8 Magical Foods For Hypertension

8 Magical Foods For Hypertension

8 Magical Foods For Hypertension

These foods enhance your immune system to fight against “Hypertension” of any kind of level if taken properly as written here. These foods have multi-minerals and vitamins that can save anyone from hypertension problems.

8 Magical Foods For Hypertension
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  1. Potatoes especially baked potato is very high in magnesium and potassium; these two minerals can do wonders when it’s involved with hypertension. There other foods that contain these minerals like- kidney beans, nonfat yogurt, bananas, soybeans and spinach. “8 Magical Foods For Hypertension”
  2. Dark Chocolate. Surprised and happy I see, intake of 1 ounce square of dark chocolate per day can lower your blood pressure, mostly for those already suffering hypertension. Dark chocolate is very high in natural compounds that cause the dilation of blood vessels, and also flavonoids.
  3. Pumpkin Seeds. This seed contains high zinc value which helps in reverse hypertension. Lack of zinc can make your arteries lose elasticity resulting to inflammation, which is the main trigger to hypertension. It’s not all that tasty but pumpkin seeds are very healthy option for light snack and nice for your body.
  4. Skim Milk. Consumption of low dairy products cut down a woman’s risk of having hypertension. Various low fat dairy products – skim or low fat milk which is 11% less likely to develop hypertension, yogurt, frozen yogurt, low fat cottage cheese.
  5. Berries prevent hypertension to a very reasonable level, weekly consumption of these berries protect you from hypertension. Blueberries, rasp berries, and also strawberries, contains so much amount of natural compound called anthocyanins that prevent you from hypertension. This research was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrutio. “8 Magical Foods For Hypertension”
  6. Garlic acts as a blood thinner and another magical food for fighting hypertension. If sliced, it can produce allicin a compound that has anti bacteria and anti fungal properties. This can help to combat other diseases that may result from hypertension like stroke and heart diseases. It lowers cholesterol in your system.
  7. Beet Juice. Gently sipping down a glass of beet juice can drastically lower blood pressure from your system in matter of few hours. This juice can really act the way you do not expect.
  8. A breakfast bowl of cereals can reduce the risk of suffering from hypertension; cereals like oat squares, whole grain, bran flakes and high fibre cereals can perform such magic to your system.8 Magical Foods For Hypertension
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Proper intake of these foods with its natural minerals that prevent you from hypertension, can do wonder in your system. Also there are factors that help cause high blood pressure in the body like- Increased age, Inactivity, Low intake of potassium, Genetic factors, Excessive weight, High dietary salt and fat, having diabetes and Environmental factors. Your Life Your Wealth remember.

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“8 Magical Foods For Hypertension”

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