Happy Birthday to My Sister Text Messages

Happy Birthday to my sister


Are you searching for the best ways to say ” Happy birthday to my sister” on your sister special day? Certainly,  you have landed on the right place to get them. You’re definitely destined to gain familiarity with anyone you’re related to today. The sister of yours is of no exception as you’re related as a result of destiny.

Since there is no regret that you have the sister who is celebrating her birthday today in your life, then you should find the best ways to say happy birthday sister to her. Now is the high time you remembered how good and kind she has been to you. Taking reasons from the past to this present moment. She has been good and she is still good to you.  How do I know this? If she is of no value to you, you won’t be on this page today looking for text messages to say happy birthday to my sister.


We all understand the purpose of joining a sister in celebrating her birthday. It is actually because no lady or woman can celebrate her own birthday all alone and expects it to look nice. If a birthday party should make much sense, more lovers will have to join hands with the celebrant. Well wishers have to send some birthday gift to her. She has to welcome a lots of birthday wishes in forms of messages or letters from her family and friends like you. A birthday that a person celebrates alone is a lonely birthday not a glamorous one.

Now, you have to understand that your sister needs a glamorous birthday and not a lonely one. Make her feel extremely happy and lively today. Let her feel today as one of the best and special days of her life. Do and say to her what will what she will never forget you for in her life. Send the birthday wishes that will put a heart felt smile on her face. Since you have known what that takes, now give it.

Collection of Happy Birthday to My Sister Text Messages

1. Happy birthday to my dear sister. May you experience return of your lost glories. All your dreams will be coming true as from this moment of your special day!

2. Happy birthday to my coolest sister ever. I woke up this morning and I wished I were as good a sister to you as you are to me. But I came with a point that you are the best in kindness and affection. I’m so lucky to have you. Thanks for never letting me down but always believing in me and cheering me to be good in life!

3. Happy birthday to my sister who means so much to me. I’m so lucky I get to share so many special things with you, including the moment of your birthday! Long life dear.

4. Happy birthday to my dearest sister! Being a wonderful sister to me,  you sincerely deserve so much happiness on your special day. I pray that may your birthday be filled with joy and happiness!

5. In this world that I have come, there is  a sister who I can never forget. The amazing person is you my sister! You truly are an inspiration and role model that had helped me to grow up. When I was down, your care was enough for me get back on my feet. Thanks for being an indispensable sister and friend to me and others around us. I wish you a brilliant birthday!

6. A lovely birthday to my lovely sister! I hope this very year be sweater than last year! None of your battles will overcome you in this life. Once again my good sister, happy birthday!

7. I am so lucky to have such a sweet, supportive, kind, loving, smart and wonderful sister like you! I hope that your day is full of unspeakable joy, uplifting and progress unlimited. May you have very many special years to come exactly to your way. Happy Birthday to my sister!

8. You ought to relax your mind and do away from worrying. Just live to enjoy your birthday. It’s your special day to smile and shine in front of the world with amazing achievements! I can see no one cares if you’re a year older. All we care about is that you’re wiser, much better with amazing experience. Now,  rise up and get fully ready to take on whatever life throws at you! You’ve got this! Happy birthday to my sister!

9. In each and every time you are around me, I have never experienced a dull moment. Your presence always provokes laughter. We catch a lot of fun in each of these times. I really appreciate you for all the fun and laughter you bring into our lives! May your birthday be full of happiness, laughter and unlimited joy. By the special grace of God, this year and ones ahead will be your best ones, better than the past. Happy birthday to my sister!


10. Happy birthday to the coolest, simplest,  the most beautiful, the most amazing funniest, prettiest, and the happiest person I know. I envy your gorgeous look sister! I hope you have a great day my most favorite sister. This life is designed to bring you much joy and prosperity. Enjoy your day baby girl.

My Sister Birthday Messages

11. What else can I say to you today?  Because if I say much, you will be thinking I am just flattering you. If only everyone had an amazing sister like you, this world we live would have been a much better place for all of us. Happy a sweet birthday!


12. Having a sister just like who you are can be said to have a best friend you can’t get rid of from your life no matter what. Because, it is belief that in whatever you do and whatever happens to you, they’ll still be there for you. They will never leave you at the point of need. You are the best among all the sisters of the world. I cherish you so much. Happy birthday to my sister.


13. Because of your presence in this life of mine, I get chance to laugh much louder. I feel much better and sound much smarter. Because of you, I have a lot of smiles in my face. Because of you, I’m  very much happy. Thank you for being there for me my special sister. Happy birthday to you!


14. What is a sister? A sister is a little bit evidence of childhood time that can never get lost. You’re the perfect example of sister. Superb birthday to you!


15. As we know what sisters do to each other. Precisely, sisters take absolutely good care of each other. They watch out for each other from time to time. They comfort each other when hard times come. They never stop supporting each other through thick and thin. That’s why I love you sister. Enjoy your day.


16. Good sisters who always stand for each other are like angels and work like angels. They sparkle, twinkle, and glow very well. They are the most important and beautiful gifts our hearts will ever possessed. And birthday wishes for someone like them should be amazing. I wish you a wonderful birthday sister!


17. Through God our Creator,  we have some gifts that can’t be replaced for any reason. Among the gifts, you’re the greatest. The greatest gift God ever gave me is you. I can’t hesitate to say happy birthday to you!


18. I have never seen a problem that be beyond sisters cannot overcome when love exists. With love and unity all life challenges can be confronted, combatted, plotted against, won, ignored, made fun of, drown in chocolate sauce, or run over with the car. In fact, your birthday celebration is an evidence of victory over all the problems and the challenges. Happy birthday to my sister.


19. What are true and sincere sisters for if it is not to settle and expose all the things the rest of the world finds too difficult to point out?  I thank God for giving me a merry sister like you.  Happy birthday my beautiful sister.


20. What can we refer to as usefulness of news if you don’t have a sister with whom you can share it? In fact, such tidings would sound ridiculous and make no sense. With you sister, I always feel comfortable and completed. I wish you a meticulous life and birthday.


More Ways to Say Happy Birthday to My Sister 

21. Sisters help you regain all those important things you have lost hope for. Things like happiness, affection, smiles, your hopes, and your courage to grow up. Sister, you are the reason why I gained all my lost glories. I’m gladly wishing you a happy birthday amazing sister!


22. Let’s just compare and contrast the difference between friends and sisters. To me, friends are destined only to make us laugh, and at times make us smile. But sisters are ones who stay back when you have challenges in order to wipe all the tears away from your face. I really appreciate you for being both friend and sister to me. Happy birthday to my sister!


23. From my experience, I detect that there is no better friend than a sister. This discovery strengths my heart to love you more. Because, there is no better sister than you. My special sister, happy birthday to you!

24. The original fact about sister is that they are more than forever friends. Though, I don’t know maybe this how other sisters look like. Because I  learned the original fact from you alone. You are a joy to the heart and a love that has no ending. Happy sweet birthday to you my lovely sister!


25. You as my sister as helped me in many ways. It’s through your support that I attained all my achievements. You help make the hard times of my life easier, and all the easy times become more fun to me. For these and more, I wish you the best moment of birthday. More wins and blessings to your way sister.


26. I have a strong confidence to call you my sister and reason to prove it that you more than friends to me. Happy birthday from here.


27. We are sisters by nature as God made it happen. But we become friends to each other by choice. I love you so much and always. Have a great birthday!


28. The more reason why I enjoy you as my sister is because my children have you in their lives as their aunt. Happy birthday my sister and aunt of my children.


29. I feel so lucky and excited that you’re my sister and my best friend ever! You bring so much, happiness, smiles, laughter and fun into my life! Hope you have a great birthday the coolest sister!


30. Super Sisters fill your soul with bright things as sunshine and your heart with something interesting as laughter and joy. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Message for Sister 

31. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable sister and best friend. I’m gladly blessed and lucky to have every side of you in my life! I can feel your presence and I will continue appreciating your efforts putting me through this challenges of life.


32. My dear acute sister, I hope you have a bright and awesome birthday. May the years ahead be full of joy, excitement, and adventure for you.


33. Wishing you lots of love on your birthday. You’re such an incredible and smart sister. I seriously appreciate having you in my life. Happy birthday to my sister!


34. The best birthday wishes from my heart to the best sister in the world! Have a fantastic day!


35. Wishing you a wonderful and splendid birthday today! Thank you for being such a brilliant and fruitful sister and my best friend!


36. Happy birthday dear sister, I hope you have very special day! Sing for joy and smile for happiness is your portion.


37. Happy birthday to the best sister a reasonable person could ask for! Hope your day is full of fun and all other forms of excitement! Be merry and cheerful.


38. All dreams can come true only if we have sense of summoning courage to do all necessary things. Then,  grace will back it up. At this moment of your birthday, may the grace of God bless your deeds and your dreams to come true soon.  Happy birthday to my sister!


39. Believing in who exactly you are not in who what people say you are. Be your own agent of assessment. May you find happiness in every step you take as from this moment of your birthday. Have a productive birthday sister!


40. Majority of race runners stop their pursuit without knowing how close they are to the destination. May God grant you the courage and energy to run your race and reach the destination. Happy birthday beautiful sister.

Inspirational Birthday Message for Sister 

41. My good sister, be aware that you have not made any mistake at until when you stop attempting. Being afraid of making mistakes is the greatest error. I believe in you. Let the joy of your birthday strengthen you more. It’s high time for you to do things right. Have a super solid birthday.


42. Believing you can do it is the beginning of the progress you may ever dreamed of. Set aside the fear of continuing but stand strong. May you have more knowledge of what birthday celebrations meant for. More birthday wins dear!


43. Let this moment of birthday be a reminder of the fact that you are bound to be stronger if you want to be great in life. May this year bring you all the nutrients that will make you stronger. Happy birthday to my sister!


44. My dear birthday sister, I am forced to preach to you the goodness of contentment. A lot of people have settled down with less than totality of what you have with you. So,  you so be thankful, at least for being alive to witness today your birthday. Happy birthday to my sister.


45. It is obvious that I am not for believing in you. You are matured enough to take this effective decision of yourself without future regrets. Happy birthday my beloved sister.


46. Sometimes ago, I heard someone said that life is all about journey not about destination. Please,  don’t listen to that.  You have to begin having your destination in mind as from this moment of your birthday. Happy birthday!


47. The biggest mistake you may ever made is listening and yielding to people who are judging you and your decisions. Those people might be your enemies therefore never want for you no good. This period of birthday should remind you never to allow external influence in your life conclusions. Happy birthday!


48. I dislike when someone is glad for being in half way. There should be no option than being absolutely in and absolutely out. Not in anyway half way.  Bear that in mind dear. Be glad for your birthday!


49. Never permit sadness in your life. Sadness kills. In fact, it’s like taking in a poison and be expecting someone else to die. What a absolute wrong thought. Take this and consider it this day of your birthday. Happy birthday presentable sister!

50. There is need to believe that no matter how extremely long is it, a favorite destination will be reached. Hope for that as you are celebrating an amazing birthday. Long life dear sister!
Happy Birthday to My Sister Motivation


51. Success and happiness majorly lies on how you treat the life itself. It also depends on what you believe it will bring to your way.  Be wise dear. A strong love for you. Happy bday!


52. Not many people understand that it is not what they go through that determines what and who they are in life. It is actually how you pass through the challenges and how you reach where you are today that makes one who she is. Pick my points as your birthday gift. Have a great birthday celebration!


53. Sister, I understand the fact that I have no power to push on the ladder unless you personally wish to climb it to the peak. May this birthday be a great moment of your life. Happy birthday to my sister!


54. I heard that you are feeling bad for not having a boyfriend until now. I want to use this time of your birthday to encourage you to stop looking for or expecting a love. Instead, you this time to grow yourself and expand your coat.


55. My little sister, I want to believe that you understand the reason why you have to be who exactly you want to be without considering what the people around you are saying. They might want to send you astray. Happy birthday to my sister!