Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

Birthday wishes for younger sister from elder sister

Let see and check some texts messages that serve as birthday wishes for younger sister from elder sister or from her elder brother. Whereas, as an elder sister or brother who understands her or his position, you should know that your younger sister should have your birthday wishes. Showing caring in this way will tell her  how much she means to you.

Everyone wants to feel important and that is the best way to regard them. You personally will feel that way. As an elder you are, you should be in the best position of a parent. Although, you don’t give birth to your sister naturally. But whatever she can get from her mother,  she should be able get the same from you as well.  That shows one of the responsibilities of an elderly person. Then, what are you still waiting for? Let that your kid knows how valuable she is and how much you you care about her birthday.


List of Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister from Elder Sister 

1. My little sister, I know how important today is especially to you. It is the day we remember that fortunate day that our mother gave birth to you. You were born to add more value to the family we share. We can all witness the value. You have been doing way dear.  Happy birthday to you my sibling?


2. Though, you are still young but you make me always wonder how life would have been if you were not given birth to.  Could it be opposite of what life now is?  Anyway, I know God is perfect as He bless us with your existence. Happy birthday my little sister.


3. Dear I can see that you have growing well. And today, you gain more strength to grow more. I am so proud of you and it is because you seriously make me proud. I feel great and honoured for being an elder sister to you. I wish you happy my baby.


4. Let me quickly inform you of the major reason who I always scolded you. It is because I love you and I want to see you walking and doing everything on right way. So,  do not mind how hard I am on you. Joyous birthday celebration to you dear.


5. As you know that none of your birthdays has ever passed without I buying you birthday gifts. This year is no exception. I just wish you never stop making us proud. Happy birthday to you and come to get your birthday gifts.


6. I am seriously glad with the way you handle your studies. As your elder sister, I confess that you are doing excellently well. Keep it up and win more amazing medals. More hugs for you when we see each other today. Have a wonderful birthday.


7. No wonder that our mother always shouted on me whenever I hit you then. She would always say you’re brilliant enough so you didn’t need to get hit before receiving corrections. It’s true you are amazing dear. We celebrate your birthday today and we will be very much alive to celebrate next year with you.


8. I can bear the witness now that the way you eat everyday appears in your body. You are just getting fatter and better too. Keep eating my dear little sister but you should not finish your birthday cake all alone.

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9. Since you have been born to our family,  we have never even for one day regret your existence. You have never made us cry but always put smiles in our faces. You are a fantastic girl and your birthday is fantastic too. Happy Birthday to you.


10. The best sister should be giving the best of everything. Today, I want give you the best gift. I know you will like it. But before the time comes, let me say happy birthday to you.


Birthday Messages for Younger Sister

11. At the time that God is creating the world, He doesn’t give us chance to choose by ourselves who we can keep as family. It is because He is perfect enough to give us friendly family. You’re a sister that God gave to me as a blessing. Happy birthday  my special younger sister.


12. Happiness and joy filled my heart be because I am blessed to have you as my younger sister. May you have the best moment ever this day of your birthday. Accept my warm birthday wishes for younger sister that means the world to me. Happy birthday!!!

13. Happy birthday amazing younger sister! May this day bring all your desires to your home and you shall enjoy the glory of your days.  Long life dear.


14. My dear younger sister, with my whole sincere heart, I wish you a bright moment of birthday. May your age be abundantly blessed. Happy birthday.


15. Truly you are young but the strength in you make me feel that I have a great and strong younger sister. I’m very proud of you and I will continue to pray for your prosperity. Happy birthday to you.


16. My best birthday wishes for you as my younger sister is that God should shine His blessings on you and take you to the greater level of gladness, happiness, joy and you shall run from glory to glory.  Happy birthday my dear younger sister.


17. Truly, I came into this world before you. Our childhood is a memorable one that I will forever remember. A wonderful birthday to my childhood partner!


18. You are a younger sister but you do extra ordinary things to inspire me and boost my achievements. May this day bring you dream come true. Happy birthday my special friend and younger sister.


19. May your dreams come true starting from today and you experience everlasting happiness. I rejoice with you beautiful younger sister. More years for you.


20. Are 200 more candles too small for you to blow in this world. Be reminded that each candle stands for a year. So, I hope you shall blow more than 500 candles more if 200 is small. Happy birthday my amazing younger sister.

Fantastic Birthday Short Messages for Younger Sister from Elder Sister 

21. My special younger sister, I have known you since you were a child and I have always been with you. I must confess that you are such a remarkable sister that anyone may pray to have in one’s life. I Thank God for having you as my little sister. May the Lord give you a lovely Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for younger sister from elder sister

22. To the best sister in the universe who has a bright and charming future. Happy Birthday my younger sister!


23. To the most beautiful sister in the whole universe, may your birthday be filled with all wonderful things. Happy Birthday little sister!


24. To my dearest birthday sister. May your day be memorable as you are observing and celebrating this special day. You are a queen to my heart. Happy birthday my dear.

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25. I can never be too busy to wish my younger sister a happy birthday. I’m a loving and caring elder sister with a big heart. I love you so much dear. Be blessed with a joyous birthday ever!


26. Dear little sister, I can’t forget the day you were born, you brought happiness into our family. And we gladly welcomed you. Today, we also welcome this your birthday because it reminds of the special day you were born into this world. I wish you a happy and progressing birthday.


27. Friends may come to be with you and go after some time. But family like a sister like you are always there for you. It doesn’t matter on what situation or condition. Family will always be there and be supportive. I am glad you are always there for me as an elder sister to you. Happy Birthday to my young, sis!


28. Thank you for being a loving younger sister to me. You are such a sweet darling. I bless the day you’re born into this beautiful world. Happy birthday!


29. Let the world rejoice! It is my younger sister’s birthday. She should be celebrated with everything she deserves. My dear,  rise up and shine because you’re a glorious child. Happy birthday to you my friend and little sister.


30. I perfectly understand what family means right from who you have been to me.  I feel your presence and I forever love you as my younger sister. You occupied the special space in my heart. Happy birthday!

birthday wishes for younger sister from elder sister

Warm Birthday Words for Younger Sister from Elder Sister

31. I am blessed to have a sister like you. Today I sincerely pray that may you have a wonderful day on your birthday. Warm birthday wishes for a special sister. You’re the best in the world. Happy birthday my beautiful younger sister.
32. No doubt, you are just becoming younger and prettier each blessed day. You’re so charming and cute looking. Seriously, your birthday worth celebrating and I rejoice with you from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday my cute little sister.
33. Though, you’re a younger sister to be,  still you are wise and intelligent enough for you to do things on your own. Your achievements have spoken well about you. Be glad  today your birthday and forever more dear. Happy cool birthday sister!
34. No one has ever doubted your intelligence. You are so beautiful and smart. That is everybody is so happy for your birthday. I love you so much dear. Have a goodies birthday.
35. Birthdays come on their natural days and we followed celebrating them. It is God who made the days possible. Now,  your own too has been made possible today. So, you have to jump up and sing for joy. Have a solid birthday celebration dear!
36. I know pretty sure that if God has permitted me to choose my friends by myself, I would have chosen you. But God knew that family are more useful than mere friends. That is why He made you family. My younger sister, you are with a good heart and I am lucky to have you as a family and friend. Happy birthday young sister.
37. Happy birthday my younger sister. May you receive all kinds of blessings you dream of having. May this day bring shining glory to your life.
38. Wish you a day filled with, grace, all your favorite things, happiness, laughter, fun and love. No sadness or setbacks. Happy Birthday little sister.
39. The day you were born was such a memorable moment in our family life. Our mother saw you first and told us how happy she was then. To me personally, you have been a true friend and sister in fact since the day you’re born. Wish you a happy birthday my special sister.

40. I am not ashamed of saying thank you for being there helping me all through the difficult moments and happy moments. You are seeing as the best and the most gorgeous sister I have ever had. I really blessed the name of God for sending you to my life. Happy birthday stunning little sister of mine.

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birthday wishes for younger sister from elder sister

Birthday Text Messages for Younger Sister from Elder Sister 

41. May this day bring you unlimited happiness, unspeakable joy,  unstoppable uplifting,  incomparable grace,  undiluted favour and lots of dreams come true. Happy Birthday dear younger sister.
42. Happy birthday my younger sister. You will never have a cause to regret coming to this world. May you be happy forever. Wishing you a long life full of blessings and lots dreams come true.
43. We have enjoyed together a lot of moments since our childhood. They memories are really sweet to remember. Happy to have you as my sister. There will be no cause for our separation. And none of us will die young. Happy Birthday my charming younger sister of good character.
44. Good morning my little birthday celebrant. In the name of Father, I pray that God will draw you nearer and grant all your birthday wishes.
45. As you’re celebrating your special birthday today, may it become a special occasion for you and your breakthrough be certain. May all God’s promises for your life life come to fulfillment. Happy birthday my younger sister. Your elder sister loves you so much.
46. As a birthday wishes and blessings for you, I decree the manifestation of all of God’s blessing and favour in your life. May you enjoy all fulfilment of abundant blessings as from today. Have a splendid birthday my pretty sister!
47. Happy birthday to my amazing sister in the universe. In the Mighty name of God, I come against every form of arrow that anyone set to destroy your life. May all satanic plans to distort your future and the blessings of God for your life be ruined completely. So that you can celebrate this your birthday to the fullest. May you live long dear.
48. Receive my birthday wishes for you now and rejoice forever. May all the accusations, decree of the devil or every voice and every word that has been spoken against your destiny be eliminated. Your birthday this year will forever be remembered for good.
49. No form of sadness will overcome you because you are a year older and stronger today. You will forever be strong enough to grow your academics and business. Happy birthday sweetheart!

50. Be worried no more my younger sister. My birthday wishes for you are that all your days of difficulties have come to an end. May you begin spending the remaining of your life days in prosperity and pleasure. Have a wonderful birthday celebration my younger sister!

As you can see that birthday messages here are not too long for you to send via email, SMS or WhatsApp. Nothing is too much for the younger sister who shares the same blood with you. This is way of showing yourself as a  good elderly sister to your sibling. I must confess that these texts will fit well to express your lovely mindset to your sister.  It is amazing as an agent of love as you know. Remembering her birthday may mean so much to her as it may mean the same thing to you. If you are the one celebrating birthday, how will you feel discovering that someone really cares about your day. Considering this fact will help you to realize that birthday wishes for younger sister is needed to make a family relationship much stronger!

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