Heart Touching Birthday Letter for Best Friend

Heart touching birthday letter for best friend is remarkable when it comes to showing concerns towards a friend’s birthday. Romantically, letter does better as far as birthday wishes is concerned. Meanwhile, you might be with the birthday celebrant physically but at times, writing your expressions in paper is amazing. Not only that, the birthday letter to your best friend may be delivered via social media. You can also decided to visit Love of images if you need more about birthdays and wedding messages, wishes and letters

Heart Touching Birthday Letter for Best Friend

Dear (Name),

Today is your birthday, since I remember someone I can trust and to whom I can devote my love and affection.

For some, the passage of time seems cruel, but when a friend’s birthday comes along, we ‘re only thinking of thanking God for the privilege of sharing such precious company in the previous year.

We can also ask that this date be repeated indefinitely for many years to come.

Isn’t the completion of another birthday cause for merit celebration, because it’s the merit of existence, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, people like you earn respect by completing another year of life, simply because you can bring joy to your fellow citizens.

That’s why I say, sincerely and lovingly: Happy Birthday! Can your life always be happy!

Your friend,


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Touching Birthday Letter Friend

Take a look at this second heart touching birthday letter for best friend and then decide on which one to chose between the first one and this birthday letter:

My friend,

It’s perfect! What a pleasure! Today is your birthday, and apart from saying happy birthday and wishing all the best – as part of habit and good manners – I would venture to say that today is a celebration day! Yeah, it’s! So please don’t come up with “I don’t do something” or “birthday isn’t a reward, it’s just a consequence of time.” We ‘re going to party; birth as special, funny and joyful as you have to celebrate!

Accept my heartfelt birthday wishes. I wish you all the best and I’m glad to see you safe and happy. So get ready to buy at least a nice bottle, because we all know these aren’t the best champagne toast times, right?

I sincerely hope, on a more serious note, that all your dreams will come true, that you will be very happy, that you will celebrate many, many birthdays, and I can continue to enjoy your unique friendship for a long , long time!

Yours affectionately,


What should I write in a letter to my best friend?

Here is another interesting heart touching birthday letter for best friend that may be perfect to express your mind.

To my best friend,

It is your day today, but I have reason to rejoice as well. Today is my soul sister’s celebration, my greatest strength, my shoulders to lean on, and I have put into this world the missing piece of the romances. Your birthday is right now.

Even while I don’t need a special opportunity to realize that without you I can’t imagine my life, I just have to tell you just how much you mean to me.

And this is precisely why I write to you this birthday letter – to wish you everything I could and remind you that I love you, despite the fact that I do not say it as often as I ought.

Today I think about all of our experiences, all the landmarks and challenges we’ve overcome and all of our happy and sad moments.

I recall our phone calls late at night, all our drunk parties, all our intense conversations and the many fun that we’ve had over the years. I remember that day that I met you, and that day that changed my life.

You claim that for one reason everyone joins our lives. And since I’ve met you, I realized it’s just the truth. Because when I most needed you, destiny had a cause to send you to me.

You behaved like my big sister from day one and I just couldn’t help but let you in. You’ve taken care of me and moved me on.

Even in situations where everybody else is ready to give up, you were my greatest resource of inspiration and the only one who believed in me.

The person who saw the good in me at the bottom of the rock and the person who believed I was meant for big things.

At the same time, however, you were the only one to be always truthful with me and the only one to ensure I was face to face with the facts, no matter how tough.

Two women talk on the couch at home about problems and you are the only one that has pointed to me and the one who never reluctantly criticized me positively.

Furthermore, you have never encouraged someone to speak to me or in any way to undermine me.

And this is when I noticed this, when I knew how much you loved me, you thought of me as yours. It was when it came to me that I was always grateful to have you.

I thought of you alone as that a guardian angel God had sent to me since the very first day. Even now, more than a decade later, nothing has changed. You are my soulmate, my criminal partner and the other half.

You ‘re the one in the world who takes me, you ‘re the person that I value most and you can always make my day bright regardless of how crappy.

You love me the most, and give me the power I need when I’m in my weakest position.

Anytime I’m knocking and holding myself together, the one who helps me get up on my foot each time that life is no one else but you.

It takes someone something bigger to share your misfortunes and to sympathize frankly with your sorrow.

A special person, without ever asking for anything, to feel your pain is you.

And you’re somebody of my own. You have been, are, and will ever be my person, despite the many friends who have been a part of our lives.

Because you’ve always been the only one who has stood by me in thick, thin, good and bad days.

The only one who has helped me from the start and the only one who never left me.

You ‘re never too busy addressing my complaints, and you never told me that, even though they are, my worries are meaningless or insignificant.

You still wipe away my tears and send my face a smile.

In life I have had other friends, but you’re the only one, no matter what, the one who had my back and never misled or betrayed me.

Blessed friends hold each other, it would be an understatement to call you a best friend because you are so much more for me.

I always had you hold my hand and tell me the stuff would work out. And the fact is that without you I could never have done it.

If it weren’t for you, I would never be the person I’m today. And this is my greatest blessing, and I will be grateful to you forever.

I will be forever thankful for having you, and I feel this appreciation on this special day most, because this is the best gift I have ever got. You and your life are the day we celebrate.

But I will only wish you loads of happiness , love and health. You deserve to be world.

And above all – I would like that perfect person you are today to remain always.

It’s another year from you here. Happy birthday, girl. Happy birthday, girl. I love you. I love you and will always.

Yours forever,