What To Buy An 8 Year Old For Her Birthday

What to buy an 8 year old for her birthday is not that hard and should not trouble you because I will tell you the things to buy for her and make her happy.

Because when a child is eight years old, he or she must or should have been able to walk, talk, interact, comprehend, perceive, observe, retain and bold enough to speak his or her mind. This stage is the most sensitive stage of a child.

A grown up man once told me that when he was eight years old, his aunt embarrassed him publicly for urinating on the bed while sleeping. At this age, he was able to differentiate between caution and embarrassment. He forgot every other thing that happened during his childhood but never forget this one. When I asked him why he couldn’t forget this particular incident, he said because it was the most embrassing moment in his life.

So, you see, likewise whatever good you do to them or whatever gift you give to an eight year old child can never be forgotten, he or she will forever remember it, because it might also be one of her best moments in life. And anyone who makes a child happy during her childhood will never be forgotten even in her adulthood. Children value and celebrate birthdays more than any other set of people in the world.

Just thinking about the celebration and how it’s going to be, gives them sleepless night. You may be thinking since my child, nephew, niece or cousin is eight years old, what do I buy for her to wish her a happy birthday? Not to worry, these are the list of wonderful gifts to buy for an eight year old for her birthday.

What To Buy An 8 Year Old For Her Birthday

Depends on your pocket and what she likes most, you can buy her a bicycle, computer games/ps 3, a story book, or even a toy car. All these is what will make her happy and also keep her busy.

A Bicycle

There are different kinds of beautiful bicycles in the market, depending on the child’s age and ability. You can get a bicycle for an eight year old because children loves bicycle. If care is not taken, they can ride a bicycle from morning till evening without asking for food or taking a break. Getting a bicycle for her for her birthday, makes her very happy and proud to have you by her side. Each time she sees the bicycle, her love for you grows without your knowledge. Having a bicycle as her birthday gift from you at the age of eight, makes her the envy of her mates.

A Football

Ever since the world got civilized, children like football in respective of the gender(both male and female), whether they know how to play or not , they will like to have one. Sometimes, they don’t even kick the ball, they just carry it in their hands or throw it to one person to another. My nephew also puts his ball in his school bag when no one is watching and brings it out during break period to play with his friends.

Having a football as an eight year old child, attracts a lot of friends to you. She may not know where other things in the house is, but she knows exactly where to find her ball. So giving an eight year old a football on her birthday is such a wonderful thing to do.

A Toy Car.

Children love cars. A mother once asked her eight year old child why she likes sitting close to the window in the vehicle whenever they are going out and she said that so she can be watching the moving cars and also know the one to drive when she grows up.

You can get the dream car of your child for her on her birthday in a toy form, and you will be so surprise how happy she will be. She will bring it out every morning and look at it and say “this is the kind of car I will drive when I grow up.

Getting a toy car of her dream car for her birthday, keeps her hope alive and strengthens her effort towards achieving her goal in life and realizing her dream.

Computer Games / PS 3.

Wow! I tell you, this gift will make your eight year old child fall in love with you. Children loves playing games either on the phone or on the computer, but most at times they prefer computer game to phone game, because they won’t have to worry that the battery might run down or affect the longevity of the battery or been interrupted by incoming calls.

Getting a computer game or PS 3 ( play station 3) for an eight year old for her birthday will make her feel so excited that she can even jump on your body. This gift will make her birthday a very happy one indeed and keep her smiling all through.


Children love stories. You can get a book containing stories especially children’s stories; pleasant and idealized and having a happy ending or conclusion. It should also have some moral lesson which will help her morally. Buying a story book for an eight year old for her birthday will also help to improve her reading ability and vocabulary. This story book as a gift on her birthday will be one of her treasure in her life time. It is one of the amazing gift so far.

Looking for more things on what to buy an 8 year old for her birthday, take a look at more of them below.

Gifts For An 8 Year Old


Drawing Board.

An eight year old child uses this to sketch, draw and also improve his drawing skill.

Nail Stamper.

They use this for fun, to stamp their nails with different colours.

Face And Body Towel.

This is also a very nice gift for an eight year old child.

Tattoo Kit.

They use these tattoos for fun, place it on their body and removes it

Water Bottle.

You can also get your eight year old child a beautiful water bottle.

Building Blocks Kit.

This helps them intellectually and build up their brain capacity.

Fashion Doll.

This is used for fashion. They dress the doll and adorn her to look beautiful.

Chocolate Box.

Wow! This is yummy! Just the hearing of it makes them happy. Children loves eating chocolates.

“What to buy an 8 year old for her birthday”


This is for relaxation and entertainment. They listen to music with the headphone for fun.

Race Car.

They use this for playing. It makes happy and keeps them busy. It also makes their brains work faster.

Finally I hope that with these you now have the idea of what to buy an 8 year old for her birthday. So do make sure you buy her one of these wonderful gifts for you to make her happy and proud of you too.

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