Types of love

Types of love
Types of love

Love is an affection that one may feel for the other, and love is also the sweetest thing that someone should experience. So if you are confused on knowing the types of love, relax for we are here to guide you. There are many types of love and these types of love are what we will be writing on today for you to understand the kind of Love that exists in life today. Read carefully and understand every bit of it.


Types of love


  1. Mother’s Love.
  2. Self Love.
  3. Agape Love.
  4. Affectionate Love.
  5. First Love.



  1. Mother’s Love

This is the number one love that you may experience in life, it starts at the beginning of your existence. A mother’s love is that love which is unconditional, a love that bounds the child and the mother together starting from the womb to the end of your existence in life. It may be true that some mother’s today maynot love their child till the end, but there is also an extent that something may go and that unconditional love of a mother will definitely appear unknowingly. So a mother’s love is good that someone should experience from the beginning of his or her life.


  1. Self Love

This is also another great love that is supposed to be seen in someone no matter what. Self love is when that person shall have on itself to start with. If you don’t love yourself how then will you be loved by someone else? It is necessary for someone to have love for him or herself before anything. To achieve that, you should always make yourself happy, don’t allow anyone to take away your happiness for any reason.

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“Types of love”

  1. Agape Love

This is also an important love that you should have. It’s a love that you should shower to other people especially those ones that you are better than. Give charity to those who needs it, help and support other people and take others as one and do not discriminate anyone for any reason.

Agape love is the kind of love that is given to anybody with nothing attached to it or expecting the person to reciprocate. It doesn’t count on how many times you did it, but it all count in how well you have done it.

For instance, if you see someone who is in need of something and you have it as of that time, you should be eager to help that person out without being selfish.


  1. Affectionate Love

This love is all about what you feel for someone. It’s a romantic love that two people share. It’s a love that doesn’t count the wrong but only counts the good memories in it. Affectionate love is the kind of love you have for an opposite sex. It can be a guy or a girl, a love that feelings are involved.


  1. First Love

This is the kind of love that you have for the first person you had in a relationship with. It’s a first relationship love for a man and a woman. Some people said that, first love doesn’t last, but the truth is that it depends on the individuals.

Although the probability of the first love lasting is low, due to there will be a lot of mistakes and inexperience that may come in, but due to they have not being in a relationship and they might not know what to do and how to handle problems.

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At the same time taking a decision that may affect the relationship. So it happens that it normally collapses but there are some that last longer some may even lead to marriage.

“Types of love”

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