What Is A Thot?

What Is A Thot? (What Does Thot Mean)

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Have you heard the term “thot”? If you’ve been online, there’s a chance you’ve seen the word “thot” mentioned in memes, tweets, or even in a thirsty Instagram comment.

Have you ever considered the definition of (or who) is a “thot” could be? Amid “thot” and “thot” memes reverberate all over the web, it’s a good idea to know the meaning “thot” signifies and if we should use it in our selfies.

Where did it originate?

Thot” (which rhymes with a knot) was originally an acronym for words like “that hoe that there” as well as “thirsty hoes that are out there.”

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The term first surfaced in Urban Dictionary in 2012, with some users making use of the term after hip-hop musician Chief Keef was reported to have declared “that” during the filming of one of his music videos.

The usage of “that” reached its peak in 2014, but it’s slowly and steadily making a return on popular sites like Twitter and Reddit.

Many rappers and hip-hop artists have since employed the word in their songs, which has helped to spread the word through social media.

The song from 2017 Thot by Uncle Murda includes lyrics that explain how the singer used to have a crush on a woman until he realized she was a “thot.”

The song is a sexy one that includes: “God damn, I was a fan of you once / That thigh was hot too It’s hard to believe that I nearly got married to you / Discovered you were a hottie as well. “What, you must be a thot too.”

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What does it mean to say?

Although it’s not most likely to appear in the Oxford English Dictionary anytime soon, “thot” typically means someone who likes having sexual relations and has rights to her body.

The home of internet slang Urban Dictionary defines a “thot” as a woman who doesn’t seem to deserve respect.

The most widely used definition available on the web is: “A woman who pretends to be a valued female commodity who gets a man’s attention until the man finds out that she’s really just an imitation of the “good girl” who’s only good for mindless sexual sex, but not friendships or love.”

We can see from this definition that “thot” is a misogynistic expression, similar to golddigger or slut.

Of course, there are plenty of double standards in the concept, such as men accusing women of having sex with them.

Thot” is not considered a gender-specific term, as is slut. However, it is used primarily by women to make them feel shamed for their sexual conduct.

Thot go” is usually utilized to insult self-confident women, specifically those who have self-confidence and are frequently referred to as “insta hots.”

Several Facebook groups have popped up recently to spot potential ‘hotties and to stop men from engaging with them.

These groups are utilized by trolls who harass women and ridicule their followers to hundreds of thousands, usually to remove women from social media.

Thot patrols” are alleged to investigate women’s profiles on social media massively to remove their profiles.

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What are the reasons to consider using that?

That’s not to say that nobody should ever be able to say “thot.”

Many words that have caused controversy have been reclaimed and claimed by the people they were used against.

Slut has been claimed by several women who have been assaulted sexually by ‘slut walks’ and large-scale protests, where women usually wear the same clothes they were assaulted with.

Many LGBT+ people use queer to describe themselves, despite their homophobic past.

Women who use “thot” in an Instagram caption for a hot selfie are quite different from the predatory men who target women who are confident via social networks.

Calling someone else a thot is likely to be misogynistic. However, If you’re calling yourself “thot,” you should “thot” off.

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