Birthday Gift For Dad Who Has Everything

A birthday gift for Dad, who has everything, is not what should give you stress because we are here for you to help you out with a good decision of what you can buy for him.

A father is a male donator of sperm that results in conception or fertilization. This means that without the sperm of the father, your mother won’t be able to conceive or talk more about giving birth to you. A father is the head of the family and, therefore, the family’s breadwinner.

He is the defender and the spokesman of the family. A proverb says that a man does not tell all that he sees. A father can give all he has to pay his school fees and go about with one shirt and one pair of trousers every day. The value of our fathers can never be underestimated.

Where there is no father, the entire family suffers. Another can never fill their vacuum. They are the pillar, but when the pillar that holds the house falls, the building or the housing collapse. I

you are suitable to have your dad still alive; please appreciate him and the best way to appreciate and celebrate his existence and efforts is by giving him a gift on his birthday.

Then, what if your dad had everything one needs in life, and you are asking yourself, what exactly do I get for my dad seeing he has everything? Don’t stress your brain; we are here to help you figure out the best gift to give to your dad, who has everything.

Birthday Gift For Dad Who Has Everything

His best gifts are A Hat/Cap, Wrist Watch, a Belt, footwear, and unique clothes that will fit him. All these are what he will surely appreciate.

  • A HAT / CAP

Buying a covering for his head, often in the approximate form of a cone or a cylinder closed at its top end, and sometimes having a brim and other decorations will be a perfect gift for your dad. A hat looks good on a dad’s head.

The hat or cap is worn for special occasions like village meetings, church gatherings, age group meetings, weddings, and traditional marriages. It makes their outfit outstanding and splendid. My dad always puts on his cap whenever he is invited to any special occasion, and each time he puts it on, it makes him proud.

Your dad may have everything, but he may not have many caps or hats because it’s not something he uses every day. Getting it for him for his birthday is indeed a good idea.


This is another wonderful gift for your dad for his birthday. A leather or chain wrist watch will be perfectly okay, depending on his choice. He may have everything, but he won’t have all the wrist watch; he may have one or two wrist watches that he uses.

This is one of the things fathers don’t have many with them, which makes them value it when you give it to them. A wrist watch adds beauty to his outfit and makes him look more classic.

  • A BELT

No matter how ridiculous this may sound, try getting it for your dad, and you will be amazed at how grateful he will be. Your dad may have one or two belts and keep wearing them for years without changing them. This is not because he can’t afford to buy as many belts as he can but because of not have the time or sees it as something that is not worth putting into the budget.

Getting it for him makes him feel you look after him and can take care of him. You might hear a question from his mouth “my son or my daughter, how do you know I need this? He smiles and then says thank you.


No matter how many foot wears your dad has, he’s still in need of footwear because it’s everyday wear. You can get one or two foot wears for him to change the worn-out ones. Giving your dad palm slippers, shoes, or sandals, depending on the one he likes most or the one he prefers, will go a long way in strengthening the bond between your dad and you.

You can give him the shoes according to his daily needs, just like comfortable work shoes that he needs for his day job or office. Who wouldn’t like a pair of comfortable yet stylish shoes on his way to work? Choose a brand that can fit your requirements, just like Loom. Loom is well known for its smart shoes that are completely vegan, and above all, they will fit your budget as well. Made for all four seasons, your dad will love to have Loom’s shoes on his feet.

Each time he wears it on his feet, he will call you by your name and say to himself or anyone close to him at the moment that you bought it for him, even without the person asking him. It makes him feel that he is blessed to have a son or a daughter like you.


You might be wondering or thinking why I called it unique. Now, look at what makes it unique. Get a beautiful material from the market; it can be four to six yards, depending on your dad’s body size or the style you chose.

Then, you will have to visit the tailoring shop where your dad sews his clothes or go to any tailor’s shop. If your dad doesn’t have a particular one, give the material to the tailor and tell him to sew a unique style for your dad. Your dad will leap with joy like a baby seeing this surprise, wonderful and lovely gift from you to him.


Is your dad a smoker? If yes, why not consider surprising him with a box of quality cigars? He will surely be blissed out when receiving a luxury and unique gift like this. It’s not a tough thing to find the perfect match for anyone’s tastes. It delivers a medium-plus experience with a balanced and flavorful smoke that any smoker will enjoy. Other perfect examples might be Camacho Connecticut Robusto, Montecristo no 4, or any type of Davidoff cigar. The election is a vast one and easy to choose.


Looking to know more birthday gifts for Dad, who has everything, then continue reading for you to find out more interesting and lovely things to buy for him.

 More gifts for Dad.

  • A Suitcase.

He will be using this to carry his clothes or suits when traveling.

  • A Portable File Pack.

He will use this to pack his important files or documents to keep them safe.

  • A Power Bank

He will use this whenever there is a power outage in his office, at home or when traveling.

  • Rain Coat.

This gift will be very useful to him, especially during the rainy season or winter.

  • Boots

This is also one of the amazing gifts that dad loves. It covers all his feet.

  • Video Camera

He can use this to video some exciting programs and outings and watch them while relaxing and having fun.

  • MP 3 Player.

He can use this to play old times music or any music of his choice in his leisure time.

  • Bracelet.

He puts this on around his wrist while going, which looks good on him.

“Birthday Gift For Dad Who Has Everything”

  • Jacket.

You can buy a nice fitted jacket for him, which makes him feel good.

  • Sweater.

This makes him feel warm and comfortable, especially when the atmosphere is cold.

  • Traveler’s Bag.

He needs this, especially when he wants to travel. It makes him organized.

  • Sun Glasses.

He uses this special kind of gift, especially during the summer period.

  • Tea/ Coffee Cup.

A tea or coffee cup is one of the wonderful gifts to give to dad. He uses it to drink tea or coffee every morning before he heads to work.

  • A Nice wallet.

Get him a nice wallet, and he will be happy. He puts it in his pocket everywhere he goes.

  • Canvas.

You can get him a pair of the canvas. This makes him look smarter and younger.

  • A Beautiful Tie.

A beautiful tie will go a long way in making your dad love you beyond your imagination.


This gift is precious. It makes your dad smell good and nice everywhere he goes.

  • A Radio.

Getting your dad a radio is like giving him a companion. He listens to the news, educative programs, and the rest.

  • Wine.

Give him a bottle of wine, and you will keep him smiling.

  • A Suit.

Get him a suit for special occasions. The suit makes dad look outstanding.

  • Chess Board.

This is a square board used in the game of chess, subdivided into eight rows of eight squares each, the squares in each row and the column of alternating colors. Get him this kind of gift, and he will appreciate it. 

  • Sandals.

A pair of sandals is a nice gift for Dad. He wears it to go to minor places.

  • Leather Watch.

You can get a nice leather wristwatch for your dad, and he will thank you in years to come.

  • Back Chair.

A soft foam back chair will help him relax in the evening or during a break from tedious work.

  • A Pair Of Fancy Slippers.

This looks good on dad during relaxation.

  • A Wine Bar.

You can set up a wine bar for him in the corner of his sitting room to chill his nerves.

  • Wine Glasses.

He uses this to drink his wine and serve his visitors or guests.

  • T-shirt.

It’s one of the clothing that suits dad. It makes him look younger.

  • A Rechargeable Lantern.

This will help him see at night or study when there is a power outage.

  • A Wall clock.

He hangs this in his room and looks at it every morning before he leaves for work.

Finally, I believe that you have seen a lot of birthday gifts for Dad, who has everything, because no matter how small you think the gifts are, he will surely appreciate them, as long as it comes from you.