to be able to save your marriage you need to get better in all both in your attitude, words, thought and actions toward your spouse. Many people put their business and career in front, such thing is never good because you need to understand that your marriage requires time and attention for you both to be a happy family remember you can never get a time spent back again, what you only have is the memories on anything you did in your marriage.

So try as much as you can to have time for your marriage or your family because the good memories you keep now is what you will have and not the time spent. Try to always think on how to make your marriage better and stop been carried away by your business, career, or your riches because if you have happiness in your family and work together with your spouse you will progress more better than when you do it alone. Don’t allow the society, expectations and your pursuit to carry you away because at the end, all these will leave you with so much problems which can affect your  personality and marriage, which will cause you sorrow and unhappy. Remember that with understanding you can be able to put head together and make your marriage work, it can never stand with only one person effort, so don’t expect your partner t be the only one working to save your marriage because the agreement was not made by one person but between two people and if is only one person that is trying to make it work then bear in mind that such marriage will find it hard to stand.


So try to agree on a conduct or principle that will be as a rule that govern and guard you both in whatever you are doing. So in other for you to save your marriage you need to set a certain rules and agree with it as one to help you to archive your goals and expectations in marriage

Now let look at love because it is the main engine needed in  marriage for it to work, any marriage that lack love I daunt if such marriage can exist because if you love your spouse you will do anything for the person, you will understand hi s or her action, you will be there for them when they need you, you will try your best to make him or her happy you will endure all the mistakes and actions he or she did to you, you will trust him or her in all. Now when all this is gone don’t expect them to build or fix back again, know that is now your duty to fix it back in your marriage. It is your duty to fight for things that your marriage lack and bring them back just like it was before.

If you are man try to tolerate your wife, try to love her, try to find something that attract you always to her, try to show her that you care, try to call her that pet names you always call her before marriage and when your marriage was still fresh, don’t think because it has been long you knew her and due to that she will not to be attractive any more to you because marriage should always be refresh for you not to get tired it.

For you woman, remember you are the woman of the house, so try to always make yourself attractive to your husband because if you stop it, know that other women out there may help you do that for you, don’t think because you are married that you will stop taking care of your body, remember that you are taking care of that body before you meet him, so why trying to stop now. Do that thing you know that make him happy, cook that food you know he love eating and always try to entertain him to make him not to be staying away from home.

You both should remember that you people are not same opinion, experience, family, thought or neither do you attend the same school or have the same friends, so due to that try to always understand and love each other the way he or she is and find your spouse to be the best and valuable person in your life. Finally always remember that nobody choose your spouse for you but you did and accept to live with him or her, so try then to love, understand and make him or her happy.

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Why your girlfriend left you

Why your girlfriend left you

Well I have seen several relationship that are broken and some time the guy when you asked him, he will say she left me for another guy, or that she has broken his heart but the truth is at times we guys are at fault because there are many things she expect you to do for her but you don’t do it or you don’t even know what is the problem that cause the break up between you two, let me tell you many girls who break up or leave their man don’t do it because they want, at times they do it inform of to say they need a break, all this signs is for you to notice or know if you can understand what they want from you as their man but it baffled me seeing that most guys don’t try to understand what their lover really want from them or the signs their girl is giving to them. so that is why I decide to write this post to make you understand things that you don’t know that causes issues or break up, so that you can learn and change your character towards her, to make her feel more happy with you.why-your-girlfriend-left-you

  1. Fun.This is really necessary especially when you have a girl who really cares or love having fun, because is your duty as a man to add fun in your relationship for you to be sure that she is happy. You must not always take her to shopping, bars, or clubs but at times make out time to work around with her. Try to visit places or at times to look around some places or area. Believe me she may leave you due to lack of fun in your relationship.
  2. Funny.Is not a must that you will be a comedian before you can be funny to her, at times try to play with her because it part of good memories she will have and will always remember at times when she is alone and that will help to keep her company when you are not around and will also make her always try to meet , visit or stay with you always. If you lack this in your relationship then know that you are making a big mistake that can make her leave you easily so try your best to always have time with her as you can.
  3. Lie.This one is like a big offense and kill her love fast with pains too, because if she always sees you as someone who always lie to her believe she will not regard your words as anything and will never believe anything you say and that will make her not believe in you, which is not good because she will never have regard on you. So try always not to lie to her especially on those lies that she can easily catch you.
  4. Happiness.Well this one already explains itself. If you don’t make her happy or even try to make your girlfriend happy, she can’t stay with you because every woman wants to be happy and won’t love to stay with someone who make her cry or unhappy always. So you see if you can’t make her happy why then did you expect her to still stay with you. Now let be reasonable here can you as a man stay or go where you know that will not give you joy, the same way don’t expect her to stay with you if you can’t make her happy.
  5. Value her. This one too explain itself too, because no one will love to go or stay with people who don’t value them the same don’t expect her to stay with you if you don’t value them because every woman has a dignity and pride, which if you are not ready to keep for them and value your girlfriend then know that you are inviting break up in your marriage which will surely come to you.
  6. Trust.Well if you don’t trust your girl that means you don’t love her and if you don’t love her please let her go for you not to hurt her the more. As a man is expected from you to always love her and protect who then will you do it to, so try to trust and defend her.
  7. Concern..If you as a man don’t show concern to her and know what she love and hate and always try to calm and be with her when she needs you most. I have seen some men who don’t know his woman best color or best food or drink. If you know you lack concern bear in mind that you are inviting break up and not tomorrow you say she break your heart not knowing that you are the one that have been breaking her mind before she decide to go.
  8. Romantic..Well did I also need to tell you to call her pet names and pet her like your woman, Every woman love petting and pet names because it makes them feels that you really care for them so try to always be romantic with them and make them feel happy and more love for you.


Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions

Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions

Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions

There are several mistakes some ladies make and these mistakes are very dangerous and can cause some women problems in their Union or even make them not to marry.marriage

  1. There are people who reject marriage proposal based on experience or story of other people. You hear people say things like “I can never marry a soldier because the one my sister married did not favor her; the soldier was always maltreating her”. Have you taken out time to study and find out if your sister is the cause? If that sister is not cultured and has a bad attitude to life, even if she end up marring a Bishop or a Pope she will still be a bad partner, it will only take the grace of God for that marriage to work out. Instead of concluding on a wrong believe why not take out time and find out what the problem is with your sister and avoid possessing that same character so that you can enjoy your own marriage.
  2. Be careful when a man lavish you with all manner of gifts at the beginning of your relationship with him. If you are not careful those may be all you may ever receive from him when he lures you in to marrying him with his gifts, don’t be beclouded by gifts still keep to the standard of marriage so that you don’t regret the unbalanced and distorted decision you may take in a hurry. There are men who know and believe that women can easily be broken by giving of gifts so they capitalize on it to deceive women into relationship they never prepared for, am not advising not to accept gifts but am advising you that any given time in your relationship when you are receiving gifts let your eyes be very open and your sense of reasoning be at alert for pure and sincere judgment of issues. There are people who rush into marriage with wrong assumption that the man cares really good by giving of gifts but today they are faced with the reality because the same man who use to spoil them with gifts before marriage have suddenly turned out to be one of the worse stingy man that ever lived on planet earth, some have equally rushed out of the same marriage while some who are still in their own marriage are only “Enduring” their marriage instead of “Enjoying” their marriage.
  3. Some people reject marriage proposal because the person they had agreed to marry is not treating them as their fellow friend. This brings comparism into your relationship forgetting the fact that we are peculiarly different from one another. We all express pour love in different ways , some express theirs by giving gift, some express theirs by spending quality time with their partner while some express theirs through constant “hanging out”. So if your partner expresses his own and move on with it.
  4. There are people who want to enter union because the guy is handsome. Please don’t try to jump into marriage because of the physical appearance of a guy, because beauty will; always fade and can even be distorted by eventualities of life, though beauty is good but character is the ultimate over beauty , so endeavor to find out sincerely the character of the person you want to live the rest of your life with. If you know the character it will help you to know if he is someone you can afford to live the rest of your life with, it can also guide you into some life decisions to adjust some of your own character in other to make the whole thing work out sincerely and not in pretence.marriage
  5. Don’t go into union with the mindset of retaliation. Some girls accept marriage just because they want to hurt someone who have offend them, for example two girlfriends who before now where very close friends and confidants but fell out in the cause of time and remain separated one among them may do everything possible to ensure that she snatches the friend’s partner and go into marriage with him not because she loves him but because she want to retaliate and deal with her friend whom she believe offended her. To me that is absolute madness, at long run since the foundation is wrong and faulty where there is no atom of love but wickedness and revenge that marriage will not last till the evening of their life.
  6. Don’t accept or enter into marriage because you want to avoid or run away from criticism. There is some girls in cause of dating discover that the relationship cannot work out due to some character of the guy but due to what they think that people may say if they broke up with the guy, despite their findings they still force themselves and go ahead and marry the guy, as per such important and significant factor you will discover that marriage which is originally made by God to enjoy will suddenly become an entity to be endured, such union will keep having problems as long as they are together, the partners involved gets offended at ay slightest provocation and irrelevant things and people will keep imagining why trivial things causes problems for such couples not knowing that the marriage originally is wrongly built foundation of endurance and bitterness. A broken engagement is far better than a divorce that is the more reason why you must quit any hoping against hope with the mindset that you will change him.
  7. Due to belonging to the class. There are ladies who accept marriage proposers just because they want to answer the name of being referred to as a rich man’s wife not knowing that with time she will be seen and treated as one of the acquired furniture in the house since she only came for money she never labored for or was part of, she came for fame, class and greed. In the cause of time I have seen women who married a very rich man but later abandoned the marriage and ran away despite the available wealth at their command, when asked “why run away” their reply has always been inform of a question which goes thus “is it not the living that enjoys wealth?” you will agree with me that such statement tells a lot about it. I know of a lady who really displayed wealth in her union, each time she dressed, the color of car she will use that moment she really had plenty of wealth to display many, people outside her union admiring her and wishes to be like her in terms of union, but it didn’t take much time when she abandoned the union and the plenty of wealth and ran out of the union, when we tried finding out what led to her running away from the marriage, we discovered that the she married never had value and regards for her so he beats and maltreats her with cable wires so she never had peace in that marriage, when it got to the point that she could no longer bear it, she had no choice than to quit the marriage. Never allow wealth to lure you into a marriage you will regret.
  8. Don’t enter into union because you want financially support your family. There are ladies who because of their family’s financial problems rush into any available rich man for marriage in order to start harvesting or milking money with it to send for her family, she goes in to it with the mindset that it is a business center where you go to make money. This is a very wrong mindset or believes about their marital status, and when it is applied, it will not only cause the marriage to crash, but destroy the life of that marriage. People with such mindset or believes, any time they stop getting money from the marriage they see no reason why they should still continue with the marriage so it begins to ferment troubles or begin to do anything capable of breaking or tearing the marriage apart.
  9. There are ladies who always appear very expensive to the public thereby scaring people away from them when they tend to get closer. You tend to discover that some of these ladies have good character when you successfully get closer to them. How will people find out when you scare them away with your philosophy of “make sure you appear expensive” I advice that you appear jovial and easy to talk to life style, neat and clean.


Advice for you.

A woman should always try to be careful when choosing man who she want to avoid facing one of these problems because if there is a problem in a family it is a woman who suffers it the most than a man so due to that, I advice you to be careful when choosing whom to marry!

10 secrets to a happy marriage

10 secrets to a happy marriage

 Secrets of a happy marriage

Before we go deep into the let first look at it meaning, the we look at 10 secrets to a happy marriage

Matrimony is said to be the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Experience has taught couples that true love never fails. There are certain this that needed to make a successful marriage in spite the work of devil to undermine that plan. We should always try to make our marriage fresh and new every day no matter what because a happy marriage is that one that always refresh love and always tell their partner how much they love them because those words makes them happy and if your partner and you are always happy with each other no plans of anyone can divide you two. These are some secrete things that will make our marital life strong, happy and enjoyable. “10 secrets to a happy marriage”10 secrets to a happy marriage

“10 secrets to a happy marriage”

  1. Love

 This is the main thing that is needed in a marriage because without love there will be no happiness, forgiveness and tolerance, because there is a quote that say that love covers multitude of sins, if that is the case that means where there is love there is peace and happiness, so the word love is very vital in a marriage. Couples should love each other without reservation. We need to know love language of our spouse. Tell each other words of affirmation “ I love you”, “I care about you” “you mean a lot to me” “you are the love of my life” “I can do without you” all these keep it up and happy.

        2. Together

Couples are free o do everything they like together as they think that will fit them. You ought to know that you are the “STEP” which means that you should sleep together , talks to each other, eat together because couples that do all these together always find there union happy and enjoyable.happy marriage       3. Be united as one

this is one of the secrets of a happy marriage The man and woman should be together leaving all others, couples as one united by marriage and God should avoid interference from external family relations. The man should protect his wife and make her accepted by his family, the wife also should accept her husband people and his family. The man owns the body of a woman while the woman owns the body of a man which means that Sex is to be enjoy by them freely at anytime as they want.

“10 secrets to a happy marriage”

       4. Be open 

Try to always be open with your spouse and talk about everything with him or her. Do not hide your feelings, listen to his or her complains, opinions and discuss them. Don’t leave your house in anger stay and resolve it amicably. When your spouse tell you some areas of your life that you need to change do not feel bad about it. Share ideas plan together there is no secrete.

      5. Truthfulness 

It is not good to be built on falsehood, couples should try as much a possible to avoid telling lies. Try your best to avoid telling lies to you spouse because it gives room to doubt or suspicious. Remember that nothing is hidden under the sun. yet your Yes be Yes and No be No.

      6. Appreciation

Learn to appreciate one another time to time. Husband appreciate your wife beauty “You are more beautiful than when I first meet you”. Appreciate her food, her dressing and everything about her. Wife you must appreciate his caring and handwork “Darling you work too hard, please rest because we still need you”, focus your attention on your spouse strength than weakness, encourage instead of criticize and pray instead of gossiping. Learn to say “Thank You” and “I am sorry” because the words are healing and binds couples together.

         7. Be Sensitive

A wise should be sensitive to the husband’s Observe his mood and know when he is angry and finds out ways to appease him. Observe when he dresses up to work because his dressing s says a lot about you as the wife. Do you ;know the food your husband enjoys most? The way to a man’s heart is the stomach and don’t joke about it. Whenever a man fails to eat your food women are in big trouble. Leave of everything and find the cause. Men should also try to understand their wives. Women love petting from their husbands, touching and use of love words.

“10 secrets to a happy marriage”

        8.Be creative

Avoid monitory in doing things. Add variety to your home, you can re-arrange your home and add new menu to your cooking plans, add surprise and fun in your homes. When last did you buy a gift for your wife? When last did you take your wife out for a good treat or shopping? Many men can do a lot of things for their women before their union but when they are finally married all those things become the things of past which is not good.

        9. Believe in the matrimony

Many people don’t believe in the marriage they are into, every married couples should do anything it takes to make their matrimony workable because it takes a man and a woman to make a union last. The couples need to see their self at in complete without each other.

      10. Spend time at home

For a lasting happy union you need to spend time with your partner, spend time in your home instead of hanging outside a lot, do it with your partner. If you spend time with and relate with your partner regularly, you will get closer and more intimacy to each other because for marriage to work both have to invest in it.

Conclusion on 10 secrets to a happy marriage.

Always try to believe in your partner and love and cherish your partner for it is said that “for where your treasure is there your heart be also” so why not you take your marriage as a treasure, below is some questions I want you to ask yourself today and plan to arrange your marriage with it

  1. Tell Me When last did you say I love you to your spouse?
  2. When last did you complement his or her dressing?
  3. How many times have you give her food in the mouth?
  4. Have you kiss her for some time now?
  5. Did you have time to play with your husband?

Now if you can sincerely answer this questions and find yourself not doing any of this said above know that you are getting it wrong because once in a while both of you should become children and play together. Men love the tender touch of their wives and also fancy their happy laughter. Laughter as they said is medicinal and it heal souls, wounds and refreshes the body. Make plenty laughter available in your home  and enjoy the wife of your youth!

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

In other to have happy married life there are many mistakes that you do in marriage today is cause by them without them knowing that is the cause of the problem they are currently face now and with this post I decided to list out some of this things to for people to consider it and make sure that they avoid the mistakes which will be discus in this article for them not to fall a victim of this problems for future regret. Now lets look to some of this mistakes

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

Being with the person due to wealth or position

Someone who accept a relationship  because of the things the person have or what the person is, instead of accepting them for who they are because the position the person is today might not be the position he will be tomorrow so pls try to understand that is better to love a person for who the person is and accept him because you truly care for the person than accepting because of wealth or position the person have.

Marrying because you are directed by your spiritual leader

Someone who marry because their spiritual leader instruct them to marry the person, bear in mind that if God should peak to your spiritual leader for you to marry someone, God will also need to speak to you because if you think that your spiritual leader advice is the best always remember that it is not your spiritual leader that will be in the marriage so pls be careful and consult two or more people and choose wisely from your heart.relationshipDon’t allow love to deceive you

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

this side is too difficult for someonewho think love is everything that matters, pls don’t be deceive by this love quotes “love is blind” or “love covers multitude of sin” no matter how you love the person always try to consider the factors or things that you want in a person, always try to make his inquiry of; the person past and present life for you to avoid making a mistake and don’t always believe that you can change the person because what is you finally cant change the person then it may lead to divorce or anything so try to be careful and consider well.

Don’t enter in  marriage because of fun

someone who enters relationship because of others or friends are all in it or because they are getting marry so be careful of such people because they cant help or contribute anything good in a marriage or even grow your it because they find it as just fun and in kind of let do it that others are doing.

Don’t jump into it when you are not prepared or planed for it

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

because is never good for someone without planning is not good because planning is a way guide your steps and decisions and give your life direction, and is good for someone to take decision of things they do because of their future because the decision you take today will affect your life tomorrow because failure comes due to lack of planning so you must plan well before anything.

Marring because you think the person is committed to church

This one is very dangerous so pls try to avoid falling a victim of this one because going to church does not make someone a good person because if that makes someone a good person that means that the devil is also a good person or angel because the devil also go to church so pls try to be careful because me I fear church people more than any other person because they use that church to cover their bad side. Try also to be very careful for those ones that said that God ask them to marry you because God cant visit only one person when there are two people involve in it, so don’t be scared when they said God said but instead try to rebuke them and choose wisely.

Don’t reject someone because you are not in the same church

many people have missed their chances of getting married in life due to the person is not attending their church or is not in the same religion with you and you think the person is not worthy of being with you , my dear you are making a big mistake because you never know if the person is the right partner for you so try to choose wisely before rejecting someone due to their church or religion.

Don’t allow your parents push you

so many marry because they were forced by their parents to marry, it is no good to fall on that because you may end up getting married with the wrong one so don’t be push by your parents words because they are not the one getting marry.

Don’t be deceive by family relationship

so may just do it because they were told by two different families that they will like their parent friendship to continue may be for business or anything not minding if their children’ s faith or happiness so try to avoid being part of that kind of it.

Don’t enter into marriage without asking your medical status

Try to take good not of this because this causes a lot of problems to some people today and why you even think of marrying a person who at the end you all will only be producing children of sickle cell anemia and at the end you will be causing both children and parents into dangerous health crisis that are yet to have solution when you can avoid this in the begging .


With some of this mistakes I point out above I believe that it will help you to choose wisely the kind of person that you will marry to avoid you ending up in a situation that you will regret later so I urge you my dear readers to take note of this and don fall a victim of this problem in future and if you have already fallen in the problem try to correct yourself if there is still time for you or you correct other to avoid making the same mistake thanks


Pls try to share this content to others and help them know more about this and avoid them from making the same mistake thanks as you are doing so.

Effect o Taking Your Job Too Serious than Your Relationship Or Marriage

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship

Taking Your Job Too Serious can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationshipyour job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship


Some people may say how can my work affect my relationship or marriage, or are you trying to say that my Job is not important again, I know you will have too many questions to ask about this topic but before you ask all this question can you please cool down to think on this “IS MY PARTNER HAPPY WITH THE TIME I GIVE HIM/HER” if you can ask yourself this question and be truthful with the answer you gave to yourself, you will be understand that your job is important the same way your marriage is also important because if your partner is happy and also makes you happy you will find greater happiness doing that your business , but when you can’t make your partner happy or bring out time for your partner, how can you then expect your relationship to grow, I have come across so many relationships that was scattered due to this and that is what pushed me to write about this for my readers not to fall the victim of this too. Don’t take your job too serious to avoid your partner cheating on you, because if your relationship or marriage lacks attention or concern from you due to your job then know that you are the one pushing your partner to be cheating on you and if your partner cheats on you blame yourself and your job, and never blame your partner for cheating on you.

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship


If you finish reading this and still don’t understand that your job can break your family by causing your partner cheating on you then know that you are making a big mistake that you may regret at the end, money is not everything and please don’t allow money to deprive you from your responsibilities in your relationship or marriage

Story 1:

A man named John is married to a woman named Loveth, he loved her wife so much and does not cheat on her but his business never allow him to concentrate on his wife and know when her woman need her because there is always time when a woman always need his man most, he failed to understand that and think that all is about money. One day his wife informed him that her distance cousin is coming to join them and stay in the house he agreed and the guy joined them in staying at his house, one day something happen the guy fall  sick and was taken to hospital and he was tested HIV positive and that was the time the man know that he was not her wife cousin but boyfriend and his wife too has carried the disease which means he himself is also positive of the disease.

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship

Story 2:

A married woman always come back late at night and move out very early in the morning without taking care of her house duties as a wife leaving all in the hands of a young girl serving them, this continue to happen till one day the husband was drunk and came back at home and his wife is not yet back and the house girl was the one who was there to help him and take him inside and while the girl was taking him to his room, he lose control and sex her, the woman never know till the day she finds out the girl was pregnant and started asking her questions only then she knew that the husband was the one responsible and he never deny it and went ahead and marry the girl.

Story 3

A man was always too busy with his work and forget about the feeling of her beloved fiance who he is living with, some weeks later they got married and then she finds out that her wife was pregnant and he was very happy that he is going to answer a father soon but one day something happen when the DNA test of his wife pregnant comes out he finds out that the DNA does not match with his own only then he finds out that it was his gate man who pregnant his wife when he was too busy with his work.


Now you have seen some stories above about how your job can really cause you a great damage in your relationship, so why not you now then minimize how you take your work serious, and make out time the way that it will not affect your marriage or relationship, how will you feel to see your partner cheating on you and knowing fully well that you are the one who force him or her indirectly to cheat on you, to avoid such issue take time to love, care and always communicate with your partner, always notice when your partner is really in need to be with you and always try to be there with for him or her because there is no one that they will want most that time than you, and if you not there you are breaking your partner heart, because broken heart is not only when you hurt or cheat on your partner but when you are not always there when he or she needs you most you are also breaking his or her heart by not being there when you are needed the most. I urged you my readers not to allow your business to be what will make you lose your partner because if after reading this you still fall a victim, then that is not good of you and if you have already fallen a victim of this before reading this post, try to also  learn from your mistake and never do that again to your partner instead treat the person as if you had no other one for you all to be happy in your relationship.

Please try to share for others too to learn from it as you do thanks