Crazy Wife? Signs And Best Ways To Deal With Her

Things didn’t look so bad when all of the arguments you had were over where and what to eat. If your marriage is starting to crack and has gotten worse, it’s time to think about what went wrong. You might be labelled a crazy wife if you feel trapped or nailed down by constant restrictions and nagging.

We’d like to clarify the question, “Why is my wife so crazy?” Crazy is not a loose term. Get help for your wife if you suspect she has serious mental health problems. Do not shout “crazy wife!” at her, and then run away. You cannot tell everyone that your wife is crazy.

Maybe it was one of those days when your wife is mad at you for doing something she did…in her dreams yesterday night! You think she might be suffering from crazy wife syndrome. Let’s first address you “Help my wife is insane, what should I do?” dilemma. Then let’s see if she deserves the ‘crazy spouse’ label that you may have unfairly given her.

Crazy Wife? Signs And Best Ways To Deal With Her

Is My Wife Crazy? Five Signs Your Wife Is Crazy

If your spouse just asked for your charger, your phone is at 4% and yours is at 25%, you can’t claim that she is suffering from crazy wives syndrome. Although it might not be something you would want to do, it doesn’t justify the ‘crazy tag’. When she responds with “I’m fine!” but is not, she likely needs more space in her relationship. If you took 300 photos of her and none came out “right”, it would be a nuisance to anyone.

Everybody experiences mood swings and emotional outbursts every once in a while. When she is just trying to meet her needs or going through a difficult time, “my wife went insane” thoughts don’t apply. You shouldn’t start an “I think she is crazy” rant among your friends just because she asked you for your help with the dishes or to put your shoes on the rack.

But if she is controlling and nagging or domineering, yelling at you, or yelling at you, it’s a problem. A controlling wife can be a real threat to your health. Before you start telling your friends, “My wife’s crazy!” How can I prove it? Read on to see if you are correct.

1. You are constantly attacked by her words

It began with some humour and sarcasm. But it has become a destructive and hurtful verbal abuse of the relationship. You are never good enough, and nothing you do is wrong. She will humiliate, degrade, or abuse you for everything you do or do not do.

You are probably in an abusive relationship if she calls you names, makes fun of you in public, exaggerates or overstresses your flaws, and throws hurtful, sarcastic insults at you. It’s okay to criticize, but if it has a dark, sadistic tone it can be a problem. It’s almost as if her words are meant to harm your self-worth and hurt you.

You will lose your self-esteem and confidence as a result of constant verbal attacks. You begin to doubt your abilities and believe that you are a terrible person. You believe you are worthy of all the abuse she throws at you. You can be destroyed by a controlling spouse.

2. She is a strong leader

A controlling spouse won’t allow you to have space and not let you see your family or friends. You won’t be able to keep your private life private. She might even ask you where you are and what you did at each hour. You might feel like you are always responsible for your husband’s time. Soon you will need to learn how you can deal with crazy wives.

Is she passive-aggressive, or angry when you do not agree with her? Is she always trying to control every conversation and every decision? Do you think she tries to prove she is the best? Does her behaviour make you think “My wife is crazy – why is she so insanely jealous about everyone I talk to?”

3. You are always in her crosshairs for doing something wrong

It seems so. It’s easy to feel like she holds grudges against you. This immediately creates a hostile atmosphere. When things don’t go her direction or aren’t under her control, she gets mad.

She can be pushed off her edge by even the smallest error or mistake and she will go into full-blown rage. There is a problem if she becomes aggressive about the smallest things or trivial matters. If your marriage is sabotaged by her anger issues, you know it.

4. She has threatened to physically harm your body more than once

This is criminal and wrong. Let’s get real. At least once in your marriage, you’ve wanted to “kill” your spouse. You don’t have to kill your spouse literally! However, if your wife has tried to physically harm you or threatened you with violence, it is clear that she is not in the right place.

This is a sign to seek professional help. We recommend that you seek professional or legal assistance immediately if this has ever happened. Your mental health can be affected by being in a relationship that is constantly at risk of physical violence. This is a crime.

5. She will often ignore you or gaslight you.

Do you find yourself being reacted to or retorted with statements such as “I didn’t say that”, “I didn’t do that”, or “You’re making up things” every time you attempt to have a conversation? If you answered ‘yes,’ then you are likely to be a victim of gaslighting.

It’s possible to gaslight your wife if she makes you feel like a jerk because you think what you think. You will doubt yourself and think you are the problem. You will feel helpless, confused and lost. This can lead to you questioning your mental health. Your wife may give you the cold shoulder for a few weeks if you attempt to stand up for yourself. This behaviour can lead to you not understanding why you are being ignored.

Crazy Wife? Signs And Best Ways To Deal With Her

9 Ways to Deal with a Crazy Wife

If your wife checks all of the boxes on the list above, you should seek professional help. It may be called “wife gone crazy” or “my spouse is nuts”, but this behaviour is indicative of a bully. If things aren’t quite to the point where you feel the need to end the relationship or resort to emotional violence, you have a few options.

You are probably thinking, “My wife is insane. What do I do?” This question is a big one. The answer is not as easy as making her breakfast in bed. Let’s just say it: It will be difficult to make your controlling spouse the loving person you married. Keep reading to learn how you can fix the mess and save your marriage.

1. You can’t be crazy if you have a crazy wife.

“This town isn’t big enough for the two of us” is a better way to put it. Or, rather, your home isn’t large enough for two crazy people. You can be there to support your partner when she isn’t at her best. Calm down if she is struggling to breathe. If she is unable to remain calm, try to diffuse the situation as best you can.

You must fix the problem, not match her energy. If you allow yourself to become as mad as she is, it will result in a ‘who shouts the loudest’ match that no one wins. The patience of the Dalai Lama will be required for this endeavour. Understanding that not everyone can handle pressure well or is more easily overwhelmed than others may help you. The partner should be their rock and the voice of reason. You can’t just look at your wife and say, “My wife’s nuts!” when she is in “one of her moods” again. This is not kind or nice.

2. Be committed to making your relationship the best possible

You can compromise if you are unable to find immediate solutions. Respect is not always easy to find. Keep fighting when every day feels like it is a struggle. It is not easy, we know. With a determined mindset, fixing your marriage is possible.

Tell your wife that you aren’t giving up on the relationship and are willing to do whatever it takes. Although you won’t be able to go back on your honeymoon, who knows? Maybe you will find deeper love. You never know what your wife might do after you have put in so much effort to make your marriage work. You might find your wife becomes a crazy woman who loves a man.

3. Do not let your relationship die slowly

“I believe my wife is insane. “I have a miserable spouse, so I would rather avoid talking to her until it goes over.” This attitude will not get you anywhere. If you don’t address the problem, it will only make things worse. You must immediately recognize that your relationship needs work. You will do both of you no good if you keep telling yourself “My wife’s nuts” or saying “My wife’s crazy, what should I do?”

Do not wait for things to improve or get easier by themselves. You have to make them happen. You need to look at ways to help your “miserable” wife feel better. Do not wait for your miserable wife’ to get worse. There is no turning back. Instead of blaming others for the problem, you need to do your part to make it better. What if the shoe was on the other side? It doesn’t feel good, does it?

4. Find out why it is happening.

Communication is key to every relationship. If both spouses engage in constructive dialogue, they can be one step closer towards solving the problem. Find out why your wife is controlling. Are they insecure? Is she anxious? Are you expecting too much of her?

It’s important to identify the problem and then get on with fixing it. If you don’t, it will ruin your mental health, peace of mind, and eventually your marriage. It’s not as simple as giving her a gift each time she gets angry. While these gestures may work a few times, they will not solve the problem. Problems will only get worse if you don’t find the root cause.

Crazy Wife? Signs And Best Ways To Deal With Her

5. You can be honest but you should expect some backlash

If your wife is irrational and you try to express your feelings or explain your view, she may get mad at you. It’s likely to be the most frustrating and irritating thing you’ve ever seen, leaving you wondering “Why is my husband so crazy?” You don’t have much choice but to find a way around it. Talk to her when you’re feeling positive, ask her to be honest, and ensure that she hears your side.

You must improve your communication skills, to be honest with your wife. Communication is the key to a happy and strong marriage, as you have probably heard many times. You can’t ignore her screaming, but you have to keep your cool. It’s not easy, we know. You’ll need to do it for your marriage. Although it might seem hard, even impossible, once you get over that bump, things will improve, and it will all be worth it.

6. Don’t indulge in self-pity

“Why is my wife crazy?” This is happening to me. “I’m not allowed to express my emotions.” These thoughts are all common and could be what you’re thinking. If you are human, you will feel sad. It will make you feel upset if your wife makes hurtful comments. It is normal to feel this way.

It’s okay to feel sad, upset, or angry. But don’t allow these feelings to get the best of you if your goal is to make your marriage work. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Things will become more difficult if you remain in a melancholic mindset. You don’t have to smile, but you can keep the bus moving.

7. Don’t run away

Sometimes it can be tempting to leave the crime scene (read bedroom) and go home alone. Sometimes you can’t win if you keep the argument going. Your efforts will be wasted. You might even make things worse. Sometimes, however, it is better to take a step back, let your emotions settle, and then face each other again with calm and reason.

You must demonstrate patience comparable to the Dalai Lama. Are you wondering what to do if your spouse goes crazy? Don’t abandon her. Before you go to bed, resolve the dispute. It shouldn’t linger like cancer, rotting your relationship. It’s time to get rid of it. You will be able to rest better and not feel that weight on your chest.

8. Respect is earned by asking for it.

Listen to your partner and get to the bottom of what is bothering you. Then, try to resolve it while remaining cool. It is only natural to expect the same respect from your partner. Tell your partner that you want to be treated with the same respect as you treat her.

Respect is essential in any relationship. This simple truth must be understood by your wife. Without respect, a relationship will feel claustrophobic or toxic. The disrespected partner will feel belittled and abused. Communication will improve when respect flows in a relationship. This will also lead to a better atmosphere at the dinner table. Isn’t this something everyone deserves?

9. Professional help

If things get out of control, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Professional therapists can help you both find happiness and contentment in your relationship. It might change your marriage’s fate if you tell your wife that you need professional help.

It can be overwhelming and frustrating to constantly struggle with thoughts such as “Why is my spouse crazy?”, or “My wife is insanely jealous”, etcetera. Reach out to a counsellor or psychotherapist if you need help. You can enrol in couples counselling. You could use some support. You must have been so patient to put up such a display. Bonobology has a panel of experienced and licensed therapists that can help you if you find yourself in this situation.

It can be difficult to deal with your wife. But it is possible with simple steps such as not calling her crazy. You can’t keep telling yourself “My wife is crazy, what should I do?” It will only make it harder to try constructively working things out. It is possible that she doesn’t understand her situation. At this stage, calling her crazy is not only selfish but also insensitive. Love deserves all you have, even if you don’t think you can keep cool or work through your problems.

Jump in with both your feet. Don’t be afraid to take on the mountain. Your wife may be going through a difficult time and she will need you to help her. Your help is needed, but she may not know what to do or how to ask. Do what is necessary and step in. Isn’t this what marriage is all about? Love is patient and kind. Love always perseveres.