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What Are Children And Family Relation

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Children And Family

Sometime there are mistakes some parents do at times that make me ask if they know that whatever they do or behave is what the child learn easily. Children don’t just learn in any other way than what their parents do, so many parents even forget that their character will either damage or say good about their kids image, so today we are going to look at what kids are in marriage.

Children are known to be as any one below the age of majority or some age limit. Which means that kids still have low brain of understanding and what you don’t know as a parents is that when you behave some characters they easily catch it because at that their age they know nothing than what their parents do or talk. did you know that the kids that God will bless you with ,is in your hands to train and direct the child in a good way some of kids are what they are today due to the life their parents shown them when they are small

children family

Why then, are you fighting and quarreling in front of your children knowing full well that kids learn from you, a man that always beats his wife up in front of his kids must also have one of his kids that will best up his own wife too and be proud to say he learnt it from you the father. A woman that doesn’t respect her husband or elders will also have a daughter who does the same thing.

Stop some things or character that you do today that is bad in front of your children and take your time to love and direct your children in a way they will live and you as his or her parents will be happy and proud and say this is my child

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