10 secrets to a happy marriage

 Secrets of a happy marriage

Before we go deep into the let first look at it meaning, the we look at 10 secrets to a happy marriage

Matrimony is said to be the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Experience has taught couples that true love never fails. There are certain this that needed to make a successful marriage in spite the work of devil to undermine that plan. We should always try to make our marriage fresh and new every day no matter what because a happy marriage is that one that always refresh love and always tell their partner how much they love them because those words makes them happy and if your partner and you are always happy with each other no plans of anyone can divide you two. These are some secrete things that will make our marital life strong, happy and enjoyable.

  1. Love

 This is the main thing that is needed in a marriage because without love there will be no happiness, forgiveness and tolerance, because there is a quote that say that love covers multitude of sins, if that is the case that means where there is love there is peace and happiness, so the word love is very vital in a marriage. Couples should love each other without reservation. We need to know love language of our spouse. Tell each other words of affirmation “ I love you”, “I care about you” “you mean a lot to me” “you are the love of my life” “I can do without you” all these keep it up and happy.

        2. Together

Couples are free o do everything they like together as they think that will fit them. You ought to know that you are the “STEP” which means that you should sleep together , talks to each other, eat together because couples that do all these together always find there union happy and enjoyable.happy marriage       3. Be united as one

this is one of the secrets of a happy marriage The man and woman should be together leaving all others, couples as one united by marriage and God should avoid interference from external family relations. The man should protect his wife and make her accepted by his family, the wife also should accept her husband people and his family. The man owns the body of a woman while the woman owns the body of a man which means that Sex is to be enjoy by them freely at anytime as they want.

       4. Be open 

Try to always be open with your spouse and talk about everything with him or her. Do not hide your feelings, listen to his or her complains, opinions and discuss them. Don’t leave your house in anger stay and resolve it amicably. When your spouse tell you some areas of your life that you need to change do not feel bad about it. Share ideas plan together there is no secrete.

      5. Truthfulness 

It is not good to be built on falsehood, couples should try as much a possible to avoid telling lies. Try your best to avoid telling lies to you spouse because it gives room to doubt or suspicious. Remember that nothing is hidden under the sun. yet your Yes be Yes and No be No.

      6. Appreciation

Learn to appreciate one another time to time. Husband appreciate your wife beauty “You are more beautiful than when I first meet you”. Appreciate her food, her dressing and everything about her. Wife you must appreciate his caring and handwork “Darling you work too hard, please rest because we still need you”, focus your attention on your spouse strength than weakness, encourage instead of criticize and pray instead of gossiping. Learn to say “Thank You” and “I am sorry” because the words are healing and binds couples together.

         7. Be Sensitive

A wise should be sensitive to the husband’s Observe his mood and know when he is angry and finds out ways to appease him. Observe when he dresses up to work because his dressing s says a lot about you as the wife. Do you ;know the food your husband enjoys most? The way to a man’s heart is the stomach and don’t joke about it. Whenever a man fails to eat your food women are in big trouble. Leave of everything and find the cause. Men should also try to understand their wives. Women love petting from their husbands, touching and use of love words.

        8.Be creative

Avoid monitory in doing things. Add variety to your home, you can re-arrange your home and add new menu to your cooking plans, add surprise and fun in your homes. When last did you buy a gift for your wife? When last did you take your wife out for a good treat or shopping? Many men can do a lot of things for their women before their union but when they are finally married all those things become the things of past which is not good.

        9. Believe in the matrimony

Many people don’t believe in the marriage they are into, every married couples should do anything it takes to make their matrimony workable because it takes a man and a woman to make a union last. The couples need to see their self at in complete without each other.

      10. Spend time at home

For a lasting happy union you need to spend time with your partner, spend time in your home instead of hanging outside a lot, do it with your partner. If you spend time with and relate with your partner regularly, you will get closer and more intimacy to each other because for marriage to work both have to invest in it.


Always try to believe in your partner and love and cherish your partner for it is said that “for where your treasure is there your heart be also” so why not you take your marriage as a treasure, below is some questions I want you to ask yourself today and plan to arrange your marriage with it

  1. Tell Me When last did you say I love you to your spouse?
  2. When last did you complement his or her dressing?
  3. How many times have you give her food in the mouth?
  4. Have you kiss her for some time now?
  5. Did you have time to play with your husband?

Now if you can sincerely answer this questions and find yourself not doing any of this said above know that you are getting it wrong because once in a while both of you should become children and play together. Men love the tender touch of their wives and also fancy their happy laughter. Laughter as they said is medicinal and it heal souls, wounds and refreshes the body. Make plenty laughter available in your home  and enjoy the wife of your youth!