Considering A Massage? Choose 1 Of These 9 Amazing Treatments

If you’ve been feeling the pressures of your busy schedule, it may be time to make an appointment for a massage. Never been to a professional massage? Or in the mood for something new? You might be wondering which of the many types will be best suited to you. 

Many people opt for a massage session for relaxation purposes. Other people may use massage in conjunction with a session of physio Noosaville practitioners recommend for health-related ailments. Whatever your reason for needing a massage, our guide on the various types will help you choose the best option for you.


Which Massage Type Should You Get?

Massages are an amazing remedy for a range of body ailments, or simply a luxurious treat. With the many different techniques on offer, your massage therapist will be able to provide you with exactly what you need. Some of the more common massage types are discussed below.

Considering A Massage? Choose 1 Of These 9 Amazing Treatments

         1. Swedish Massage

The technique involves long, kneading strokes and the goal is to create total body relaxation. If you want to go for a massage for relaxation or simply to see what the fuss is all about, a Swedish massage is the best option to start with.

         2. Aromatherapy Massage

If you enjoy the relaxing aromas of essential oil then you may want to opt for an aromatherapy massage. In this instance, the massage therapist will rub diluted essential oils onto your body so that your skin can absorb the oils. 

Aromatherapy massages are excellent for enhancing your mood while simultaneously easing your tension. Be sure to advise your massage therapist of any allergies you may have and also which oils you prefer. 

         3. Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages are very commonly used to provide relief for chronic pain caused by arthritis or fibromyalgia. As with a Swedish massage, this type of massage focuses on using gentle pressure to deliver pain relief. 

Instead of using their hands, massage therapists will use heated volcanic rock stones to aid blood flow. The stones are usually placed along your spine, face, feet or even stomach for best results. 

         4. Sports Massage

Repetitive muscle use can cause strain which can lead to acute or chronic pain. While sports massages are very popular among athletes, they are also excellent for people suffering from chronic pain in specific muscles. Massage therapists use deep pressure and soothing strokes on specific areas to reduce pain and tension.

         5. Shiatsu Massage

Also known as a Japanese massage, the Shiatsu massage relies on fingertip pressure to create pain relief. The main aim of a Shiatsu massage is to free blockages to your natural energy flow, or Qi. 

Your massage therapist will use knuckles and elbows in addition to fingertips with the intention of loosening muscles and in turn improving circulation. This treatment restores energy and is excellent for aiding insomnia, constant headaches, digestive issues as well as nervous system ailments.

         6. Prenatal Massage

Many pregnant women opt to go for prenatal massages as they offer an excellent way to release tension caused by the increased weight of the baby. The table used in this type of massage has a hole in the middle for additional comfort. This technique is an excellent way to reduce high blood pressure during pregnancy.

         7. Reflexology

Essentially, a reflexology massage focuses on the various pressure points found in your hands, feet and ears. This type of massage is effective for the following reasons:

  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces headaches
  • Increases nerve function
  • Boosts energy

         8. Chair Massage

People who spend many hours sitting down, hunched over a desk will understand the back and neck pain that goes along with it, as well as the tension throughout the body. 

In these instances, a chair massage may be just what the doctor recommends. Commonly called mini massages, these treatments are done in a specially designed chair. Tension is massaged out of the offending muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed and pain-free.

         9. Lymphatic Massage

Our lymphatic system’s main function is to purify the body of everyday toxins. When you opt for a lymphatic massage, the massage therapist will perform a gentle massage to relieve swelling from any tissue that may be retaining fluid. This fluid usually comes from recent surgery or underlying medical conditions.

Keep in mind that you should consult your medical practitioner before opting for this type of massage. 


Final Thought

It’s often thought that a massage is one of those treatments used to spoil oneself, not a necessity. How inaccurate! Treating your aching muscles with the appropriate massage may be just what your body needs to rejuvenate itself. Spoil yourself with one of the massages on our list and you’ll soon be feeling less tense and more relaxed—and even healthier!