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Before I decide to write this I have got so many questions people ask me about their marriage and I decide to write the summary to help answer some questions people ask but before we head straight to what this topic is saying, let look at marriage meaning and start from there for us to understand this well.

Now marriage can be define as the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife or an agreement between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Now let get something straight from this, it says that is an agreement between two people, which is a man and a woman, there is never a time it is said to be an agreement between a person.

So if the agreement is between two people the question is this” what then is needed for this two people to be happy and enjoy the union they agree to be in together?” when you ask yourself this question there is only two answers that you will have in mind which covers all others, which is “understanding” and “love”. This are the two things that is needed for marriage to work out which are the things needed from any couple in the world to know and do, for them to save their marriage, let take a look at these two things individually.

First let look out understanding, any marriage that lacks understanding can never be strong because marriage neither succeeds by chance nor by accident. It is you as an individual who needs to make conscious and deliberate effort, if you want to save your marriage because a successful marriage will be made only from your hand work and understanding that you have on your spouse. For you to be able to save your marriage you need to get better in all both in your attitude, words, thought and actions toward your spouse. Many people put their business and career in front, such thing is never good because you need to understand that your marriage requires time and attention for you both to be a happy family remember you can never get a time spent back again, what you only have is the memories on anything you did in your marriage.

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So try as much as you can to have time for your marriage or your family because the good memories you keep now is what you will have and not the time spent. Try to always think on how to make your marriage better and stop been carried away by your business, career, or your riches because if you have happiness in your family and work together with your spouse you will progress more better than when you do it alone. Don’t allow the society, expectations and your pursuit to carry you away because at the end, all these will leave you with so much problems which can affect your  personality and marriage, which will cause you sorrow and unhappy. Remember that with understanding you can be able to put head together and make your marriage work, it can never stand with only one person effort, so don’t expect your partner t be the only one working to save your marriage because the agreement was not made by one person but between two people and if is only one person that is trying to make it work then bear in mind that such marriage will find it hard to stand.


So try to agree on a conduct or principle that will be as a rule that govern and guard you both in whatever you are doing. So in other for you to save your marriage you need to set a certain rules and agree with it as one to help you to archive your goals and expectations in marriage

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Now let look at love because it is the main engine needed in  marriage for it to work, any marriage that lack love I daunt if such marriage can exist because if you love your spouse you will do anything for the person, you will understand hi s or her action, you will be there for them when they need you, you will try your best to make him or her happy you will endure all the mistakes and actions he or she did to you, you will trust him or her in all. Now when all this is gone don’t expect them to build or fix back again, know that is now your duty to fix it back in your marriage. It is your duty to fight for things that your marriage lack and bring them back just like it was before.

If you are man try to tolerate your wife, try to love her, try to find something that attract you always to her, try to show her that you care, try to call her that pet names you always call her before marriage and when your marriage was still fresh, don’t think because it has been long you knew her and due to that she will not to be attractive any more to you because marriage should always be refresh for you not to get tired it.

For you woman, remember you are the woman of the house, so try to always make yourself attractive to your husband because if you stop it, know that other women out there may help you do that for you, don’t think because you are married that you will stop taking care of your body, remember that you are taking care of that body before you meet him, so why trying to stop now. Do that thing you know that make him happy, cook that food you know he love eating and always try to entertain him to make him not to be staying away from home.

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You both should remember that you people are not same opinion, experience, family, thought or neither do you attend the same school or have the same friends, so due to that try to always understand and love each other the way he or she is and find your spouse to be the best and valuable person in your life. Finally always remember that nobody choose your spouse for you but you did and accept to live with him or her, so try then to love, understand and make him or her happy.

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