Transferring Bitcoin To Cash: How To Do It

Cryptocurrency transactions allow you to accept payment for goods or services. Cryptocurrency converter enables you to profit from the difference in the value of assets and increase your income. Many are interested in how to convert cryptocurrency to real money because we all know that virtual currency exists only on the Internet.

Bitcoin and other tokens exist only in the virtual world. However, they are used to pay for real items. For example, you can buy real estate or raw materials to produce goods for cryptocurrency. Or you can transfer cryptocurrency to cash.

How to convert Bitcoin to Cash

The easiest way to cash out virtual assets is to use the cryptocurrency converter. The main advantages of this option:

  • no need to leave the house;
  • the operation can be performed at any time of the day;
  • favorable exchange conditions;
  • fast money transfer.

It is worth noting that the user can choose the most profitable time to sell Bitcoins for cash. You can wait a couple of days to carry out the operation at the most favorable rate.

And the second option to sell Bitcoin for cash is to contact a physical exchange office. Some companies will accept your cryptocurrency and give you money in exchange. Or they were credited to a bank account.

Instructions on How to Convert Cryptocurrency to Cash

Now let’s figure out how to convert cryptocurrency to real money. If you decide to use a virtual exchanger, then you need to:

  • create an account;
  • pass user verification;
  • choose a cryptocurrency conversion operation;
  • indicate currency and amount;
  • confirm operation.

When you fill out the information about where you need to transfer money, you should carefully check all the points. Otherwise, the system will send the funds to another person.

Also, you need to take into account the commission. The exchanger sets the percentage itself. Usually, after filling out an application for conversion, the user sees the final amount minus the commission.

To avoid wasting time looking for a suitable exchanger, pay attention to the WhiteBIT platform. It is one of the largest European exchanges where you can selling Bitcoins for cash regularly.

Now let’s figure out how to sell Bitcoin in a physical exchanger. You must send coins to the wallet that the manager will indicate. After that, you will receive the amount in cash or on a bank card. Please note that the calculation takes place according to the current exchange rate. Plus, there is also a commission.