Happy Birthday Sister in Law – 50+ Wishes Quotes

happy birthday sister in law

When your sister in law wakes up this morning to witness her birthday, she will be expecting you to say happy birthday sister in law to her. This makes a good reason why you need to consider the way the lady accepts to marry someone from your family. Such honour is something to be appreciated with an amazing birthday wishes. Either she just got married to your brother or it happened a long time ago, you ought to put smiles in her face.

Do not ever think that her birthday could be brightly observed without sending your wishes. At least your happy birthday wishes will make a difference if you decide to do it. As much as every other one in your family is significant, likewise your sister in law should be. She has become one major part of your big family from the first day your brother proposed to her and she agreed.

In other hand, if your own sister in law is one of those who gave your wife’s hand to you in marriage, you supposed to do more. You should not be an ingrate man who does not know the value of the woman whose hand has been given to him in marriage. Moreover, she has indirectly become one of your most supporters even considering the fact that she doesn’t oppose her sister from being married to you.

Another reason why you should text her happy birthday sister in law message especially to make her glad is for your need to create more good impressions. It is not a good habit that you should be displaying nonchalant attitudes towards what concerns your in laws.

Happy Birthday Sister in Law Messages

Just like yesterday I came to ask for your elder sister’s hand in marriage openly. You sat down honourably with lovely smile in your face. Your look that day meant a positive response to my request. Today, I celebrate you and your birthday means a lot to me and my marriage. Happy birthday to this my wonderful and amazing sister in law!

When you have opportunity to meet some sisters in law, regret will fill you up. You meet some others, you will consider the worst persons you ever met,  but when I met you, I considered you the best sister in law in the whole universe. Sister, you’re great. Happy birthday my sister in law.

Special sister in law is a year older today. What I discovered about this day is your all round progress. The progress really spells greater tomorrow for you sister. Happy birthday sis.

If you  look outside today, there will be numerous people marking their birthdays.  But the heavens have taken up being a witness that yours is the most amazing. We have come to celebrate you today, we will do more with you in years to come. Have a superb birthday great sister.

You being married to my brother is what qualified to be called my sister. Everyone around me calls you by that.  But from the deep inside of me, you are absolutely more than who they are referring to you as. I insist that you’re my best friend, the person I love to be with. Happy birthday to you my incredible friend.

The very day you were totally taken into our family through your marriage, I noticed a warm atmosphere of greatness. Good omen took order of the days. The love you have to your husband who is my own brother is real. I can feel it all over him. Happy birthday sister in law!

Our wife, over the years all your in laws have testified to it that love and affection increased in  our family. While you are noted to be the cause of the development. As a result, it is our most pleasure to celebrate with you. Happy birthday!

My brother’s love for you is real and fantastic but my my own love for you is more than that. You just more than a wonderful woman that is why you attract more people to love you.  Happy birthday to you my one and only best sister in law.

Dear, you seriously deserve to experience the most fabulous birthday party with us. That way we do celebrate fabulous people like you. Thanks for being a good wife and a friendly person to us. Long life dear.

My dearest sister in law, it is time you started dancing into your glory. All fruits of nature are busy singing a birthday song for you. You have done great in our brother’s life.

Fantastic Birthday Wishes for a Sister-in-Law 

What a beautiful wife my elder brother has! Wow!  You are so cute and gorgeous in looking. My brother truly found a favour by winning a wonderful wife. You are indeed a hearted person to our family.  Happy birthday pretty princess!

No one even you don’t need to remind me of your birthday.  Amazing sister in law’s birthday has to remain and linger in our hearts until when it is to be celebrated. I wish you a lovely birthday dear.

I know you don’t forget to tell us where we are partying for your birthday celebration. It must be that preparing your birthday cake is what filled up your mind. Be expecting your at the party and don’t hesitate to text us where the party gonna hold.  Happy birthday sister in law!

Hello! This is a quick reminder of an angel’s birthday. You gonna pay for this reminder but I can take your birthday cake for the payment. Before then,  let me wish you a prosperous birthday.

Wishing you a fabulous and happy birthday sister-in-law! You stepped into our family in form of a wife but as brightly as florescent in the darkness.  You light our family like the Sun in the sky. More wins dear.

Happy birthday to the sister in law whose birthday is filled with love and happiness, kindness and affection. May you live long and be so happy each day you life.

I give all glory to God for making it possible to have you in our family. In other hand, you are so much appreciated for accepting to be a leading wife. Your presence brings a lot of positive changes. Happy birthday sister in law!

A heart that is so loving and face that looks smart with body that is attractive. All these among others make you a special and unique sister in law for us and a better wife for my brother. I wish a kind of birthday that you never stop remembering.

To a dazzling sister-in-law, I wish you enjoy a birthday that attains the greater level of gladness, laughter, love, fruitfulness and lots more. May you have an astonishing birthday.

Do you believe that no one else deserves the best, brightest,  most outstanding,  most pleasurable celebration like you do? Stand up and take up your position to sing a befitted birthday song. We are set to back you up. Happy birthday sister in law!

Gaining you into our family as a wife while we become your in-laws is a perfect blessing. Wife, I wish all your desirable wishes and all good things you dream of come true this year. Have a stunning pictures of birthday!

In every birthday, memory takes take a very huge part. It reminds all about the past and helps us on holding to the future. I hope this day brings only positive clues that you will love to remember always. Happy a dazzling birthday celebration!

Birthday gifts are awesome and needed but it can at times be presented to anyone in the absence of love. But here in my heart, I love you so much the way you are as my brother’s wife.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister in Law

Sweet and special sister in law, I wish I could give you a brand new cell phone as a birthday gift but I couldn’t. I don’t want it to make you a prisoner as it’s called “Cell Phone”. Have a great birthday sister!
This birthday is a good time for my brother to take you on voyage. A boat is already designed for the journey for a fun birthday celebration. As a matter of fact, the boat may be leaking when you are on the sea of love through a hole or has. Just make another hole to drain the water that leaked inside. Happy birthday sister in law!
I can’t believe that a soft heartened lady in law and a great mathematician like you is a year older today. Notwithstanding, I have a perfect and forever solution for your Mathematics problems. Just tell it that it should grow up quickly to begin finding solutions to its own problems. You will see it will listen to you. Happy birthday my special sister in law.

Your birthday worth celebrating because you are one of the greatest people in the world who have ability to irritate all the billions of nerves exist in the human body. Happy birthday to you my naughty and dazzling sister in law!

Happy birthday sister in law


I’m now ready to dash you money that will make you forget yourself. At least you will have enough to celebrate your birthday. Just help me forward your account number to our ancestors. Happy birthday sister in law!
Who will hear about this huge amount of money and will still say thank you is not necessary?  Even now that $5 can buy the whole world. Just come and take half of the money and get half of the whole world into your pocket. Happy birthday to you my incredible sister and friend.
I am sending you my birthday wishes now as my loved sister in law. I demand genuine appreciation in return. Do not just give me a hug and say thank you. Hug me warmly and offer me a cup of coffee with five million pounds. Enjoy your birthday now and forever!
Happy bday to our wife and loved sister in law. Have this good news. I know that in times without number, I have made you tired and irritated you with my stubbornness. Now,  I just want to inform you that I want to increase the rate of my stubbornness.  That’s my birthday gift for you!
Before you become our brother’s wife, we have been friends. Now we remain friends despite that you’re my in law. In the future, I hope we continue being friends. Even until we become old enough and die so that we can become ghost friends, walk together every night on the streets to scare away people. Have stunning birthday.

I did expect different results though I loved attending to my task the same way over and over again. It was like this until you advised me to either reduce the standard or increase. But I decided to sleep because I didn’t know which one I should choose. Now, your birthday makes it work. Have a good day sister in law.


Happy Birthday Sister in Law  Quotes

Nothing is more amazing than a life full of happiness and joy, greatness and progress,  prosperity and life fulfilment. All these are your mutual friends have as from today on. Happy birthday to the best sister in law in this generation of ours!

Desires live in our hearts while its fulfilment spells where we are going to be in life full of amazing things. May God bless your birthday and grant all your desires to become fruits of reality. Happy birthday sis.

Happiness and joy are the managers of the day you’re born into this world. Now that you are a day older. I pray you enjoy double and triple of the abstract. Happy birthday amazing sister in law!

Happy birthday sister in law

Great day is for great personality like my brother’s wife. Your presence has yielded positive impact in our brother’s life. The same way,  all the good things on this earth will yield and bring positive things to you. Happy B-Day.

Special day is the day you born. Your mother smiled on that day holding you in her hands. You got married to our family, you brought smiles into our faces. May smiles never leave your face. Sadness won’t fit you. Laughter is your portion forever. Have a happy birthday my sister!

This is a real life birthday not in the dream. You must have dreamed of having a bright bday like this one. As you have actualized the dream, may all your life dreams come true. Happy birthday to the dearest sister in law!

Mercy and grace do walk and work together. They decide on whom to favour in togetherness. Today, my wish is you is that their favour abide with you as from this day. Have an awesome birthday.

Goodness, mercy, favour, gladness, fulfilment and lots of money will locate you today and stay with you forever. I believe my brother’s life will be better off with this.  Happy birthday our  dear sister in law!

Amazing grace for your birthday. Better life changes for the rest of your life. All these will begin to manifest as from this day of your birthday. You’re my special sister in law. Long life dear. Enjoy your day.

My special sister in law, I believe you have a lot of dreams that you want to actualize. I strongly agree with the fact that you have plenty goals that you want to fulfill. May this birthday be the beginning of dreams come true for you.

I love you sister in law and I hope that the love of husband for you is greater while God’s own is the greatest. Sister in law, may all these loves never depart from your life. Happy birthday sister in law!

To display some respect for your sister in law on her birthday, you need to get text messages like any of these. Cool birthday SMS is necessary for a cute sister like your brother’s wife or like your wife’s sister. Either your wife’s sister is younger or older than your own wife, she deserves some respect. And send her happy birthday sister in law text messages to wish her well is great.