mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

In other to have happy married life there are many mistakes that you do in marriage today is cause by them without them knowing that is the cause of the problem they are currently face now and with this post I decided to list out some of this things to for people to consider it and make sure that they avoid the mistakes which will be discus in this article for them not to fall a victim of this problems for future regret. Now lets look to some of this mistakes

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mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

Being with the person due to wealth or position

Someone who accept a relationship  because of the things the person have or what the person is, instead of accepting them for who they are because the position the person is today might not be the position he will be tomorrow so pls try to understand that is better to love a person for who the person is and accept him because you truly care for the person than accepting because of wealth or position the person have.

Marrying because you are directed by your spiritual leader

Someone who marry because their spiritual leader instruct them to marry the person, bear in mind that if God should peak to your spiritual leader for you to marry someone, God will also need to speak to you because if you think that your spiritual leader advice is the best always remember that it is not your spiritual leader that will be in the marriage so pls be careful and consult two or more people and choose wisely from your heart.relationshipDon’t allow love to deceive you

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

this side is too difficult for someonewho think love is everything that matters, pls don’t be deceive by this love quotes “love is blind” or “love covers multitude of sin” no matter how you love the person always try to consider the factors or things that you want in a person, always try to make his inquiry of; the person past and present life for you to avoid making a mistake and don’t always believe that you can change the person because what is you finally cant change the person then it may lead to divorce or anything so try to be careful and consider well.

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Don’t enter in  marriage because of fun

someone who enters relationship because of others or friends are all in it or because they are getting marry so be careful of such people because they cant help or contribute anything good in a marriage or even grow your it because they find it as just fun and in kind of let do it that others are doing.

Don’t jump into it when you are not prepared or planed for it

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

because is never good for someone without planning is not good because planning is a way guide your steps and decisions and give your life direction, and is good for someone to take decision of things they do because of their future because the decision you take today will affect your life tomorrow because failure comes due to lack of planning so you must plan well before anything.

Marring because you think the person is committed to church

This one is very dangerous so pls try to avoid falling a victim of this one because going to church does not make someone a good person because if that makes someone a good person that means that the devil is also a good person or angel because the devil also go to church so pls try to be careful because me I fear church people more than any other person because they use that church to cover their bad side. Try also to be very careful for those ones that said that God ask them to marry you because God cant visit only one person when there are two people involve in it, so don’t be scared when they said God said but instead try to rebuke them and choose wisely.

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Don’t reject someone because you are not in the same church

many people have missed their chances of getting married in life due to the person is not attending their church or is not in the same religion with you and you think the person is not worthy of being with you , my dear you are making a big mistake because you never know if the person is the right partner for you so try to choose wisely before rejecting someone due to their church or religion.

Don’t allow your parents push you

so many marry because they were forced by their parents to marry, it is no good to fall on that because you may end up getting married with the wrong one so don’t be push by your parents words because they are not the one getting marry.

Don’t be deceive by family relationship

so may just do it because they were told by two different families that they will like their parent friendship to continue may be for business or anything not minding if their children’ s faith or happiness so try to avoid being part of that kind of it.

Don’t enter into marriage without asking your medical status

Try to take good not of this because this causes a lot of problems to some people today and why you even think of marrying a person who at the end you all will only be producing children of sickle cell anemia and at the end you will be causing both children and parents into dangerous health crisis that are yet to have solution when you can avoid this in the begging .


With some of this mistakes I point out above I believe that it will help you to choose wisely the kind of person that you will marry to avoid you ending up in a situation that you will regret later so I urge you my dear readers to take note of this and don fall a victim of this problem in future and if you have already fallen in the problem try to correct yourself if there is still time for you or you correct other to avoid making the same mistake thanks


Pls try to share this content to others and help them know more about this and avoid them from making the same mistake thanks as you are doing so.

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