Women This is How To Make Your Marriage Relationship Better

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Women This is How To Make Your Marriage Relationship Better


Beautiful mothers and caring women who are married to different families around the world, I want you all to listen to this word of advice practice them for the sake of your family and children remember that marriage bring more respect to a woman, so try to build a better family relationship before we talk about it there is a story i want to tell you, a little story of a family but i won’t mention their name here.

A woman lived with her husband in a city, the husband is a very rich man and well respected man with good reputation in a society, the woman is also a good woman but her problem is that she loved her brothers and sisters more than her children to the extent that she will do anything for them not minding if that hurt her children and that made her children to have less regard on her and value their father more instead.


Now to bring it to our topic all I want for advice married women is for them to know that they now have family. I don’t say that is not good to care for your sisters, brothers and parents all am saying is that you should try to consider your children first before anything because your children’s care, love, guide and protection is in your hands, what men care mostly is their business and how to provide for their family, the training a child receive today is mostly from the mother, that is why if a child misbehave the first person to blame is the mother, hardly you see the father been blamed because to build a better marriage relationship for the family and society is in the hand of a woman.

Mothers are the heart of the family, they are the one that unite a family together, they bring father and children together, a good mother means a lot to the family because any family that has a good mother lacks nothing whether a family is rich or poor, if there is a good mother in the family there will be peace, a goods mother matters a lot in the family because no matter your wealth or the wealth of the family is there is no good mother there is no peace

better marriage relationship

Characteristics of a Good Mother

  1. She defend her children
  2. She brings peace to the family
  3. she stand up and fight for what is right for the family
  4. She caution her children when they do wrong act
  5. She unite the family by bringing father and children together

There are many qualities that you see in a mother and you will believe that she is truly a good mother, so please women try to behave well in any family you found yourself, you people are the pillars of the family use endurance and peace to live in your family, please mothers we all are in your hands to direct for us to have a happy and better marriage relationship is in your hands, and please help the world to achieve it all, so that the future of your beloved children, which you bore in your womb for nine (9) months will not be scattered. I also plead for us all to support them, so that the world will be a better place for us all.

2 Things A Woman Needs To Know For Better Relationship

Some girls always wish to have a loving, caring, and wealthy guy as another boyfriend, fiancĂ©, or husband, No girl will want to meet/have a guy who doesn’t care about them, but there are two questions I have to for such lady. the following questions are the “2 things a lady needs to know for better relationship”

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2 Things A Woman Needs To Know For Better Relationship


  1. Are you a caring and loving woman

A woman will say that she needs a good man. Still, you as a woman do you know your work as a woman, how can you pray to have a caring and loving man when all you can do is to be good at bed. A man may love you because you are vibrant on the bed, but that won’t make him marry you or take you to his parents. What a man need is not just a caring and loving lady only when she is with good character.

A man won’t like to have a woman who is lazy, who disrespects him, insult his friends and family, who cannot even cook, because 80% of men out there cook for them.

  1. Can you develop/grow your man in your relationship?

In this world, now how many girls are willing to love, care, and advice a guy who is poor or a guy who is struggling to make it. How can you wish to have a loving and caring man when you are busy following rich guys around who is not ready to love you but very ready to sex you and give you money, turning you to prostitute, if y that can man break your heart tomorrow, you say men are wicked. The truth is that majority of wealthy guys don’t have time to love a woman or to be in a relationship with a woman. So if you are looking for a good and caring man amid rich men, know that your faith is in the hand of your luck.

But if you can cool down and look for that man who truly loves you with his whole heart, whether rich/poor try to love, care, advice, and develop him.

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“2 things a lady needs to know for better relationship”