The things we do for love without even knowing

What love can really make you do or the things we do for love

At times it looks like charms or magic, because if you see  a person who truly fall for someone, you will at times push to ask him or her what wrong or you wonder if he or she is been control with charms or something else. The truth is that he or she find the person as the one who his or her beat for, at times there is something about the person you love which you can never find in another person yet and there is also many reason why one fall in love.  But today we are here to look at what love can make you do and this are some things I feel that it will make one do, but you can add yours in comment too.

how to know if you’re in love or how do you know if you love someone

  1. Smile.When you see someone who saw that person his or her beat for, you will notice some smiles on their face. Sometimes I ask myself why is it so does it mean that the person looks somehow funny or what, or does it mean that smiles come out because of temporary madness or anything but the truth of all is that out of love and feelings the person have for his or her lover and because he or she cannot control his or her feelings at that particular time, and due to that they can’t help but to smile when the person comes toward them.
  2. Happy.When you see that special one who you care for, you will always be happy staying with him or her. At times you feel not to let them go, like me whenever am with my woman I always find special happiness in me, I believe is the same to you too unless you don’t really care for the person but if you truly do you will always be happy with the person and they are the things we do for love.
  3. Cry.This one happen mostly when the person you love don’t love you back or when they left you either for one thing or the other, then you may cry out of broken heart or feeling that you have been hurt so badly.
  4. Change character or attitude. Someone can change his character just to be with someone or to make the person happy especially when you find out that he or she don’t like such lifestyle of yours, so in other to please him or her you change your character or adjust it to fit in the way he or she want.
  5. Thinking.A person who has fallen for someone always think of him or her at times the person may think he or she is stupid, well maybe you are but they truth is that your heart has fallen for him or her.
  6. Laugh.At times you laugh on anything the person do whether is funny or not you always laugh because anything he or she do will look funny to you but on the other hand it is not funny to others.
  7. Change your life policy. Sometimes it can make you break some policy, rules or do things you don’t love doing or that you don’t want to do at all,  but you find yourself doing it out of the feelings you have for someone.


There are so many things love can make you do but this are just the few I know so you can help tell me more in the comment box for others to know about it too.