Effect o Taking Your Job Too Serious than Your Relationship Or Marriage

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship

Taking Your Job Too Serious can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationshipyour job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship


Some people may say how can my work affect my relationship or marriage, or are you trying to say that my Job is not important again, I know you will have too many questions to ask about this topic but before you ask all this question can you please cool down to think on this “IS MY PARTNER HAPPY WITH THE TIME I GIVE HIM/HER” if you can ask yourself this question and be truthful with the answer you gave to yourself, you will be understand that your job is important the same way your marriage is also important because if your partner is happy and also makes you happy you will find greater happiness doing that your business , but when you can’t make your partner happy or bring out time for your partner, how can you then expect your relationship to grow, I have come across so many relationships that was scattered due to this and that is what pushed me to write about this for my readers not to fall the victim of this too. Don’t take your job too serious to avoid your partner cheating on you, because if your relationship or marriage lacks attention or concern from you due to your job then know that you are the one pushing your partner to be cheating on you and if your partner cheats on you blame yourself and your job, and never blame your partner for cheating on you.

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your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship


If you finish reading this and still don’t understand that your job can break your family by causing your partner cheating on you then know that you are making a big mistake that you may regret at the end, money is not everything and please don’t allow money to deprive you from your responsibilities in your relationship or marriage

Story 1:

A man named John is married to a woman named Loveth, he loved her wife so much and does not cheat on her but his business never allow him to concentrate on his wife and know when her woman need her because there is always time when a woman always need his man most, he failed to understand that and think that all is about money. One day his wife informed him that her distance cousin is coming to join them and stay in the house he agreed and the guy joined them in staying at his house, one day something happen the guy fall  sick and was taken to hospital and he was tested HIV positive and that was the time the man know that he was not her wife cousin but boyfriend and his wife too has carried the disease which means he himself is also positive of the disease.

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship

Story 2:

A married woman always come back late at night and move out very early in the morning without taking care of her house duties as a wife leaving all in the hands of a young girl serving them, this continue to happen till one day the husband was drunk and came back at home and his wife is not yet back and the house girl was the one who was there to help him and take him inside and while the girl was taking him to his room, he lose control and sex her, the woman never know till the day she finds out the girl was pregnant and started asking her questions only then she knew that the husband was the one responsible and he never deny it and went ahead and marry the girl.

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Story 3

A man was always too busy with his work and forget about the feeling of her beloved fiance who he is living with, some weeks later they got married and then she finds out that her wife was pregnant and he was very happy that he is going to answer a father soon but one day something happen when the DNA test of his wife pregnant comes out he finds out that the DNA does not match with his own only then he finds out that it was his gate man who pregnant his wife when he was too busy with his work.


Now you have seen some stories above about how your job can really cause you a great damage in your relationship, so why not you now then minimize how you take your work serious, and make out time the way that it will not affect your marriage or relationship, how will you feel to see your partner cheating on you and knowing fully well that you are the one who force him or her indirectly to cheat on you, to avoid such issue take time to love, care and always communicate with your partner, always notice when your partner is really in need to be with you and always try to be there with for him or her because there is no one that they will want most that time than you, and if you not there you are breaking your partner heart, because broken heart is not only when you hurt or cheat on your partner but when you are not always there when he or she needs you most you are also breaking his or her heart by not being there when you are needed the most. I urged you my readers not to allow your business to be what will make you lose your partner because if after reading this you still fall a victim, then that is not good of you and if you have already fallen a victim of this before reading this post, try to also  learn from your mistake and never do that again to your partner instead treat the person as if you had no other one for you all to be happy in your relationship.

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