What Do I Want For My Birthday

My birthday is the most special day in my life. It reminds me of the day I came into the world as a human being, exist among the living and dwell within the existed.

The day I was born to see the world and the world also sees me, celebrated by my family and friends and all my beloved ones thanked God for my birth. It is a day worth celebrating, because I am wonderfully and fearfully made by God.

Every human is unique, you can’t be me, and I can’t be you. We might be created or born into the world on the same day, but we can’t never be the same. Mine personality is different from yours, therefore my birthday is special, because I am special, original without a duplicate.

Every one of us want something on our birthday but sometimes, you might be so confused on what you want for your birthday, but not to worry, we will help you to reduce the stress of thinking of what you want for your birthday.

So, make yourself happy by making your birthday a happy one. Now deciding or choosing what you want for your birthday depends on your need, want or desire. Let’s look into some of them.

What Do I Want For My Birthday

It all depends on you as a person. You can either want a new Clothes, Wrist Watch, Shoes, Necklace, Bangles. E. T. C. So all depends on what you really want.


If you are a lady or a girl, and you don’t know what you want for your birthday, or may be you want us to give you clue of what you want for your birthday, these are the lists to choose from.


    Having a pair of shoes as a birthday gift on your birthday is lovely. The shoes can be a flat one or a high heel shoes, depending on the one you are comfortable with or used to. It can be any colour of your choice, like red, white, blue, black or any colour you love most. For instance, if you love a red pair of shoes, then ask for it or get it. Wearing it on your foot makes you look outstanding and charming.


    As a girl or a lady, you can have a golden, silver or a mixture of golden and silver necklace on your birthday. Over the years, necklace has added more beauty to the outfit of ladies in general. It makes you look splendid and astonishing, and also classic as well. So , necklace is one of the beautiful gift you can have or wear on your birthday.


    As a lady, wearing a bangle round your wrist brings out the lady like nature in you and makes you look unique and lovely.


    When it comes to cloth, you can choose any of these, depending on the one that best fits you and brings out your natural beauty. Wearing a dress or cloth that fits you, makes you look admirable and charming and also makes your special day colourful. These are some of the clothes to choose from:
    *Fitted gown
    *London suit
    *Sexy flay gown
    *Turkey gown, etc
    You can as well go to the market, buy any material of your choice, give it to a seamstress, and show her your dream style of dress, and she will sew it for you. Wow! Imagine seeing a style and having it worn on your birthday, it makes you fulfilled and special.


    A sweet birthday cake with your name written on it or maybe moulding your image as the cake. This is indeed great. The baker bakes the cake to look exactly like you, standing, beautiful, and attractive. Your guests or friends don’t need a soothsayer to tell them that that day is made specially for you. This cake as your image makes your birthday looks great and uncommon.


    Women love flowers, because it reminds them that they are lovely creatures loved and cherished by someone one. Having a flower on your birthday, makes your day to be filled with so much love and sweetness.



If you are a boy or a man, and you don’t really know what you want for your birthday, you can choose from these to make it easier for you to decide on what best you want.


    There are different foot wears for men, some of them can be:
    *A pair of cover shoes
    *A pair of palm slippers
    *A pair of sandals
    *A pair of canvas, etc.
    Wearing it on your birthday, gives you a new look and makes you look special.


    Wearing a wrist watch as a guy, makes you look splendid and great. It adds more value to your out fit. So, consider having a wrist watch for your birthday, it can either be golden, silver or leather(black or brown), depending on the one you like most.


    I have found that men don’t normally buy cloth expect when they are very much in need of it, they prefer using their money to invest in business, and lands and properties, that’s why they have few clothes, unlike women who buys any cloth they find attractive in the market, whether it’s useful to them or not. So as a man, it’s advisable for you to buy or have some of these clothes for your birthday.
    *A packet shirt
    *A t-shirt
    *A polo
    *A Suit
    *A pair of trousers/shorts, etc. With these, you can make your birthday special and memorable. Remember, your birthday only comes once in a year.