What To Get Mum For Her Birthday

What to get mum for her birthday is something that shouldn’t trouble you that much because no matter what you will give to your mum, even if is a small gift, she will appreciate it. As long as it comes from you that she calls son or daughter.

A mother is a woman who can take the place of others, but no one can take her place. Mothers are irreplaceable creatures. They are the womb who gave birth to lawyers, doctors, teachers, scientist, barristers and so many great men and women we hear about today.

Mums are agent of multiplication and addition. Mothers contribute a lot in the upbringing of a child, from the conception to the delivery, the sleepless nights, the pains and everything, may God bless our mothers.

A song once sang that whether your mum is ugly or beautiful, she’s still your mother. A mother never gives up on her child or denies her child, no matter how bad the child turns out to be.

You are physically okay today because your mum really watched over you and took care of you, she didn’t allow you to fall and break your head while you were learning to stand. She starved herself just for you to eat, took care of you when you were sick, bath you, wash your clothes, feed you till you were able to do those things by yourself. C

your mum’s birthday is the best way to show her that you really appreciate her. Now, coming to the question at hand, what can I get or buy for my mum for her birthday to show her that I love her and really appreciate her ceaseless effort towards me. These are some of the beautiful gifts you can give to your mum to celebrate her birthday.

What To Get Mum For Her Birthday

Head Tie.

Mothers love head ties. Mostly some of the places they go, they always need a head tie for their head. In some important meetings, they are not allowed to sit nor participate without their head ties on their head.

So, head tie is one of the important thing in their clothing. You can get your mum beautiful head ties for her birthday. I remember that whenever I buy head ties for my mum, she immediately ties it on her head and start dancing and praising God, thanking God for giving her a child who could buy a covering for her head.

Imagine your mum dancing on her birthday with the head tie you bought for her on her head. It’s a thing of joy. You may not be able to give your mum all that she sacrificed for you, but the best you can do is to put a smile on her face.


This is one of the thing that mothers cannot do without. In the olden days, a mother is been differentiated from a spinster by the wrapper she ties round her waist. They tie wrapper during important occasions like wedding, August meeting, women’s conference and so many of them.

Giving your mum a wrapper gladens her heart and make her to bless you beyond your imagination. Women are known to sing a very popular song that says “if not for a child, who will give me” especially when they are given a wrapper.
And also there is a mystery behind giving your mum a wrapper.

Remember when you were born, that is immediately after she was delivered of you, she wrapped you with a new wrapper she bought, for protection. So, giving her a wrapper is simply telling her “mum, I am protecting you, just as you protected me when I was a baby. So, wrappers are wonderful gift to get for your mum for her birthday.

Bead necklace and earrings.

This is one of the gift a mother will like to have as her birthday gift. A bead necklace and a bead earrings makes her look beautiful and gorgeous. After dressing, she will like to wear a necklace and earrings to make her outfit or attire outstanding.

Why do I say bead necklace and earrings and not an ordinary chain necklace and earrings we wear today? This is because they value bead more because it displays tradition and nature of a woman and also lasts longer.

Hand bag.

Mothers love hand bags. It is said that the only way you could differentiate a father’s hand bag from a mother’s hand bag if they look alike is by the contents in the bag.

Mums like bag because they prefer putting things in the bag than carrying it in their hands. I can vividly remember that whenever my mum and I wants to go to church, she will pack so many things in her hand bag that I will start wondering if we are going for a picnic or to church. A

when I asked the reason of putting so many things in her hand bag, some of which I thought may not be useful for the outing, she answered in just one sentence “don’t you know am a mother”. Getting a colourful hand bag for your mum for her birthday makes her special day colourful and leaving her with an unexplainable joy.

Foot wears.

Foot wears is also a good idea of what to buy for your mum for her birthday. It can be a

  • Flat fancy slippers
  •  high heel shoes
  • covershoes
  • open toe shoes
  • shoes sandals or
  • A pair of good sandals.

Note: These depends on the one she is most comfortable with or her choice of foot wears. As his or her child, you should be able to know her shoe size and type of foot wears she likes best.


Still looking for what to get mum for her birthday, here are  more gifts for you to give her on her birthday.

Gifts For Mum.

Set Of Spoons.

This is a very nice gift for mum. She is always in need of this.

Set Of Knives.

Mums make use of this while cooking, so it’s a very good idea to give her this.

Set Of Forks.

This is also part of the kitchen cutleries that mum is always in need of.

Set Of Pots.

Getting her a set of pots will really gladen her heart, because it’s an everyday use.

Set Of Plates.

This is also a wonderful gift to give to your beloved mum.

Chopping Board.

Your mum will love this because it will help to reduce her stress. She can chop vegetables, onions and some other things with it.

A Blender.

This gift will also be one the gift that mum will appreciate it, because it reduces her stress of having to pound a large number of tomatoes or peppers.

A Hand Greater.

This is also a nice gift for your lovely mum on her special day.

A Jug.

A nice jug will go a long way to make your happy on her special day.

A Pressing Iron.

Iron for pressing her clothes and make her look nice and beautiful.

A Lantern / Touch.

This helps her see at night when there is power outage.

Electric Stove.

This will make her cooking easier and faster.


This makes work easier for her. Waking early in the morning, plugging the boiler in the water for tea or for bathing.

Gas Cooker.

This will lessen her stress of washing the back of the pot after cooking.

Bed Cover / Bedsheets.

This is also another lovely gift that will make your beloved mum love you the more.

Set Of Glass Cups.

Having this as a mum, makes her confident in the presence of her guests.

An Umbrella.

Your mum will really appreciate this gift because it is very useful especially during rainy season.


A beautiful bangle on your mum’s wrist will keep her smiling all through.

A Tummy Belt.

This is worn round the tummy to give a cloth more fitting and makes it look beautiful.

A Cooperate Wear.

A cooperate or an office wear really makes mum look young and beautiful.


A nice smelling perfume smells good on her and makes her feel good.


A beautiful fashionable earrings will make your mum look sweet and charming.

Face Powder.

Wow! Mum will like this! This brings out her natural beauty.

Body Cream.

This is also a wonderful gift to give to mum. Get her a body cream that suits her complexion.


A towel to dry her body after bath will definitely be good for mum, and she will be really grateful you gave her this.


A quality lasting bucket will be good for mum’s use.

A Set Of Hangers.

Mum will gonna love this, because this will help to make her wardrobe look really good and organized.


Getting your mum a good Android or Apple phone will make her dance all through the day.

MP 3.

Getting her a music player will make her happy. Listening to songs that make her happy.

Video Player.

This will help her relax after a day’s work.

A Pair Of Fancy Slippers.

This looks beautiful on her feet and makes her happy as well.

A Wrist Watch.

This really looks good on your mum’s wrist and makes her look outstanding.

Finally I hope you have understood what to get mum for her birthday and the kind of gifts that she will surely love and appreciate you for buying for her.