Birthday Gift For Dad Who Has Everything

Birthday Gift For Dad Who Has Everything

Birthday gift for Dad who has everything is not what should give you stress because we are here for you to help you out with a good decision of what you can buy for him.

A father is a male donator of sperm which resulted in conception or fertilisation. Which simply means that without the sperm of the father, your mother won’t be able to conceive, talk more of giving birth to you. A father is the head of the family and therefore considered as the bread winner of the family.

He is the defender and the spokesman of the family. A proverb says that a man does not tell all that he sees. A father can give all he has to pay your school fees and go about with one shirt and one trouser every day. The value of our fathers can never be underestimated.

Where there is no father, the entire family suffers. Their vacuum can never be filled by another. They are the pillar, but when the pillar that holds the house falls, the building or the house collapse. I

you are opportuned to have your dad still alive, please appreciate him and the best way to appreciate and celebrate his existence and efforts is by giving him a gift on his birthday.

Then, what if your dad had everything one needs in life, and you are asking yourself, what exactly do I get for my dad seeing he has everything? Don’t stress your brain, we are here to help you figure out the best gift to give to your dad who has everything.

Birthday Gift For Dad Who Has Everything

The best gifts for him is A Hat/Cap, Wrist Watch, a Belt, foot wears, and unique clothes that will fit him. All these is what he will surely appreciate.


Buying a covering for his head, often in the approximate form of a cone or a cylinder closed at its top end, and sometimes having a brim and other decoration will be a perfect gift for your dad. A hat looks really good on a dad’s head.

The hat or cap is worn for special occasions like village meetings, church gathering, age group meeting, wedding and traditional marriages. It makes their outfit outstanding and splendid. My dad always put on his cap whenever he is been invited to any special occasion and each time he puts it on, it makes him proud.

Your dad may have everything but he may not have many caps or hats, because it’s not something he uses every day. Getting it for him for his birthday is indeed a good idea.


This is also another wonderful gift to get for your dad for his birthday. A leather or chain wrist watch will be perfectly okay, depending on his choice. He may has everything but he won’t have all the wrist watch, he may have one or two wrist watches that he uses.

This is one of the things fathers don’t have many with them, which makes them value it when you give it to them. A wrist watch adds beauty to his outfit and makes him look classic than ever.


No matter how ridiculous this may sound, but try getting it for your dad and you will be so amazed how grateful he will be. Your dad may have one or two belts and keep on wearing it for years without changing it. This is not because he can’t afford to buy as many belt as he can, but as a result of not having the time or seeing it as something that is not worth putting into budget.

Getting it for him, makes him feel that you look after him and has the capacity to take care of him. You might hear question like this from his mouth “my son or my daughter, how do you know I need this?. He smiles and then says thank you.


No matter how many foot wears your dad has, he’s still in need of footwear, because it’s an everyday wear. You can get one or two foot wears for him to change the worn out ones. Giving your dad a palm slippers, shoes or sandals, depending on the one he likes most or the one he prefers, will go a long way in strengthening the bond between your dad and you.

You can give him the shoes according to his daily needs, just like comfortable work shoes that he needs for his day job or office. Who wouldn’t like to have a pair of comfortable yet stylish shoes on his way to work, right? Choose a brand that can fit your requirements, just like Loom. Loom is well known for its smart shoes that are completely vegan and above of all, it will fit in your budget as well. Made for all four seasons, your dad will definitely love to have Loom’s shoes on his feet.

Each time he wears it on his feet, he will call you by your name and say to himself or to any one close to him at the moment that you bought it for him, even without the person asking him. It makes him feel that he is blessed to have a son or a daughter like you.


You might be wondering or thinking why I called it unique. Now, look at what makes it unque. Get a beautiful material from the market, it can be four to six yards, depending on your dad’s body size or the style you chose.

Then, you will have to visit the tailoring shop where your dad sews his clothes or go to any tailor’s shop if your dad doesn’t have a particular one, give the material to the tailor and tell him to sew a unique style for your dad. I tell you, your dad will leap with joy like a baby seeing this surprise wonderful and lovely gift from you to him


Looking to know more birthday gift for Dad who has everything, then continue reading for you to find out more interesting and lovely things to buy for him.

More gifts for Dad.

A Suitcase.

He will be using this to carry his clothes or suits when traveling.

A Portable File Pack.

He will use this to pack his important files or documents to keep them safe.

A Power Bank

He will make use of this, whenever there is power outage in his office, at home or when traveling.

Rain Coat.

This gift will be very useful to him especially during the rainy season or winter.


This is also one of the amazing gifts that dad loves. It covers all his foot.

Video Camera

He can make use of this, to video some exciting programs, outings, and watch them while relaxing, and have fun.

MP 3 Player.

He can use this to play old times music or any music of his choice at his leisure time.


He puts this on tound his wrist while going and this really looks good on him.

“Birthday Gift For Dad Who Has Everything”


You can buy a nice fitted jacket for him and that really makes him feel good.


This makes him feel warm and comfort especially when the atmosphere is cold.

Traveller’s Bag.

He really needs this especially when he wants to travel. It makes him organized.

Sun Glasses.

He uses this special kind of gift especially during the summer period.

Tea/ Coffee Cup.

A tea or coffee cup is one of the wonderful gift to give to dad. He uses it to drink tea or coffee every morning before he heads to work.

A Nice wallet.

Get him a nice wallet and he will be happy. He puts it in his pocket every where he goes.


You can get him a pair of canvas. This makes him look smarter and younger.

A Beautiful Tie.

A beautiful tie will go a long way in making your dad love you beyond your imagination.


This gift is precious. It makes your dad smell good and nice every where he goes.

A Radio.

Getting your dad a radio is like giving him a companion. He listens to news, educative programs and rest of them.


Give him a bottle of wine and you will keep him smiling.

A Suit.

Get him a suit for special occasions. Suit really makes dad look great and outstanding.

Chess Board.

This is a square board used in the game of chess, subdivided into eight rows of eight squares each, the squares in each row and column being of alternating colours. Get him this kind of gift and he will really appreciate it.


A pair of sandals is a nice gift for Dad. He wears it to go to minor places.

Leather Watch.

You can get a nice leather wrist watch for your dad and he will be thanking you in years to come.

Back Chair.

A soft foam back chair will help him relax in the evening or during break from tedious work.

A Pair Of Fancy Slippers.

This really looks good on dad during relaxation.

A Wine Bar.

You can set up a wine bar for him at the corner of his sitting room for chilling his nerves.

Wine Glasses.

He uses this to drink his wine and serve his visitors or guests.


It’s one of the clothing that suits dad. It makes him look younger.

A Rechargable Lantern.

This will help him see at night or study when there is power outage.

A Wall clock.

He hangs this in his room and looks at it every morning before he leaves for work.

Finally I believe that you have seen a lot of birthday gift for Dad who has everything, because no matter how the small you think the gifts are, he will surely appreciate it, as long as it comes from you.

How To Give Your Partner The Greatest Birthday Gift

How To Give Your Partner The Greatest Birthday Gift

Getting the perfect gift for anyone isn’t an easy task but when it comes to your better half, you can’t take any risks. Everything needs to be just right, you need to make their birthday special and memorable which means you need to gift them something precious and meaningful.

it may sound like getting the perfect gift for your partner is a very difficult job and we are not going to lie, it is a very tricky business but when you have the right guide with you you don’t need to worry.
if your partner’s birthday is around the corner and you are looking for ideas for a gift you have come to the right place.

Tricky Business Without A Doubt

The gift for your partner needs to be perfect and that is why we have several ideas lined up for you.
gifts for your husband?

It’s true what they say, shopping for men is one of the most difficult things on earth. You can never tell what they want or need when you ask them specifications about anything, they need they won’t give you an answer but at the same time if you get them the wrong gift they won’t use it. Due to this, your money goes down the drain and no one wants that to happen.

Gifts For Our Husband

1) You can give them a wallet and a cardholder, to make the gift special you can get their names engraved into the holder or the wallet.

2) You can give them any sort of electronic device; guys love technical things so if you can’t decide what to get your husband you can just get them any new electronic device launched. You would know what sort of products they would be interested in so just keep an eye out on those kinds of products and get them for your husband.

3) Cufflinks, men especially those who have to wear formal attires to work love cufflinks so if your husband is one of those men giving them cufflinks for their birthday is a great option.

Gifts For Your Wife

it is relatively easier to shop for women, you have a lot of options to choose from and women are more vocal about what they want so you have a very clear idea about what your wife would be expecting on her birthday.

1) Give her Makeup, women love dressing up and putting on makeup, it is something they enjoy. So if you are looking for a gift for your wife just get any new palette that she has her eyes on and get it for her before she goes and buys it herself.

2) Take her to the spa, most women don’t get a lot of time to relax so your wife’s birthday is the perfect opportunity for you to tell her that you appreciate her for all the effort she puts in and give her the queen like treatment she deserves. Make a reservation for her at any spa and treat her to a relaxing day.

3) Wedding Vows with the long lasting roses, this is the most sentimental gift you can give your wife. Get your wedding vows printed and framed and pair them up with the most romantic bouquet of long-lasting roses and you are going to win her for life!

Helpful Tip

The gifts listed above are only some of the wide variety of options you can choose from. It is always a better option to listen to your partner, get to know what they want, and give them the thing that would make them happy.


What To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

What To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

What to get your boyfriend for his birthday should not be what will trouble you again because we are here to guide and tell you the best gift that you can give him. So feel free and relax and go through our list of best gifts and decided on what you want to give him.

One of the relationships that has existed so far since the 21st century is the romantic relationship between a boy and a girl. Every girl wants to have a boyfriend either for a sexual purpose, or to take care of her, or because she just want to have because others around her has.

Having a boyfriend who has cared for you emotionally, financially, materially, physically, educationally and morally is worth celebrating. Celebrating and giving him a gift on his birthday is a way to show him how much you love him, care for him, value him and respect him.

Sometimes, you may think, this boy has being very caring and loving, what exactly do I give him for his birthday? Not to worry, here is a clue of romantic and amazing gift you can give to your boyfriend on his birthday and will keep loving you all the way.

What To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

A Party.

Boys go to parties but don’t have time to prepare for the party. You can organize a birthday party for him and I tell you of a sure, he will be there dancing all through the day with you and his friends. He can even go to the extent of adding more things out of joy to make the party more fun and enjoyable.

Throwing this birthday party for him will make him feel special and also make him feel like he is the most important person in your life and in the entire world. This very party can boost his ego and self respect before his friends. While the party is going on, confess your love for him and tell how much he means to you, this will make him very happy and he will end up loving you for the rest of his life.

A Football T-shirt.

Boys like football a lot. They can forgo some things, sit at a place and watch football match without complaining or getting tired or bored. I remember my step-brother not honouring the appointment he had with me on Sunday evening, just because he went to play football at the field and spent all his time there till night.

This is how much boys love football, those who cannot play, watch others who can play and applaud them. It is said to have discovered that ninety percent(90%) of boys throughout the world loves football. If you want to get your boyfriend’s attention talk about football players or matches, and you will be surprised to see him talking for hours. Go into the market, get your boyfriend’s football fan t-shirt, for instance, if he is an Arsenal fan, get him an Arsenal t-shirt, if he is a Manchester United (Man U) fan, get him a Manchester United t-shirt, like wise other football team or club, if he is not the fan of the above mentioned club.

He puts it on and with a smile, he heads to the football field to play or to watch the footballers play. Giving him this gift on his birthday gladens his heart and makes that year’s birthday celebration memorable.

Singlets And A Pairs Of Boxers or Shorts.

As your boyfriend, you must have seen most of his inner wears like the singlets and the pairs of boxer shorts he puts on. This is an everyday wear and this every day wears tends to worn out easily more than any other clothing. Your boyfriend needs it no matter how many he has it. Getting it for him is a sign to show him that you truly cares and also a romantic way of showing him that your love for him is true.

He will be so happy and make him want to jump on you out of joy, because this is one of the things he can’t do without. Whenever he wants to do his laundry, and picks up that particular singlets and a pair of boxer shorts that you bought for him, there will be an irresistable smile on his face, because it was bought by someone special like you.

A Wrist Watch.

Getting a wrist watch for your boyfriend for his birthday is one of the beautiful and adorable gift one can give to her beloved one. Wearing a wrist watch makes him look outstanding and classic, it adds more beauty to his attire or outfit. A wrist watch is one the gift that your boyfriend cannot reject even in his dream. As busy as he may be, he may not have the time to bring out his phone from his pocket or look for where it is, to check what the time is. Over the years, a wrist watch is one of the most fastest means of knowing the time, because it always round the wrist. Seeing the watch round his wrist, will always make him to remember you, which simply means you have indirectly written your name in his heart.

Looking for more of what to get your boyfriend for his birthday, here are more gifts for you to give him.

Gifts For Your Boyfriend.


This is a very nice gift to give to your boyfriend.

Portable Battery Charger.

This helps to charge the battery of his phone faster than ever.


This makes him feel warm and cozy.

Pair Of Shorts.

This looks good on him especially during relaxation.

Packet Shirt(s).

It makes him look younger than his age and splendid.

LP Record.

This is also part of entertainment. It’s also a part of having fun.

Smart Portable Speaker.

This makes the listening of the music interesting and makes you wanna dance.


This helps to make him feel warm and cuddling.


This is an athletic shoe with a soft rubber sole.

Football Slippers.

This helps him in the field to relax his feet after wearing canvas for long.

Travel Tracker.

This helps him during traveling to track the cities or towns.

A Pair Of Socks.

This helps to keep his feet warm.


This kind of cloth looks really good on him.

Watch Holder.

After removing his wrist watch from his wrist , he puts it in the watch holder and makes him locate it faster when next he wants to wear it.

Glass Cups.

He can use these cups in drinking or serving of guests.

Record Player.

It is s kind of an entertainment. It helps him to relax after a day’s stress.

Concert Ticket.

You can get a ticket for a concert for the both of you to make his day memorable.


This is also a nice gift to give to your boyfriend.


It helps to keep his money and cards in order.

Sun Glasses.

This makes him look astonishing and sharp.

Pocket Knife.

You can as well give this to him as a gift.

Fancy Hat.

This really good on his head and makes him look more handsome.


You can get him a bike to ride for fun.


You can get him a guitar to help him play with the rhythm. All work and no play they say, makes Jack a dull boy.


He comes home very tired, unable to turn on the gas cooker, microwaving his food will be a faster means.

Finally I believe that you have understood what to get your boyfriend for his birthday and with these gifts listed above you have found the best gifts that he will love the most.

What To Buy An 8 Year Old For Her Birthday

What To Buy An 8 Year Old For Her Birthday

What to buy an 8 year old for her birthday is not that hard and should not trouble you because I will tell you the things to buy for her and make her happy.

Because when a child is eight years old, he or she must or should have been able to walk, talk, interact, comprehend, perceive, observe, retain and bold enough to speak his or her mind. This stage is the most sensitive stage of a child.

A grown up man once told me that when he was eight years old, his aunt embarrassed him publicly for urinating on the bed while sleeping. At this age, he was able to differentiate between caution and embarrassment. He forgot every other thing that happened during his childhood but never forget this one. When I asked him why he couldn’t forget this particular incident, he said because it was the most embrassing moment in his life.

So, you see, likewise whatever good you do to them or whatever gift you give to an eight year old child can never be forgotten, he or she will forever remember it, because it might also be one of her best moments in life. And anyone who makes a child happy during her childhood will never be forgotten even in her adulthood. Children value and celebrate birthdays more than any other set of people in the world.

Just thinking about the celebration and how it’s going to be, gives them sleepless night. You may be thinking since my child, nephew, niece or cousin is eight years old, what do I buy for her to wish her a happy birthday? Not to worry, these are the list of wonderful gifts to buy for an eight year old for her birthday.

What To Buy An 8 Year Old For Her Birthday

Depends on your pocket and what she likes most, you can buy her a bicycle, computer games/ps 3, a story book, or even a toy car. All these is what will make her happy and also keep her busy.

A Bicycle

There are different kinds of beautiful bicycles in the market, depending on the child’s age and ability. You can get a bicycle for an eight year old because children loves bicycle. If care is not taken, they can ride a bicycle from morning till evening without asking for food or taking a break. Getting a bicycle for her for her birthday, makes her very happy and proud to have you by her side. Each time she sees the bicycle, her love for you grows without your knowledge. Having a bicycle as her birthday gift from you at the age of eight, makes her the envy of her mates.

A Football

Ever since the world got civilized, children like football in respective of the gender(both male and female), whether they know how to play or not , they will like to have one. Sometimes, they don’t even kick the ball, they just carry it in their hands or throw it to one person to another. My nephew also puts his ball in his school bag when no one is watching and brings it out during break period to play with his friends.

Having a football as an eight year old child, attracts a lot of friends to you. She may not know where other things in the house is, but she knows exactly where to find her ball. So giving an eight year old a football on her birthday is such a wonderful thing to do.

A Toy Car.

Children love cars. A mother once asked her eight year old child why she likes sitting close to the window in the vehicle whenever they are going out and she said that so she can be watching the moving cars and also know the one to drive when she grows up.

You can get the dream car of your child for her on her birthday in a toy form, and you will be so surprise how happy she will be. She will bring it out every morning and look at it and say “this is the kind of car I will drive when I grow up.

Getting a toy car of her dream car for her birthday, keeps her hope alive and strengthens her effort towards achieving her goal in life and realizing her dream.

Computer Games / PS 3.

Wow! I tell you, this gift will make your eight year old child fall in love with you. Children loves playing games either on the phone or on the computer, but most at times they prefer computer game to phone game, because they won’t have to worry that the battery might run down or affect the longevity of the battery or been interrupted by incoming calls.

Getting a computer game or PS 3 ( play station 3) for an eight year old for her birthday will make her feel so excited that she can even jump on your body. This gift will make her birthday a very happy one indeed and keep her smiling all through.


Children love stories. You can get a book containing stories especially children’s stories; pleasant and idealized and having a happy ending or conclusion. It should also have some moral lesson which will help her morally. Buying a story book for an eight year old for her birthday will also help to improve her reading ability and vocabulary. This story book as a gift on her birthday will be one of her treasure in her life time. It is one of the amazing gift so far.

Looking for more things on what to buy an 8 year old for her birthday, take a look at more of them below.

Gifts For An 8 Year Old


Drawing Board.

An eight year old child uses this to sketch, draw and also improve his drawing skill.

Nail Stamper.

They use this for fun, to stamp their nails with different colours.

Face And Body Towel.

This is also a very nice gift for an eight year old child.

Tattoo Kit.

They use these tattoos for fun, place it on their body and removes it

Water Bottle.

You can also get your eight year old child a beautiful water bottle.

Building Blocks Kit.

This helps them intellectually and build up their brain capacity.

Fashion Doll.

This is used for fashion. They dress the doll and adorn her to look beautiful.

Chocolate Box.

Wow! This is yummy! Just the hearing of it makes them happy. Children loves eating chocolates.

“What to buy an 8 year old for her birthday”


This is for relaxation and entertainment. They listen to music with the headphone for fun.

Race Car.

They use this for playing. It makes happy and keeps them busy. It also makes their brains work faster.

Finally I hope that with these you now have the idea of what to buy an 8 year old for her birthday. So do make sure you buy her one of these wonderful gifts for you to make her happy and proud of you too.

What To Get Your Best Friend For Her Birthday

What To Get Your Best Friend For Her Birthday

What to get your best friend for her birthday is something I have taken my time to explain in this article. So don’t be disturbed and read this careful to understand what to buy for her.

A friend is considered to be the best when she had shared both your happiness and sorrows with you, dark and light moments, your ugly and your beautiful past. Your best friend is the one standing with you among the millions standing against you, one who believes in you at all odds.

One who can keep your secrets for you till death, one who can never judge you by your past no matter what, one who can never leave you no matter the misunderstanding. To a best friend, distance can never be a barrier to her care, love and concern for you. This kind of friend is rare and hard to find. So, when you find such a best friend, I call them friend among friends, please appreciate her, because once she is gone, you might never have the opportunity to meet her kind again. Your best friend is your best companion, because she is always there for you when you needed her the most. These are some of the beautiful gifts to get for your best friend for her birthday.

What To Get Your Best Friend For Her Birthday

You can get her a phone, perfume, wrist watch or jewelry like necklace, ring, bracelet and many more. She will surely appreciate it as long as it comes from you.

A sweet smelling perfume with a nice fragrance can go a long way to gladen the heart of your best friend. Whenever she sprays it on her body, she smells good and feels the warmth of your love. When she goes out and people appreciate the smell of the perfume and ask her where she bought it, she will be so proud to tell them they you gave it to her on her birthday. Even if she has a perfume before, she will prefer the one you bought to the one she already has. So, giving her a perfume is a very nice thing to do for her on her birthday.


Getting a phone for your best friend for her birthday is a very good idea. This is in a situation whereby the one she is using is having a problem or has developed a fault. It can also be, that she needs more better phone than the one she is using. Giving her this gift signifies that you value her communication and friendship more than any other person in your life. A phone is an everyday use, as she uses it every day, it will keep on reminding her of you and through this, you will remain ever fresh in her mind.

Wrist Watch.

A wrist watch is another beautiful gift to give to your best friend on her birthday. Wearing it round her wrist will always remind her that someone special like you in her life truly cares. As the watch ticks, so will her heart ever beat for you, wow! sounds so romantic! You can get a leather wrist watch or a chain silver or gold wrist watch, depending on the one she prefers or like most. Even if she forgets any other important day in her life, she won’t forget the day you gave her this wrist watch. She will forever remember that day, which simply means you have made her birthday unforgettable.


This is one of the most amazing gift ever. Ninety percent of the world today love jewelry, because it adds to one’s natural beauty and makes one look adorable and beautiful. It can be

  • A ring: it can be a fancy ring just for fashion or beautification or a promise ring, promising her that she will forever be your best friend no matter what. Wearing it round her finger reminds her that there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. She will forever admire this precious gift.
  • A necklace: it can be a golden, silver, chain or a mixture of golden and silver necklace, depending on her choice. Getting her choice of necklace will make her love it the more and wear it more often that one may begin to imagine or think if it’s the only necklace she has in her jewel box.
  • Brooch: this is a piece of women’s ornamental jewellery having a pin allowing it to be fixed to garments worn on the upper body. It can also be called a breast pin. This will make her look sweet while going to the office. As it rests on her breast, you will forever remain in her heart.
  • Bracelet: this is a band or chain worn around the wrist as jewellery or as an ornament. It can be made of precious metals and sometimes set with gemstones. Not everyone likes wearing a watch, some prefer a bracelet to wrist watch, because they feel more comfortable with it, while some wear a wrist watch by the left hand and a bracelet by the right hand. It all depends on choice, but one thing am sure of is that it looks really beautiful on the wrist and lasts longer. This gift can go a long way to strengthen your friendship with her.

Finally I hope you have understood what to get your best friend for her birthday. Now look for one of these things and get it for her to make her realize how important and special she is to you.

What To Get Mum For Her Birthday

What To Get Mum For Her Birthday

What to get mum for her birthday is something that shouldn’t trouble you that much because no matter what you will give to your mum, even if is a small gift, she will appreciate it. As long as it comes from you that she calls son or daughter.

A mother is a woman who can take the place of others, but no one can take her place. Mothers are irreplaceable creatures. They are the womb who gave birth to lawyers, doctors, teachers, scientist, barristers and so many great men and women we hear about today.

Mums are agent of multiplication and addition. Mothers contribute a lot in the upbringing of a child, from the conception to the delivery, the sleepless nights, the pains and everything, may God bless our mothers.

A song once sang that whether your mum is ugly or beautiful, she’s still your mother. A mother never gives up on her child or denies her child, no matter how bad the child turns out to be.

You are physically okay today because your mum really watched over you and took care of you, she didn’t allow you to fall and break your head while you were learning to stand. She starved herself just for you to eat, took care of you when you were sick, bath you, wash your clothes, feed you till you were able to do those things by yourself. C

your mum’s birthday is the best way to show her that you really appreciate her. Now, coming to the question at hand, what can I get or buy for my mum for her birthday to show her that I love her and really appreciate her ceaseless effort towards me. These are some of the beautiful gifts you can give to your mum to celebrate her birthday.

What To Get Mum For Her Birthday

Head Tie.

Mothers love head ties. Mostly some of the places they go, they always need a head tie for their head. In some important meetings, they are not allowed to sit nor participate without their head ties on their head.

So, head tie is one of the important thing in their clothing. You can get your mum beautiful head ties for her birthday. I remember that whenever I buy head ties for my mum, she immediately ties it on her head and start dancing and praising God, thanking God for giving her a child who could buy a covering for her head.

Imagine your mum dancing on her birthday with the head tie you bought for her on her head. It’s a thing of joy. You may not be able to give your mum all that she sacrificed for you, but the best you can do is to put a smile on her face.


This is one of the thing that mothers cannot do without. In the olden days, a mother is been differentiated from a spinster by the wrapper she ties round her waist. They tie wrapper during important occasions like wedding, August meeting, women’s conference and so many of them.

Giving your mum a wrapper gladens her heart and make her to bless you beyond your imagination. Women are known to sing a very popular song that says “if not for a child, who will give me” especially when they are given a wrapper.
And also there is a mystery behind giving your mum a wrapper.

Remember when you were born, that is immediately after she was delivered of you, she wrapped you with a new wrapper she bought, for protection. So, giving her a wrapper is simply telling her “mum, I am protecting you, just as you protected me when I was a baby. So, wrappers are wonderful gift to get for your mum for her birthday.

Bead necklace and earrings.

This is one of the gift a mother will like to have as her birthday gift. A bead necklace and a bead earrings makes her look beautiful and gorgeous. After dressing, she will like to wear a necklace and earrings to make her outfit or attire outstanding.

Why do I say bead necklace and earrings and not an ordinary chain necklace and earrings we wear today? This is because they value bead more because it displays tradition and nature of a woman and also lasts longer.

Hand bag.

Mothers love hand bags. It is said that the only way you could differentiate a father’s hand bag from a mother’s hand bag if they look alike is by the contents in the bag.

Mums like bag because they prefer putting things in the bag than carrying it in their hands. I can vividly remember that whenever my mum and I wants to go to church, she will pack so many things in her hand bag that I will start wondering if we are going for a picnic or to church. A

when I asked the reason of putting so many things in her hand bag, some of which I thought may not be useful for the outing, she answered in just one sentence “don’t you know am a mother”. Getting a colourful hand bag for your mum for her birthday makes her special day colourful and leaving her with an unexplainable joy.

Foot wears.

Foot wears is also a good idea of what to buy for your mum for her birthday. It can be a

  • Flat fancy slippers
  •  high heel shoes
  • covershoes
  • open toe shoes
  • shoes sandals or
  • A pair of good sandals.

Note: These depends on the one she is most comfortable with or her choice of foot wears. As his or her child, you should be able to know her shoe size and type of foot wears she likes best.


Still looking for what to get mum for her birthday, here are  more gifts for you to give her on her birthday.

Gifts For Mum.

Set Of Spoons.

This is a very nice gift for mum. She is always in need of this.

Set Of Knives.

Mums make use of this while cooking, so it’s a very good idea to give her this.

Set Of Forks.

This is also part of the kitchen cutleries that mum is always in need of.

Set Of Pots.

Getting her a set of pots will really gladen her heart, because it’s an everyday use.

Set Of Plates.

This is also a wonderful gift to give to your beloved mum.

Chopping Board.

Your mum will love this because it will help to reduce her stress. She can chop vegetables, onions and some other things with it.

A Blender.

This gift will also be one the gift that mum will appreciate it, because it reduces her stress of having to pound a large number of tomatoes or peppers.

A Hand Greater.

This is also a nice gift for your lovely mum on her special day.

A Jug.

A nice jug will go a long way to make your happy on her special day.

A Pressing Iron.

Iron for pressing her clothes and make her look nice and beautiful.

A Lantern / Touch.

This helps her see at night when there is power outage.

Electric Stove.

This will make her cooking easier and faster.


This makes work easier for her. Waking early in the morning, plugging the boiler in the water for tea or for bathing.

Gas Cooker.

This will lessen her stress of washing the back of the pot after cooking.

Bed Cover / Bedsheets.

This is also another lovely gift that will make your beloved mum love you the more.

Set Of Glass Cups.

Having this as a mum, makes her confident in the presence of her guests.

An Umbrella.

Your mum will really appreciate this gift because it is very useful especially during rainy season.


A beautiful bangle on your mum’s wrist will keep her smiling all through.

A Tummy Belt.

This is worn round the tummy to give a cloth more fitting and makes it look beautiful.

A Cooperate Wear.

A cooperate or an office wear really makes mum look young and beautiful.


A nice smelling perfume smells good on her and makes her feel good.


A beautiful fashionable earrings will make your mum look sweet and charming.

Face Powder.

Wow! Mum will like this! This brings out her natural beauty.

Body Cream.

This is also a wonderful gift to give to mum. Get her a body cream that suits her complexion.


A towel to dry her body after bath will definitely be good for mum, and she will be really grateful you gave her this.


A quality lasting bucket will be good for mum’s use.

A Set Of Hangers.

Mum will gonna love this, because this will help to make her wardrobe look really good and organized.


Getting your mum a good Android or Apple phone will make her dance all through the day.

MP 3.

Getting her a music player will make her happy. Listening to songs that make her happy.

Video Player.

This will help her relax after a day’s work.

A Pair Of Fancy Slippers.

This looks beautiful on her feet and makes her happy as well.

A Wrist Watch.

This really looks good on your mum’s wrist and makes her look outstanding.

Finally I hope you have understood what to get mum for her birthday and the kind of gifts that she will surely love and appreciate you for buying for her.

What To Get Girlfriend For Her Birthday

What To Get Girlfriend For Her Birthday

What to get your girlfriend for her birthday is something that has been troubling most guys, because they are confused if there is a particular gift to give her girl that will make her to understand the way you feel for her.

Your girlfriend is one of the most important, cherished and special person in your life. This is someone you have spent most of your happy moments with, she has known your strength and your weaknesses.

You have had a lot of memorable events and experience with her. The history of your life is incomplete without you mentioning her name. This is someone you dream of , think of, love, cherish, admire and respect.

Many relationships have been broken as a result of not giving a girlfriend a gift on her birthday or not wishing her a happy birthday. So, if you value your relationship, celebrate her birthday with her. Wishing her a happy birthday isn’t enough, definitely her birthday should be a happy one.

But giving her a gift tells more or makes it more lovely, because love they say is practical not theoretical. So, don’t only wish her a happy birthday but also give her a gift.

Giving her a gift on her birthday is one of the way to show her that you truly love her and your love is true and real. It makes her feel she is the most important person in your life, it makes her feel loved.

Sometimes, it must not be a gift, it can be other things which we are going to talk about here. These are some of the things you can do or get for your girlfriend for her birthday to make her feel special and loved.

What To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

A Surprise Party

A girl was still lying down on the bed on her birthday early in the morning, when she heard a knock on her door. She wondered who could be knocking at her door this early morning, but when the knock persisted, she got up from the bed still on her night wear, open the door and who she saw was her boyfriend’s brother.

As she opened her mouth to ask why he was at her house this early morning, he told her that the boyfriend is outside and wanted to see her.

The boyfriend’s brother took her by the hand and brought her outside, but to her greatest surprise, all her friends and neighbours were standing outside with a balloon and her boyfriend standing in the middle of them.

Still opening her mouth in surprise, they started a happy birthday song for her and then deflated the balloons with a shout of hurray! The girl burst into tears of joy, as she was still crying, the boyfriend brought out a rose flower and gave it to her, telling her that he loves her.

The girl still in tears rose up, collected the flower and embraced him. According to her, this is the most lovely and memorable birthday ever in her life.

You can throw such a surprise birthday party for your girlfriend to make her feel special and on top of the world and she will end up loving you for the rest of her life.


Ladies/girls love necklace because it helps to bring out their beauty and it’s also part of adornment. You can make a special necklace with the pet name you call her written on the pendant of the necklace, you can also write things like “my love”, ” sweet love”, “I love you”, or a heart. Wearing this, makes her feel special and satisfied. This gift can go a long way to make her birthday a happy one.

A Special Trip.

Wow! I tell you, just hearing this will sweep her off her feet and make her jump into the air. Ladies love travelling or going on a trip with their boyfriend.

She watch you sit beside her, hold her hands, visit exciting places, have fun, and so on. You can go with a camera or make use of your phone camera to take pictures of this happy moments to make it memorable.

Visit the beach, swimming pool, the zoo, amusement park, watch cinema, ride on horses and so on. Going on a pleasure trip with your girlfriend, makes her feel your commitment and care towards her and I assure you, this will keep her smiling all through the day.She won’t finish telling the story of this trip in a decade.

Beautiful Dress.

As her boyfriend, you must have seen most of her outfits, clothes or dresses. You know the kind of dress she likes wearing and remember to buy the dress in her best colour.

She will appreciate it more if the dress is in her best colour, for instance, if her best colour is red , be sure to buy her a red dress or a touch of red dress.

She will forever cherish this cloth and she will keep on wearing it almost every week as if that is the only dress in her wardrobe. Giving her a beautiful dress on her birthday makes her feel that you found her attractive and charming.

Still want more on what to get girlfriend for her birthday. Here is more things to consider buying for her.

Gifts For Girlfriend.

Hand Bag.

This is very essential for your girlfriend because it helps her out her things in one place when going out. With this, she is good to go.


A pair of pajamas will be ga nice gift for your girlfriend.


This will keep her warm and cuddling throughout the night.

Wireless Charger.

This will help her charge her phone with full assurance.

Power Bank.

This will help her stay in touch with you even when there is power outage.


This is also good for her. It also keeps her busy when you are not around her.

Body Massager.

This will help massage her body after a day’s stress at work.


This will keep your love blossoming in her heart.


This is a sweater without buttons or a zipper, one has to pull it through the head.

Fancy Purse.

This will help to keep her money and some little important items together at a place.

Jewelry Box.

This makes her more organized. All her jewelleries are been packed inside the jewelry box.


This helps to keep her warm especially during the rainy season.


Waffle bathrobe usually made of Cotton intended to be worn to preserve modesty when there is no immediate need to fully dress.

Body Cream.

Get your girlfriend her body cream and she will be smiling all the way.

Birthday Cake.

Get a birthday cake for her with her name written on it.

Sun Shade Glasses.

This makes her look really look superb and attractive.

Fashion Earrings.

This makes her look more beautiful and gorgeous.

Finally I believe that you have now understood what to get girlfriend for her birthday and the exact kind of gift she will love and cherish. So take your time now to think over it all and know the one to get for the love of your life.

How to Deliver Flowers in Germany

How to Deliver Flowers in Germany

How to deliver flowers in Germany is not something that hard to do, and in this article I explain it all in a way you can easily understand it.

Whether you really want to treat yours or send a bouquet of beautiful blooms to a friend , family member, loved one or colleague; online florists let you do just that – and all at the button click.

From classic red rose bouquets to tropical arrangements, baskets brandishing a variety of blooms and beautiful, whimsical designs, there’s a bloom and a bouquet to suit every taste and person. And if you want to deliver flowers in London, here are some of the stuff you’ll want to think about …

How to Deliver Flowers in Germany?

Delivering flowers to Germany is very simple all you only need to do is to make sure you select a place and a shipping address. Once you do it you get your flowers delivered for you.

Select your place

Online florists can deliver to a variety of locations, regardless of where you reside. If you have family in London and want to surprise them with a bouquet of flowers, don’t be afraid. An array of flowers you can order online! Only drop in the receiver’s delivery address and wait for them to arrive. You can also plan for delivery the same day and the next. You can also order them from abroad and have them delivered directly to a variety of locations including London.

Shipping choices

If you want to send flowers in London just visit an online florist like Serenata Flowers, pick a bouquet you know the recipient would love, enter their address information, complete the payment and watch them go! There’s something to suit everybody from letterbox flowers to oversized, dramatic floral displays and every variant is available for delivery in London.

For certain rare occasions

Bouquets of bold and exquisite blooms make a perfect gift to London based friends and family. If you send them to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a work achievement or just because flowers are a wonderful gift to give and something everyone will enjoy! Not only do they add fragrance to the household or office but they also add an instant color infusion, including anything from bright orange to fiery red and canary yellow.

A variety of flowers are also available in more subdued hues for delivery to London, including soft pinks, pastel violet, translucent shades and light white hues. Think of the preferences of the recipient when picking a flower or a shade of flower. You may already know their favorite flowers and color which makes it easy to choose a bouquet to deliver a job to London! However, if you’re unsure about the recipient’s tastes, choose something generic as that means that the blooms don’t classify with any interior decoration.

What distribution choice to pick

There are several delivery choices to choose from if you choose to buy flowers in London, including delivery on the same day as long as you are ordering your blooms within a certain cut-off date. Instead, you can opt for delivery next day. With so much versatility surrounding the delivery of flowers in London, sending blooms is not just a sweet gesture (or romantic if sending roses) it is a quick , efficient and trouble-free choice and a gift that even those who leave everything to the last minute are open!

How would you send flowers to London?

London is a massive metropolis with a number of boroughs-32 in all! Even if you live in London and want to send flowers to someone else living in the same area, ordering them online is still a great choice, as traveling across London with a bouquet of blooms is not the easiest way to go, particularly in the hour of rush! So why not let anyone in London know you ‘re thinking about them by giving them a lovely bouquet of beautiful blooms in their favorite hue.

The likes of Serenata Flowers procure flowers directly from the area’s farmers, ensuring the blooms meet the receiver intact and as new as they can be. You can either send the flowers by post or use the trustworthy courier service provided by the company.

Where flowers can be sent to London

You can send flowers to several locations in London like the likes of South Bank, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Westminster, Newham or Soho. You may also send them to receivers who live outside the capital. This level of choice helps simplify the gifting flowers process , making it simple and fast to surprise someone.

Select wisely

London hosts some of the world’s most celebrated flower displays and gardens, and Londoners love its blooms. Keeping this in mind, seek to take into account the recipient’s theme, preferences, favorite colors and favorite flowers when choosing a bouquet.

You may even want to make the gift extra special and choose their birth bloom or, preferably, something completely above the top in the form of tropical displays that brandish many or more shades and flowers types. If you’re still unsure what to pick, there’s plenty of inspiration all over our web.

What Do I Want For My Birthday

What Do I Want For My Birthday

My birthday is the most special day in my life. It reminds me of the day I came into the world as a human being, exist among the living and dwell within the existed.

The day I was born to see the world and the world also sees me, celebrated by my family and friends and all my beloved ones thanked God for my birth. It is a day worth celebrating, because I am wonderfully and fearfully made by God.

Every human is unique, you can’t be me, and I can’t be you. We might be created or born into the world on the same day, but we can’t never be the same. Mine personality is different from yours, therefore my birthday is special, because I am special, original without a duplicate.

Every one of us want something on our birthday but sometimes, you might be so confused on what you want for your birthday, but not to worry, we will help you to reduce the stress of thinking of what you want for your birthday.

So, make yourself happy by making your birthday a happy one. Now deciding or choosing what you want for your birthday depends on your need, want or desire. Let’s look into some of them.

What Do I Want For My Birthday

It all depends on you as a person. You can either want a new Clothes, Wrist Watch, Shoes, Necklace, Bangles. E. T. C. So all depends on what you really want.


If you are a lady or a girl, and you don’t know what you want for your birthday, or may be you want us to give you clue of what you want for your birthday, these are the lists to choose from.


    Having a pair of shoes as a birthday gift on your birthday is lovely. The shoes can be a flat one or a high heel shoes, depending on the one you are comfortable with or used to. It can be any colour of your choice, like red, white, blue, black or any colour you love most. For instance, if you love a red pair of shoes, then ask for it or get it. Wearing it on your foot makes you look outstanding and charming.


    As a girl or a lady, you can have a golden, silver or a mixture of golden and silver necklace on your birthday. Over the years, necklace has added more beauty to the outfit of ladies in general. It makes you look splendid and astonishing, and also classic as well. So , necklace is one of the beautiful gift you can have or wear on your birthday.


    As a lady, wearing a bangle round your wrist brings out the lady like nature in you and makes you look unique and lovely.


    When it comes to cloth, you can choose any of these, depending on the one that best fits you and brings out your natural beauty. Wearing a dress or cloth that fits you, makes you look admirable and charming and also makes your special day colourful. These are some of the clothes to choose from:
    *Fitted gown
    *London suit
    *Sexy flay gown
    *Turkey gown, etc
    You can as well go to the market, buy any material of your choice, give it to a seamstress, and show her your dream style of dress, and she will sew it for you. Wow! Imagine seeing a style and having it worn on your birthday, it makes you fulfilled and special.


    A sweet birthday cake with your name written on it or maybe moulding your image as the cake. This is indeed great. The baker bakes the cake to look exactly like you, standing, beautiful, and attractive. Your guests or friends don’t need a soothsayer to tell them that that day is made specially for you. This cake as your image makes your birthday looks great and uncommon.


    Women love flowers, because it reminds them that they are lovely creatures loved and cherished by someone one. Having a flower on your birthday, makes your day to be filled with so much love and sweetness.



If you are a boy or a man, and you don’t really know what you want for your birthday, you can choose from these to make it easier for you to decide on what best you want.


    There are different foot wears for men, some of them can be:
    *A pair of cover shoes
    *A pair of palm slippers
    *A pair of sandals
    *A pair of canvas, etc.
    Wearing it on your birthday, gives you a new look and makes you look special.


    Wearing a wrist watch as a guy, makes you look splendid and great. It adds more value to your out fit. So, consider having a wrist watch for your birthday, it can either be golden, silver or leather(black or brown), depending on the one you like most.


    I have found that men don’t normally buy cloth expect when they are very much in need of it, they prefer using their money to invest in business, and lands and properties, that’s why they have few clothes, unlike women who buys any cloth they find attractive in the market, whether it’s useful to them or not. So as a man, it’s advisable for you to buy or have some of these clothes for your birthday.
    *A packet shirt
    *A t-shirt
    *A polo
    *A Suit
    *A pair of trousers/shorts, etc. With these, you can make your birthday special and memorable. Remember, your birthday only comes once in a year.