Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions

Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions
Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions

Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions

There are several mistakes some ladies make and these mistakes are very dangerous and can cause some women problems in their Union or even make them not to marry.marriage

  1. There are people who reject marriage proposal based on experience or story of other people. You hear people say things like “I can never marry a soldier because the one my sister married did not favor her; the soldier was always maltreating her”. Have you taken out time to study and find out if your sister is the cause? If that sister is not cultured and has a bad attitude to life, even if she end up marring a Bishop or a Pope she will still be a bad partner, it will only take the grace of God for that marriage to work out. Instead of concluding on a wrong believe why not take out time and find out what the problem is with your sister and avoid possessing that same character so that you can enjoy your own marriage.
  2. Be careful when a man lavish you with all manner of gifts at the beginning of your relationship with him. If you are not careful those may be all you may ever receive from him when he lures you in to marrying him with his gifts, don’t be beclouded by gifts still keep to the standard of marriage so that you don’t regret the unbalanced and distorted decision you may take in a hurry. There are men who know and believe that women can easily be broken by giving of gifts so they capitalize on it to deceive women into relationship they never prepared for, am not advising not to accept gifts but am advising you that any given time in your relationship when you are receiving gifts let your eyes be very open and your sense of reasoning be at alert for pure and sincere judgment of issues. There are people who rush into marriage with wrong assumption that the man cares really good by giving of gifts but today they are faced with the reality because the same man who use to spoil them with gifts before marriage have suddenly turned out to be one of the worse stingy man that ever lived on planet earth, some have equally rushed out of the same marriage while some who are still in their own marriage are only “Enduring” their marriage instead of “Enjoying” their marriage.
  3. Some people reject marriage proposal because the person they had agreed to marry is not treating them as their fellow friend. This brings comparism into your relationship forgetting the fact that we are peculiarly different from one another. We all express pour love in different ways , some express theirs by giving gift, some express theirs by spending quality time with their partner while some express theirs through constant “hanging out”. So if your partner expresses his own and move on with it.
  4. There are people who want to enter union because the guy is handsome. Please don’t try to jump into marriage because of the physical appearance of a guy, because beauty will; always fade and can even be distorted by eventualities of life, though beauty is good but character is the ultimate over beauty , so endeavor to find out sincerely the character of the person you want to live the rest of your life with. If you know the character it will help you to know if he is someone you can afford to live the rest of your life with, it can also guide you into some life decisions to adjust some of your own character in other to make the whole thing work out sincerely and not in pretence.marriage
  5. Don’t go into union with the mindset of retaliation. Some girls accept marriage just because they want to hurt someone who have offend them, for example two girlfriends who before now where very close friends and confidants but fell out in the cause of time and remain separated one among them may do everything possible to ensure that she snatches the friend’s partner and go into marriage with him not because she loves him but because she want to retaliate and deal with her friend whom she believe offended her. To me that is absolute madness, at long run since the foundation is wrong and faulty where there is no atom of love but wickedness and revenge that marriage will not last till the evening of their life.
  6. Don’t accept or enter into marriage because you want to avoid or run away from criticism. There is some girls in cause of dating discover that the relationship cannot work out due to some character of the guy but due to what they think that people may say if they broke up with the guy, despite their findings they still force themselves and go ahead and marry the guy, as per such important and significant factor you will discover that marriage which is originally made by God to enjoy will suddenly become an entity to be endured, such union will keep having problems as long as they are together, the partners involved gets offended at ay slightest provocation and irrelevant things and people will keep imagining why trivial things causes problems for such couples not knowing that the marriage originally is wrongly built foundation of endurance and bitterness. A broken engagement is far better than a divorce that is the more reason why you must quit any hoping against hope with the mindset that you will change him.
  7. Due to belonging to the class. There are ladies who accept marriage proposers just because they want to answer the name of being referred to as a rich man’s wife not knowing that with time she will be seen and treated as one of the acquired furniture in the house since she only came for money she never labored for or was part of, she came for fame, class and greed. In the cause of time I have seen women who married a very rich man but later abandoned the marriage and ran away despite the available wealth at their command, when asked “why run away” their reply has always been inform of a question which goes thus “is it not the living that enjoys wealth?” you will agree with me that such statement tells a lot about it. I know of a lady who really displayed wealth in her union, each time she dressed, the color of car she will use that moment she really had plenty of wealth to display many, people outside her union admiring her and wishes to be like her in terms of union, but it didn’t take much time when she abandoned the union and the plenty of wealth and ran out of the union, when we tried finding out what led to her running away from the marriage, we discovered that the she married never had value and regards for her so he beats and maltreats her with cable wires so she never had peace in that marriage, when it got to the point that she could no longer bear it, she had no choice than to quit the marriage. Never allow wealth to lure you into a marriage you will regret.
  8. Don’t enter into union because you want financially support your family. There are ladies who because of their family’s financial problems rush into any available rich man for marriage in order to start harvesting or milking money with it to send for her family, she goes in to it with the mindset that it is a business center where you go to make money. This is a very wrong mindset or believes about their marital status, and when it is applied, it will not only cause the marriage to crash, but destroy the life of that marriage. People with such mindset or believes, any time they stop getting money from the marriage they see no reason why they should still continue with the marriage so it begins to ferment troubles or begin to do anything capable of breaking or tearing the marriage apart.
  9. There are ladies who always appear very expensive to the public thereby scaring people away from them when they tend to get closer. You tend to discover that some of these ladies have good character when you successfully get closer to them. How will people find out when you scare them away with your philosophy of “make sure you appear expensive” I advice that you appear jovial and easy to talk to life style, neat and clean.
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Advice for you.

A woman should always try to be careful when choosing man who she want to avoid facing one of these problems because if there is a problem in a family it is a woman who suffers it the most than a man so due to that, I advice you to be careful when choosing whom to marry!

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