What things make a man happy?

What Things Make A Man Happy?
What Things Make A Man Happy?

I believe that you asking this question mean that you really care about your man and want to do anything that is within your power to see that he is happy. Well that is in fact a good thing to hear especially for your boyfriend or husband to see that you care about his happiness. So for me to help guide you on what to do in other to make a man happy, without wasting your time I have written down few topics that will help you achieve your plan. “What things make a man happy?”

What things make a man happy?


  1. Your happiness.

You may be surprise on this but that is true. If you really care about your man’s happiness then know that you yourself needs to be happy. Because no man will be happy if you his woman is not happy so try to seek for your own happiness first and put smile on your face when you are with him.


  1. Give him space.

Don’t choke your man always or clingy to him. Try to also give me space to hangout with other guys. In fact if you are the type that tires your man down and stay with him 24/7 without giving him some space to be alone or hangout with your man then stop it because he is not happy about it. He may not tell you even when you ask him but the truth is this give your man some space.

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3 Don’t fight or argue with him always.

 Although there will be argument in some issues because we are human. But please don’t try to fight your man. You can argue but avoid fighting because it makes men unhappy. Arguing with your man in every issue is not good even when he is wrong just keep calm and allow him to talk, you can go to him later to discuss on that issues when he is in good mood he will listen to you and doing so will make him love you and be happy with you too.

“What things make a man happy?”

4 Be a good listener.

 This is one thing men hate most. Don’t be that lady who is not a good listener to his man, who always argues on everything instead of listening to his man. Doing only what your mind thinks is good without listening to his advice, opinion or what he have to say on the issue. Because if you are the type that do such, then don’t expect your man to be happy.


5 Put on a sexy dress.

 Try to always dress sexy and attractive whenever you are with your man because no man will love to be with a woman who is not attractive to him. If you think that the ways you dress don’t make him happy then don’t dress nice and you will see how his reaction will always be. And also try to put on a nice, sexy and attractive dress and you will see how happy he will be, some guys will even give you complement. But please don’t dress like a prostitute or night worker all in the name of pleasing him. By dressing nice and sexy all I simple mean is dressing in good and simple dress that fits you and also bring out the beauty in you.


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6 Encourage him.

Try to encourage him in what his doing. Don’t just keep calm when he tells you about things he is doing and his plan. Encourage him to move on and also advice him on where you think he is making a mistake or in a situation he don’t know where to start. Don’t just allow him to do things alone, learn to encourage and give him words of advice because all this makes man happy too.


7 Have Fun.

Having fun in your relationship is good because it will make you both happy and have good memories. So learn to play with your man, hangout with him and snap pictures. Just try as possible as you can to see that you too have fun together. Because during those times you too can know what is in each other’s mind, dreams and future plans.

“What things make a man happy?”

8 Give him great sex.

 Sex is good and is also one of the things that make a man happy. So having not just sex with a man but a great sex or giving him sex in a way he loves most and will never forget is also part of how to make a man happy. Because your man will not be happy if you are not good in bed.



I believe that this few tips will help you and guide you on making that your man happy. So try them out and see how it goes. If you have more tips you think that will also make a man happy then you can share it with us on the comment box, for others to know too.

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“What things make a man happy?”

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