Life Of Women And Marriage

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Women And Marriage

Some times if you look at some families you will see that there are so many things and mistakes that is happening in those families, but at times all these happen because there is no woman in the house or because the woman in the house fails to do her duty as the mother of the family. There are so many things about a woman and it duty in the family because for a woman to be called the mother of the house or the mother of the family all the duties that a woman do for the family must be in her and when she fail to do all these as a mother, then you know that such woman does not deserve to be a mother of the family.

A woman is not just the mother of the family but also the heart of the family and marriage, and as you know the heart is one of the main parts of the body that controls human, so in that way a woman is very important in the family because just as the heart connect and controls the body, that same way she connect and gather the man and her children, she endures a lot from anyone, she never fear for anything, she stand up always to fight and defend for the right of the family, she direct and train up his children in a good way, she direct them to be a good children for her family and society.

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A woman must have equal love on her children and her husband to create full happiness for the family, a woman must be there always when her family needs her most. A woman must put her family or marriage  first before anything, no matter what her husband do or act, she must stand strong especially for her children sake, she must back her children up in a good way and not the bad way because children easily listen to their mother and follow her steps, so she must try always to live a good life for her children not to have a bad foundation.

No man prays to have a bad woman as wife, so my advice to you as a woman is this, you must bear in mind that a man may have you now as his girlfriend but that doesn’t qualify you to be his wife because if you lack manners and good character, believe me he must one day leave you because there Is happiness in the face of that man who finds a good wife. A woman who never contribute anything good to her man, who is capable of taking a man life, who always don’t care on the way she treat and or act in the society, who is very arrogant and lacks manners of speech or approach, such woman is never what a man or family pray, or wish to have as a mother because there is nothing good that will comes out of such woman but sorrows and such woman can never make a good family or train her children in a good way.

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Beauty is not all my dear stop been deceive by that beauty that attract men today to you today because a true beauty is when you have manners and good character of a good mother. Remember this as a young lady that most men that comes near you today only cares for your body, so try to leave a good life to meet that your man who you two will live together and train those beautiful kids that God will give you tomorrow. Never forget that Marriage is for better for worst, and due to that any man that want to marry always try to be careful for the kind of woman he want to marry

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