Dainty Tennis Bracelets for Every Occasion

There is no denying the fact that wearing accessories can instantly enhance one’s appearance and persona. One can leave an everlasting impression by wearing a statement accessory, such as a tennis bracelet. Though the bracelets were not designed to be worn during tennis, there is an interesting history behind them. 

Besides, the fashion millennials have been admiring tennis bracelets for their mesmerizing beauty and endless charm. Another good thing to consider is that you can wear them on every occasion to nail the look.

The Rich History Behind the Name

During the 1920s, the geometrically angular shaped and simplistic straight lines were ruling the world of fashion. Such trends were then integrated into bracelets, rings, and earrings as well. In the 1920s, a simple bracelet comprising a line of diamonds came into the limelight and was worn throughout the decades. However, this popular bracelet got a new-fangled name in late 1970, and that too overnight. 

Back in 1978, Chris Evert was at the peak of her tennis career. Apart from tennis, she was also famous for her great sense of styling. An eternity bracelet of the diamond line was the ultimate signature accessory that she also wore to the tennis court. Yet the game changer was the 1798 U.S. Open, in which she requested for a halt to search for the bracelet on the court which had glided from her wrist. Further, the game was stopped till she found her bracelet. That is how the tennis bracelet got its name.

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet features a line setting that comprises 4-70 diamonds alongside separate links that align together. In addition to this, it has a subtle clasp that secures it at your wrist. Besides, it also helps to keep the bracelet in place on the wrist all day long. For an exquisite luxury look, some bracelets also have an embedding of diamonds all around the wrist. 

An Assortment of Elegant Settings 

A factor that differentiates from tennis bracelet from another is the setting that firmly grips the diamonds in place. However, the prone setting is the most common one in the segment, and it includes square-shaped and small metal tips to clasp the diamonds. Besides, the bezel setting comes in a round shape that contains a diamond as the rears of circular pieces line up together.

Apart from these two, a channel setting flaunts metal pieces in a horizontal direction on either side of the diamond. Eventually, it assists in creating a stylish parallel look. 

Types of Alluring Metals

Another customizable thing about the tennis bracelets is the type of metal through which the setting is made of. During the 20s, the diamonds complemented with platinum settings were the thing of interest. In recent times, one can personalize the bracelet setting in metals such as gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, and white gold. Furthermore, the black and rose gold metals are also carving a niche amongst the masses. 

Collection for Every Occasion 

From formal events to informal ones, all you need is a tennis bracelet to accentuate the look. Available for both small and large wrists, the bracelets arrive with an adjustable strap as well. Yet before getting the one for yourself, consider the following styles:

Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet with White Diamond 

Crafted with 18K gold, this tennis bracelet has 15 white diamonds alongside 60 blue sapphires. Further, the weight of blue sapphire and white diamonds is 1.5 carat and 0.36 carat, respectively.

Pink Sapphire Tennis Bracelet with White Diamond 

This tennis bracelet has 60 pink sapphires as well as 15 white diamonds. Being made with 18K gold, it has an equal ratio of diamonds to sapphires. 

Larger Classic Tennis Bracelet 

This tennis bracelet features a bolder than ever design. Apart from this, it has white diamonds with a weight of 2.5 carats.


Every special moment of life should be celebrated with a jewel that marks your achievement. What else could be better than flaunting a tennis bracelet to make your presence noticed? This on-the-go diamond embellishment would turn the heads for you. Look no forward and get the one to enhance your charisma.