Best Stylish Medium Haircut For Girls

The medium haircut is the one that gets a lot of praise. Why? It’s the safest and gives you more options. Medium haircuts for girls offer the best of both worlds. You can choose from many hair types and textures. Medium haircuts are great for anyone who wants to style their hair in various ways. Scroll down to view the different medium hairstyles for girls.

Different types of medium haircuts for girls

These medium haircuts can be used for any hairstyle, from curly to straight to wavy to straight. This is how to transform your hair without compromising style or length.

Wavy Highlights

Highlights can add some dimension to your waves. Add some light layers to give your hair volume. To keep your hair soft and shiny, use hair serum.

Sleek Lob

A slicked lob is a good choice for poker-straight hair. You can cut your hair in the front medium-length and then shave it down towards the back. This style is easy to maintain and will give you style without cutting too much of your hair.

Beach Waves

You can add volume to your hair by adding dense layers. Make sure you use the correct haircare products to keep your beach waves.

Wavy with Bangs

Bangs are a great way to play up dark, slightly wavy hair. This retro-inspired hairstyle looks excellent, especially when you add subtle highlights that are not too obvious.

Side-Parted Straight

The straight medium haircut will add much personality to an otherwise dull mane. This one is slightly more interesting, thanks to the light layers and side-parting.

Choppy Layers

Layer your hair with extra-wavy hair and create messy layers. You can pair it with a thick fringe. The fringe can be worn over your forehead, or you can separate it from framing your face.

Curly Layers

Layers are not something that curly-haired people can do. This medium-length hairstyle for girls is excellent for adding volume without making your hair look a mess. Add some oil to your hair, and you are good to go.

V-Cut Layers

Chop chop! The angled v-cut layers add an extra dimension to your look and are easy to maintain. Even a few highlights can be added to make it more interesting.

Make Messy Waves with Fringe

Are you looking for bedhead hairstyles? This medium haircut is perfect for you. This trendy, whimsical cut is excellent for hair with light waves; You can also pair it with a thick fringe.

Tomboy Shag Updated

This medium haircut is perfect for transitioning from short to medium hair. This medium haircut has wispy, slightly uneven layers and cute bangs that add a youthful flair.

Romantic Curls

This iconic medium haircut, a movie star favorite, dates back to the 1950s. This simple cut uses only longer layers to achieve the desired shape. It can be worn in a ponytail or side-parted.

Short Bangs

The thick layers give your nearly wavy curls more volume and definition. You can play it up and give your hair an edge by going for shorter bangs.

Sleek Style

The popular medium-length haircut is an excellent compromise between the two. It’s both long at the front and shorter at the back. It is essential to keep your hair neat and even. Layers are not a good idea. This style is best when freshly washed. Use the shampoo to double your volume and prevent layering.

Volume Galore

A medium-length haircut that has shorter layers and side bangs is possible. This look is perfect for those who want to add volume to their hair.

Blunt Cut

This is a fun, easy haircut for medium hair that goes back to basics. This is an excellent style for straight hair. The razor finish and blunt ends make it an exciting choice.

The Angled-Cut

This medium-length haircut will highlight your natural hairstyle. This angled lob can add volume and style to your hair.

Scrunched In Curls

This messy medium haircut will let you embrace your curls. You can keep your roots dark but go lighter on the ends. Use a conditioner to moisturize your hair and nourish dry ends.

Medium Cut with Feathered Layers

Pair it with long, side-swept bangs and feathered layers. Your hair should be styled so that your ends face outwards.

Layers of light and swoony layers

Keep your straight hair in place by adding a few layers of light texture. This medium haircut, which frames your face with dense bangs, will define your hair and not alter its natural shape too much.

Flipped Ends

This one is easy to layer! This medium-length hairstyle for girls is perfect for adding volume and texture to your hair. The top layer should be kept short to double up as seamless curtain bangs.