Daddy Issues | Signs, How It Affects You & Ways To Easily Overcome It As A Couple

You don’t need to wonder about dad issues. This is how it happens, what it looks like, and how it affects relationships.

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What are daddy’s problems? These are problems or difficulties that a woman faces when trying to develop and maintain romantic relationships with her husband.

Contrary to popular belief, a sign of daddy problems doesn’t necessarily mean that there is an absent father. It can also refer to having a poor father.

The role of a parent in the life of a child is crucial. If you have a bad or absent parent, it could impact your relationships as a teenager. This doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone who has had father problems.

What are daddy’s problems?

Although the term “daddy problems” has been around for a long, it has had many meanings throughout the years. This term is used to describe someone who is in a dysfunctional or nonexistent relationship with her father.

It’s not fair to jump to conclusion that someone has a problem with their dad just because they have had difficult relationships.

Others manage to overcome these complications and lead a normal lifestyle.

Some people are not as fortunate and must deal with the trauma of a father absent or poorly.

A father who neglects or abandons a girl with daddy problems often leaves her feeling abandoned, neglected, or worse, all three. The idea that your relationship skills can have an impact on how you grow up is a common one. This means that dysfunctional relationships with their boyfriends are often a result of poor father-daughter relationships.

Even if the father is a good one, it’s possible to appear like someone has daddy problems. These symptoms could be part of an individual’s personality and not related to the father-son relationship.

A girl you are dating may have daddy issues. She could be quick to commit or have intimacy issues.

History of “daddy problems”

“Daddy issues” is Sigmund Freud’s concept. He created the “Father Complex” concept in 1910-1913. It was used to describe feelings of guilt, castration anxiety, and other emotions related to the father.

The Oedipus Complex is a description of a child’s desire to be with their opposite-sex parents and feelings of jealousy and anger towards the same-sex parent. Freud introduced the concept to his theory of psychosexual developmental stages.

It is a psychological phenomenon that makes it clear that a boy may feel that he is competing for his mother’s possession and a girl that she is competing for her father’s affection.

Freud argued that children see their same-sex parents as rivals for their affection and attention.

Many people also know of the “Electra Complex”, and may associate it with Sigmund Fréud. The term was first coined by Carl Jung in 1913.

This term comes from the Greek myth of Electra, her brother Orestes and their plot to kill their mother in revenge for the murder of their father.

The Electra Complex is a modern cultural phenomenon that reflects a woman’s desire to get attention from men to make up for her father’s absence.

This is why the term became more casually known as daddy problems. A girl with daddy problems shows her father’s indifference and lack of love for her.

You should know, however, that not all girls who were raised with dysfunctional fathers have dad issues. Some girls can overcome these issues and have stable and healthy relationships that allow them to maintain a normal attachment style.

Daddy Issues | Signs, How It Affects You & Ways To Easily Overcome It As A Couple

What are the causes of daddy problems?

It’s not easy to grow up without a father, or with an emotionally abusive father. As you grow up, a parent is expected to support and raise you.

It can change the way you see relationships if you don’t have a father to look up to or a bad one.

You end up choosing boys with similar problems to your father or projecting your fear on all relationships.

If you are having a difficult relationship with your father, or if he was not emotionally present in your life then daddy issues could mean that you can’t commit to any type of relationship without being abandoned.

It’s impossible to avoid it. This is the mindset that you cannot control if your daddy has issues. It is important to remember that daddy problems aren’t just for women who have absent fathers.

Many women who had a father that was present in their lives are also affected by daddy issues, specifically bad fathers.

What causes daddy problems? These are the most common reasons that women get daddy issues.

1. Style of insecure attachment

Attachment theory describes how someone emotionally bonds with or doesn’t attach to another person. There are many types of attachment, but those with daddy issues could also have attachment problems depending on the relationship they have with their primary caregiver. It could be:


These women are often fearful-avoidant. These women have strong attachment issues and desire close relationships. However, they are unable to trust others and fear intimacy.

They avoid relationships that make them feel good about themselves.

They believe they are not loved and therefore distrust others’ ability to accept and support them. They also believe that they will be rejected by others, which is why they tend to withdraw from relationships.

Their behaviour can be confusing to others, especially romantic partners. At first, they might encourage closeness but then they withdraw emotionally or physically when they feel vulnerable in a relationship.


An anxious attachment is sometimes also known as an anxious preoccupied attachment. This describes someone with an intense attachment system that craves closeness with others.

It is so strong, however, that people with this attachment are uncomfortable about being in relationships despite the strong desire to connect.

These feelings can lead to unhealthy behaviour in women who have this attachment style.

They may be extremely vigilant for any potential threat to the relationship. They may be unsure about their partner’s feelings towards them and need constant assurance.

These women also depend on their relationships outside for their self-worth. This means their self-worth is affected by the actions of their partners, whether they are good or bad.

They often feel anxious about rejection or abandonment and are always trying to keep their relationships safe.

2. Types of fathers

Ideal fathers would love and care for their children and give them the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for many women.

These are some of the possible fathers that can cause daddy problems in a woman.

Fathers who indulge their children too much

Although it might not seem like this father would cause a girl to have Daddy issues, it could. The father might have offered his daughter everything she desired in a material sense to try and “buy” her love.

If he didn’t enforce rules, the girl could become spoiled and expect this behaviour from men. The father may have acted in this manner because he was not physically or emotionally available for his daughter.

Fathers who are not available emotionally

An emotionally unavailable individual doesn’t feel connected to another person on an emotional level. They tend to be distant and withdrawn.

If a girl’s father is emotionally distant or unavailable, she may try to win his affection but to no avail. She feels the need for love from other men, even though she didn’t get it from her daddy.

Fathers who are abusive or violent towards their children

A girl who grows up with an abusive or violent father can have a lot of emotional issues. These negative traits might lead her to associate all men with them.

She wanted a loving, caring dad, but her father was not that. She longs for love but doesn’t believe he can give it to her.

She subconsciously believes all men are her father.

Fathers who are controlling and toxic

A girl with abusive and violent fathers may also have daddy problems. Even if her father was protective of her, it can cause her to lose control over her actions and behaviour.

A father can exhibit many toxic behaviours that could lead to a daughter having daddy issues.

Addiction issues and sexual abuse, for example, can lead to serious problems for girls as they grow up and continue their lives.

Fathers who are constantly in distress and filled with anguish

Children will know if their father is unhappy, depressed, or otherwise unfulfilled in his life. Negativity will radiate from the father and impact his children.

A daughter wants her dad to be happy. She also wants a good relationship with him. If he’s unhappy with his life and himself, he will be unable to provide emotional support for his daughter.

Fathers who are dependent on their children physically

Fathers may be physically or mentally disabled, addicted, or have other needs.

They need others to help them if they are unable to function as normal people.

If the father is ill or has a physical disability, this is understandable. If the father is ill or has a physical disability, this might be understandable. However, if the girl is addicted, she may need to mature faster to become an adult.

Daddy Issues | Signs, How It Affects You & Ways To Easily Overcome It As A Couple

Different types of daddy issues

Attachment styles are a way for Daddy’s’s’s issues to be expressed. This is how an individual emotionally connects with others, as we have explained.

1. Anxious-preoccupied

A woman who is anxious and preoccupied with her daddy will be anxious and clingy. She is afraid of being abandoned and will do everything to ensure that a man does not abandon her.

Their partners often feel frustrated and smothered by this behaviour.

2. Dismissive-avoidant

A woman who is dismissive and avoidant of her daddy has serious trust problems. They avoid emotional attachment, attachment, or closeness with other people.

This woman may not be interested in a romantic relationship, or might actively avoid it. This is the opposite of the anxious attachment style.

3. Fearful-avoidant

Fearful-avoidant daddy problems are a style in which the woman is concerned about intimacy. This style is a mixture of avoidant and anxious attachment styles.

This happens when a woman longs for intimacy but does all she can to avoid it. This can jeopardize any relationship she attempts to build.

A girl who shows the most signs of father issues is a daddy problem

We now have a better understanding of what daddy issues look like, so we can determine if you or a friend might be able to have them.

1. Trouble implementing boundaries

These women have trouble standing firm in their boundaries because they have poor and complex relationships with their fathers.

She might be a pushover and let people walk all over her. Or she may do whatever it takes to please everyone.

She may be pushed to do things she doesn’t like, but she accepts it because she has never been taught to say no.

She believes saying no is a crime so she stops doing it. She doesn’t care who it is, but she can’t keep to her limits.

2. Low self-esteem

It didn’t matter if her father was there, he didn’t show her the respect and love she deserved.

She feels that she is always seeking the love she desires in her relationships and friendships. She is not capable of saying what her heart desires and pursuing what she deserves. This can lead to toxic relationships.

3. They cannot trust their partners

A woman with daddy problems will have a hard time trusting people and relying upon them.

The father of the woman was never able to give her a reason to trust him. She learned early that she could not trust men in her life.

She may have daddy issues such as abandonment, commitment, trust, or all three.

4. Dating older men

Daddy issues women tend to be more attracted to older men than their fathers. This is one of the most important characteristics of a girl who has daddy problems. She was denied the love and care that she deserved from her father.

As children, they didn’t have a father figure. They subconsciously chose men who would be a role model for them. You can see that her ex-boyfriends are older men if you look at her past relationships.

An older man might be a good choice for a woman with daddy problems. The guy acts and looks like her father. She deserves to be loved and protected by someone capable of giving her the life she wants.

This may seem gross, but subconsciously it could be happening. This is not a matter of just a gap in age between the partners for a few years or five years. It could be much more.

This is only one way she could show her lack of a father figure in her adult relationships.

5. Emotionally unavailable

Surprise, surprise. It shouldn’t surprise you that those suffering from daddy problems lack emotional intimacy. The inability to be emotionally intimate or connected with anyone is one of the symptoms of daddy problems.

She fears that other men will treat her in the same way as her father, either abandoning her or neglecting her.

She was hurt by her father and is now afraid of falling in love with someone else. This is a very natural thing.

6. Prefers sexual relationships over emotional ones

A girl with daddy issues may seem sexually aggressive but it is not because she doesn’t value sex. It’s the reverse. She believes that strong sexual desire is what defines a relationship and can help her win.

A girl who is with a man with daddy problems can be sexually aggressive if he’s dating her. She believes that without it, his chances of abandoning her or loving her less are greater. She sees sex as a core part of a relationship.

Although sex is important, it’s not what makes a relationship. A girl who has daddy issues may have a rigid outlook that values sex.

Because she was raised without a father, she believes she must work for any man she is in a relationship with.

7. Fear of being abandoned

However, being abandoned by her father does not necessarily mean that he was absent physically.

This could also be a sign that her father was mentally or emotionally abusive and never gave her the support she needed. She fears that her father will abandon her again.

Her partner always leaves her, and her little voice whispers in her ear, “He’s not coming back,” even though he never gave her any reason to believe it.

She fears that he doesn’t love her anymore and will eventually walk away, even if it is as simple as saying “I Love You” back.

8. Reassurance is a constant need

She often asks her partner for comfort. This is something we cannot stress enough. No matter how many times her partner reminds her that they love her, it never suffices for her.

For her to be at ease with her family and friends, she needs to feel reassured. When they fail to reassure her, she second-guesses.

9. Be jealous

Jealousy is something many women can be guilty of, especially those who have unresolved problems with their fathers.

She tends to worry if she sees her husband talking to other women. Because her father dealt her the worst cards, she assumes the worst.

The little voice in her head at the back tells her she’s not good enough, and that this causes her more problems.

10. Look for emotionally unavailable men

Because she is so used to being neglected and abandoned by her father, she subconsciously wants the same from other men.

This unhealthy behaviour was her first exposure to it it it it it it, and she continues to seek the same trust in men she meets.

This is what she found herself comfortable with, even though her father didn’t give her much time. She may also seek out this in her partners.

Daddy Issues | Signs, How It Affects You & Ways To Easily Overcome It As A Couple

11. Push men away

She pushes men away because of her trust issues and abandonment. She believes that even if they are sincere, they will abandon her and break her heart.

Instead of taking the risk, she prefers to run before they have a chance at proving their intentions.

12. Be attached and clingy.

She could be more supportive of men than pushing them away. This isn’t better that pushing men away. Instead of being distant, she becomes very clingy.

Problems with clinginess are common in a girl who has daddy problems. She clings to adult relationships more because she was deprived as a child of love and attention.

Clinginess can be very suffocating for the receiver, especially if they don’t get her point of view.

She believes that clinginess, whether it is from childhood trauma or fear of losing her childhood, will win her favour. Similar to the previous, this often backfires, as these are usually done out of desperation rather than affection.

She isn’t clingy to show her affection, but she does it because she fears he will leave the relationship if she doesn’t.

It can be difficult to let go of someone you love when you find the one. It can be difficult to let go of someone you don’t like, or if things don’t go according to plan.

13. Look for fairytales

One of the most common signs that you should look out for when asking about daddy problems is a tendency to idealize relationships too much. She places her partner on a pedestal and has a perfect view of her relationship with him.

Reality will hit her hard, causing disappointment and heartbreak. All of this is due to the things she didn’t get as a child.

14. People-pleaser

She was never happy with her father, regardless of what she did. She doesn’t like to set boundaries or say no, even though her life depends on them.

She likes to please everyone, especially men, and will often go out of her way for this.

Contrarily, if someone expresses their disapproval or frustration it can also set her off.

15. Excessive kindness toward men

Women who have daddy issues tend to be attracted to men. This will be evident in her responses to men and women. She’ll often be friendly and warm with men, but distant and cold with women.

She likes the idea of men giving her the attention she craves from her partner. She’s fine with the attention she gets, even if it isn’t necessarily from her partner.

She hopes that someone will come and check her out at the gym, or the bar. Although it sounds dysfunctional, this is a characteristic that someone with daddy problems has.

She is more comfortable with her guy friends than she is with her girlfriends. She is more comfortable being herself with men and acts very stiff around women.

This is normal for girls who don’t have to deal with daddy issues. However, it can also be normal for girls. Her excessive friendliness towards men can make her seem a bit naive. Because of her close relationships with men, it can be seen as flirting.

16. Every breakup almost leads to its destruction

Despite her detached and unaffected nature she cannot help but feel almost devastated by each breakup.

This is a sign of daddy problems to be aware of. Breakups can feel like the past is repeating itself, even if she has pushed men away.

She is used to looking for validation and comfort from her partner. But then, she loses them all and can’t even breathe.

17. Can’t stand being single

Ironic though it may seem, one of the most obvious signs that she has daddy problems is when she can’t bear being single and jumps from a romantic relationship to the next.

She always falls into the same trap, no matter how hard she tries. It doesn’t matter if they have dysfunctional relationships with men, as long as she is with someone.

When she is single, the feelings of abandonment and loneliness become too overwhelming. She ends up constantly seeking out unhealthy relationships to distract herself.

18. Almost all women end up with men who aren’t worthy of them.

She is so used to being abandoned and neglected as a child, she doesn’t know anything about being with a man who cares.

It’s a sign that she is having issues with her dad – she doesn’t know how love can be accepted.

She assumes that love must be toxic, draining and abusive or manipulative.

She probably never had the opportunity to be with a man she loved if she has daddy problems, which is why she finds herself in abusive relationships.

19. Is in a difficult relationship with their mother

A woman with daddy issues will likely have a difficult or broken relationship with her mother.

Although she tries to get the best of her father, she ends up always clashing.

Most likely, she’s always arguing with her mom. Some people give up completely on the idea of having a mother-daughter relationship.

20. Defensive barriers

Remember what we said about commitment issues? If a girl has daddy issues, she will try to destroy the relationship. She would rather leave you alone than give you the chance to move ahead.

Even though she knows in her heart that you are threatening her, she reacts defensively and attempts to sabotage the relationship.

It is possible to expect her to try to destroy the relationship if she feels threatened.

To avoid getting the first cut, she might fight you, break up with your partner, or cheat.

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Women with daddy problems are no different to any other girl when it comes to dating. The only difference is that you know exactly where she comes from.

A woman who has daddy issues is dealing, unknowingly or not, with the loss and grief of her father.

But women with daddy problems aren’t all the ones who have to struggle. These women can also put a lot on men who are tempted to date them. Expect a lot from him, including clinginess and back-and-forth commitment. She could be all over him at one moment, but she could pull away the next.

She needs someone to constantly remind her that she won’t be forgotten, at least not anytime soon. This is a big responsibility for many people and it’s OK to admit it.

A girl with daddy problems grew up in a world of neglect and trauma. She needs a partner who is willing to help her deal with all of it.

The most important thing is that the guy understands it’s not his job to fix or change her problems. This is her problem, not his. He can help her with the problem, but he should not be in her control.

These are some ways that daddy issues can impact a relationship.

1. It will be hard to win her trust.

A man who wants to have a relationship with a woman with daddy issues will need to go through some hoops before he can get anything from her.

Her fear of being alone will cause her to have trust issues.

To win her trust, he must earn her affection. He must be patient and earn her trust.

It may take her months to trust him completely, so he needs patience and understanding.

2. He might be pushed away by her at first

Trust issues can cause her to sabotage any chance of a man-woman relationship before it begins.

He may turn down her offer, reject him and then push him away until she sees if he is willing to stay with me. This is one of her self-destructive habits that few guys can deal with.

If he can endure it all, she will eventually stop pushing him away. He’ll eventually trust her and she’ll give him her heart.

She pushes him away because she believes that everyone will eventually abandon her, just like her father.

3. He might be chased by her.

There’s always the possibility of her pursuing a man she likes even more if he leaves or moves on to another woman. He will notice her desperation, clinginess and vulnerability most.

If you didn’t know, a girl who has daddy issues can have major abandonment problems. If he leaves and she decides to go out with someone else, she will do anything to make him change his mind.

This makes her seem creepy and obsessive.

4. He’ll be put to the test repeatedly by her.

She will test a man repeatedly until he proves her trustworthiness and reliability whenever the opportunity arises.

He might not realize that he is participating in psychological tests designed by the girl once he has entered a relationship.

It can be exhausting because she may not trust him completely. But that’s part and parcel of dating a girl who has daddy issues.

5. She is compensated more

She will try her best to give him what he needs. She wants to show her affection or buy him,,,,,, love. It could be selfishness for him, or it could be desperation.

She will give you everything she has, even if it’s for the wrong reasons. She does this so that he doesn’t have any reason to leave her, whether it’s by buying him material goods or showing him affection.

6. She will likely have sex on her first date with a man… or sooner than expected.

She is a part of her sexual aggression because she needs to have sex to establish a relationship with a man.

She uses sex to get a bargaining chip. She’s not doing it to get intimate with him but to make the relationship work.

Sometimes it works, but most of it doesn’t. It may work at first, but you’ll soon realize it was more about lust than love.

7. She is a people pleaser

She will be there for a man when he is sad or sick, and she will be more loving than his mother.

She is incapable of setting boundaries and keeping them. She will do anything to give him what he wants and needs, even if it means she loses her sanity.

Daddy issues women tend for women to follow men’s orders just to feel valued and needed.

They were not raised with a father so they try to please everyone. They won’t, and can’t, say no even if it meant their lives were at stake.

8. She has a relationship with other men

This is part of dating a girl who has daddy problems. Although she doesn’t intend to cheat, her naturally exaggerated friendliness towards guys is always evident.

If he can provide enough food for her, she won’t be distracted by other men.

This creates pressure for the guy, which is why girls with daddy problems have trouble managing and maintaining a long-term romantic relationship. Even if she does have a relationship, it can be toxic or manipulative.

9. Her inconsistency is a problem

Inconsistency with a man is not something girls like, but it’s even more true for women with daddy problems. She can tell when she’s receiving enough attention and when she isn’t.

One inconsistency can cause her anxiety. She may believe that he doesn’t love or is leaving her.

It’s hard to stop him from doing something that he does every day to show her his love.

10. It will be quite sometime before a man meets his mother.

Family issues? Even worse mommy problems are common for women with daddy issues. They are constantly disappointed in their mothers and seek out what they want.

A girl with daddy problems can have complicated relationships with her mothers. They’ll likely let their moms settle down before they bring a man home. This might take some time.

Daddy Issues | Signs, How It Affects You & Ways To Easily Overcome It As A Couple

How to solve daddy’ssss problems

You might be wondering what you can do if you’re a woman who recognizes that your father has issues with you. Don’t worry, it’s possible. These are some ways to deal with attachment wounds.

1. Think about how your father influenced you.

Find out how to recognize the impact of your father’s poor relationship with you. Recognize that your “reconfirming old beliefs” is likely to be happening by repeating childhood patterns in your relationships.

Awareness is the first step. Awareness is the first step.

2. Remember what you did not have

Feel the pain from the relationship that you had with your father. Although you might not have had to deal with negative emotions as a child, you should still mourn the loss of what you have because of your father’s relationship.

You can go through the grieving process to help you move on in a better way.

3. Use your knowledge

Your realizations about your father’s relationship and how it affected your adult life are important. This knowledge can be used to build better relationships. It may be difficult. Changing your behaviour, will require a lot of effort.

4. Get help from mental health professionals

Although a father-daughter complex is not considered a serious mental condition, it can be a sign that you aren’t capable of overcoming your dad’s’s’s’s’s’s issues on your own. It might be worth seeking out professional help. Sometimes, our emotional baggage can be too overwhelming to handle by ourselves. Asking for help is a sign that you are strong, not weak.

5. Learn self-help books

You can read self-help books written by mental health professionals if you don’t have the financial means to visit a professional.

Although it may not be as effective or as therapeutic, it will give you lots of information to help you change your life and improve your relationships.

6. Online resources are a great option

There are many online resources available that will help you, in addition to self-help books. You can listen to podcasts, TED talks and YouTube videos on the topic of dad issues and other childhood trauma. Many online resources can be of great assistance.

Final thoughts

A woman with daddy issues can be as intense as she is with her baggage. However, if given the opportunity, she can give a man the best relationship of their life.

A girl with a father who has issues should not be portrayed as being toxic, manipulative, draining, or complicated. You can try to be like her and learn from a father who is absent or neglectful. It is not easy.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of what daddy problems are. These issues can be a problem if you are a father or a mother.