Why is TikTok So Popular and How You Can Benefit from It?

Compared to other famous social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, TikTok established in 2016, is a comparatively young platform. TikTok is particularly popular among teenagers with quirky short videos it offers to consumers. However, TikTok’s young demographic should not lead to undermining its influence. BBC has recently dedicated an article to its astonishing popularity and how outstanding it is from competitors. According to the same article, TikTok has been downloaded over 2 billion times already. So, you can imagine that it is as big and influential as a social media platform can get. But what exactly is TikTok’s success formula and what might it have that other platforms don’t?


Tiktok Is Unique Because It Combines The Best Features From Other Platforms

The length of videos on TikTok ranges from 3 to 60 seconds. So, a viewer can be exposed to a variety of content and all genres of videos in just 30 minutes. But the unique feature of it is that it is the first-ever social media successfully combining the components from other platforms. Short videos can be seen on Instagram and Facebook too, but unlike these networks, the default feature of TikTok offers its viewers videos based on a recommendation algorithm instead of a “friends” network. This can be very engaging and interesting, especially if you want to be exposed to the information outside your virtual bubble.


However, the biggest advantage of TikTok is that it is a video-only platform. Videos can deliver more information in a short period than texts. If Facebook and Twitter can become boring or “slow” 30 minutes after scrolling the feed, this can never apply to TikTok. Another big contrast can be noticed between TikTok and the TV. The big advantage of TikTok is that it is time-efficient. In one minute, you might see a variety of content that would otherwise take you hours of watching TV. All of these reasons drive Generation Z to TikTok.


TikTok vs YouTube

One who wants to be popular on social media should keep in mind that being versatile is a key to success on every social media platform. As successful content creators note, success on TikTok is very fortuitous, but anyone can become famous on TikTok with enough effort and dedication. This assumption that anyone can get lucky drives thousands of individuals every day to create new content and upload it on TikTok. If we compare how difficult it is to enter the market for newcomers on TikTok vs YouTube the former is more penetrable. However, having a bigger audience and more followers is always beneficial on social media. Hence, the best way to grow the audience of your content is to get TikTok followers, which will guarantee your success on this platform. 


How can you make money on TikTok?

Some time ago the exposure was the biggest benefit one could get from TikTok. As the app’s popularity was increasing, so did the number of views on videos, but there were almost no ways to monetize this success. One outcome was to link your other social media accounts on TikTok. So, your TikTok followers could visit your Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat accounts where monetization is easier. 


When brands, big companies, and celebrities started moving to TikTok, the platform started changing the rules of its game. Nowadays, TikTok is working on developing several types of monetization. One option is through live streams where the audience can send you virtual gifts, like “tips” which can later be converted into actual money. Recently, TikTok has also added pre-roll ads just like YouTube, which run for a few seconds at the beginning of the videos, but it still is in the early stage of development. 


What Big Companies Can Get from TikTok

TikTok is dedicated to connecting some famous TikTokers with companies who would have a mutual interest to collaborate. As a result of which, some famous TikTokers have received offers from brands and companies which they are now advertising on TikTok and other social media platforms. TikTok consultants are also taking off in the social media industry. These are the people who big companies and celebrities hire for strategizing the representation of their brand image on TikTok. 


TikTok can greatly contribute to presenting the personality of the brand with its short and engaging videos. The fact that TikTok has a young demographic should not discourage you because TikTok also has a sizable portion of users from older age groups. TikTok videos can be a great way to take a sneak peek from the backstage of the production. This will increase the trust in the brand and will make a consumer more familiar with the product. If the demographic of the company matches that of TikTok’s audience, then you should not wait any longer and join the community. So, TikTok is great for growing your audience and increasing your popularity. Which is always beneficial in the social media era.