Why marriage promise are easily forgotten

Why marriage promise are easily forgotten

If you look around today in you will notice that so many marriages today are not in peace anymore but is you ask yourself this question why is marriage promise are easily forgotten? Well there is no much reason that break many marriages today than lack of understanding and consideration, I know that you will be asking how what about love, but the truth is that love may be in marriage but still the partner is not happy or fully satisfied, yes there are many relationships and marriages that are broken because there is no understanding neither will you see a bit of consideration in actions and things they do.

How many couples today think of what they will do to make his or her partner, how many ask themselves these questions, what will I do to please you? What will I do to make you happy? How many still cares on what to do to please your partner, all these are part of things that make marriage promise seems to be forgotten ,think of it and give it a thought, call that your partner or lover, try to ask or tell him or her what will I do to make you happy, try to make your spouse understand that you will like to know what makes him or her smile, show him or her that you are ready to o anything just to please him or her. If you and understand that selfish in love, marriage or relationship can make your living with someone unhappy.

Marriage promises easily broken

How can you expect someone to still be with you when you don’t understand them neither do you consider the effect of your actions or if your actions suit them, nobody love to be with someone who don’t care about them because there will not be happiness, such person will not understand you, such person don’t  consider you in their actions but they only do the things that suit them or that is best for them, been with such person is just a waste of time because you can’t get the love you needed fully with them and due to this many break their marriage promise.

marriage promise

So my advice to you is this, try to understand and consider your partner in all you do, because he or she loving you is not a crime so try to appreciate his or her love towards you by your actions not just words because action like it is said speaks more Lauder than words. Try to look at their face and their eyes and you will understand how your partner feels to be hurt by you, it will be the highest they ever have in their life and the heartbreak involved is very high. So never hurt the heart that love you, never try to be the one that will make them forget your marriage promises, do your part and watch them do their own because if he or she truly love you they will repay you back with much love!

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