14 Reasons causes Relationship Problems or Problems of marriage

14 Reasons Why Some Relationship or Marriage Don’t Last
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14 Reasons Why Some Relationship or Marriage Don’t Last

Marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman, to be in union as husband and wife. If marriage is an agreement a man and a woman made to each other, why then will this agreement be broken and what are the things that can make a marriage to be broken. So I will list out the reasons why so many marriages don’t last and explain them all in a way you will understand.

  1. Understanding
  2. Endurance
  3. Lies
  4. Jealousy
  5. Trust
  6. Ballistic Temperament
  7. Cheating
  8. Career Men or Women
  9. Third Party
  10. Infertility
  11. Feminism
  12. Feeling Insecure
  13. One Sided Love
  14. Nagging

This list above is things that make some marriages not to last and I will explain them all to you for you to have a better understanding and the meaning of them all.

14 Reasons causes Relationship Problems or Problems of marriage

Understanding. Lack of understanding in any relationship or marriage, make such union not to last, because if you understand your partner’s weak point and your partner also understand your weak point then you will see that your relationship will last long and your marriage will be a happy one. So learn to understand your partner and don’t use his or her weak point against him or her, try to understand that you two are one and that means that you will also live as one.

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Endurance. It works in hand with understanding because you can only endure your partner’s weak point  or actions when you understand him or her well. So try to learn to understand your partner for at all time for only that will help you endure the wrongs and things he or she do to hurt you. Always remember that two wrongs cannot make a right, because if you want peace and happiness to reign in your marriage learn to understand and endure your partner actions.

Lies. There is nothing much to say on this because you know that to lie to someone is never good, and if you lie to your partner on any issue, when your partner find out or realize that you lie to him or her, it will hurt your love well and will make him never to trust you or you will lose your partner trust, so never you try to lie to your partner if you want to gain your partner’s trust and love.

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14 Reasons Why Some Relationship or Marriage Don’t Last

Jealousy. It is said that to have jealous or jealousy is way to know that your partner loves it but too much of it is bad and can make your partner unhappy and uncomfortable with you, so please if you have too much jealousy in you know that you are hurting your partner and at the same time causing harm to your marriage.

Trust. this is one of the relationship problems or problems of marriage.It is very bad of you, if you don’t trust your partner, is never a good thing, try to always trust your partner, give your love that trust for he or she deserves it and doing so will make them more happy and love you more, if you don’t trust your partner, you will be doing things that hurt them at times and you may not be able to defend your partner in public, which can easily destroy your marriage.

 Ballistic Temperament. Is not good to have hot temper, because doing so will make you to easily get angry with your partner and this may result to beating or fighting with your partner. So in other to save your marriage you must learn to control your temper and be at peace with your partner.

Cheating. We all know that is never good to cheat at your partner and is better you avoid cheating because is the number thing that will destroy and damage your relationship easily, remember that marriage is the agreement between you and your partner to leave as for forever till death do you too part, why then will you break that promise by cheating on your partner. What is the training and legacy you want your children to learn please avoid cheating and make your marriage better.

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Career Men Or Women. To have dream, aim and goal you want to achieve is good but don’t let it destroy your marriage. Make out time each day to call and spend good time with your partner, don’t always think of that your work or business, make out time now that you live to have fun and play with your partner. You may lose your partner to someone else do to that your work or business that you always give time, so avoid making that mistake if you truly love your partner.

Third Party. This is one of the things that causes relationship problems or problems of marriage. By this I mean friends and parents, don’t easily take your friends and parents advice, listen to what they said and take only the one that will bring more joy and peace to your partner. Never take all your problem out for them to know, is good to talk to your parents apart your problem in your family but don’t talk to the one that will give you advice that will destroy your marriage, in all that your do put your family and partner first, consider your actions before you act.

Infertility. This is one of the major problems that we are facing today in some marriages but is never good for you to allow this to bring issues or cause problem in your family. So please if you love your partner stand strong with your partner and never allow anything to divide that your love for her.

Feminism. Well is one of the big problems seen in marriage and is cause by women who think that a woman is not meant to be under a man. Such thinking is never good is better you don’t marry at all than to marry and have such in mind, for doing so will quickly cause a big problem in your marriage especially for those men who have hot temper, So avoid this as a woman for your marriage to last.

Feeling Insecure. Some people always feel that there is always something bad or that their partner is cheating at them, they may be angry or hurt just by seeing their partner talking with another person, some of the people who do this always stay with their opposite sex too but will see that as nothing, thinking that they can’t cheat on their partner, but when they saw their partner with their opposite sex they became angry which is not good and avoid this if you are doing so.

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One sided love. In any relationship or marriage is never good for only one person to be the one to show love and care. Any relationship or marriage that only partner is the one who always show love and concern, such marriage won’t last because one day he or she may be tired of that love or character and may decide to leave, so for marriage to last both parties must learn to love and care for each other as one.

Nagging. In any relationship or marriage that nagging is part of their  culture, that relationship has 99% chances to collapse because when a man or a woman nags in any little mistakes that happened, you will see that the man or the woman will always be tired of that relationship even sometimes regret ever being in that marriage or relationship. For a example your wife or your husband may do something unintentionally instead of u as a wife or as a husband to calmly correct your spouse in a good manner, you will use hash voice at the same time nag, you will see that your spouse sometimes will find it difficult to share some things with you especially those ones he makes mistakes.

Now that you have seen relationships problems or problems of marriage, I pray and wish that you and your spouse, love or partner will put them in practice and make a happy marriage life!

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