Cost of Surrogacy In Cyprus And General Characteristic Of The Surrogacy Process

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are methods of infertility treatment in which the manipulation of reproductive cells, some or all stages of preparation of reproductive cells, and the processes of fertilization and development of embryos before transfer to the recipient’s uterus are carried out in vitro. They appeared as an attempt by humankind to overcome the long-standing and always acute problem of infertility.

One of the methods of ART is surrogacy, which consists of carrying a pregnancy resulting from the transfer into the uterine cavity of a surrogate embryo obtained by in vitro fertilization, which is not genetically related to the surrogate mother and is genetically related to at least one of the potential parents.

Surrogacy is considered permissible in Cyprus as no regulations or case laws are prohibiting it. The Chief Judge hears all cases of surrogacy of the Family Court. According to the agency World Center of Baby, surrogacy in Cyprus has its own characteristics. In this article, we will consider them in detail and determine the price of surrogacy in Cyprus.

Surrogacy in Cyprus: Conditions, Agreement, and Specifics

World Center of Baby is rated as the best surrogacy agency in Cyprus. Its specialists know all the data about the cost and surrogacy laws in Cyprus. On the forum of the World Center of Baby website, information was found that a prerequisite for the implementation of the surrogacy method in Cyprus is the presence of a genetic link between at least one parent and the child. It follows that a surrogate mother should not be genetically related to the child. Married couples, gay men, lesbians, single women, men, etc., can participate in the surrogacy program.

For the protection of all participants in the surrogacy journey, a contract is concluded. It has certain features of a civil service contract. The contract determines the rights and obligations of the surrogate mother and customers, material costs associated with the procedure, force majeure, liability of the parties, etc. Here are the main terms of the surrogacy agreement:

  • The obligation of the surrogate mother to comply with all prescriptions of the doctor of a surrogacy clinic and to provide all information concerning her own state of health and the health of the fetus;
  • The place of residence of the surrogate mother during pregnancy;
  • The obligation of the customers to accept the child after its birth within the period specified in the contract;
  • The contract’s price, the cost of medical care, food, accommodation of the surrogate mother during pregnancy.

Cost Of Surrogacy In Cyprus And General Characteristic Of The Surrogacy Process

What is the Cost of Best Surrogacy Services in Cyprus?

World Center of Baby indicates that surrogacy in Cyprus is commercial. The use of this technology on a free basis is not practiced. The price of gestational surrogacy in Cyprus is about 30,000 US dollars. This also includes the cost of clothing, food, accommodation, court fees, etc.

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