Get Your Loved one a Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts take gift-giving a step further and help make things extra special. There are personalized gifts out there for everyone. No matter if you are buying for your husband, your wife, your pet, or your boss, personalized gifts are creative and fun.

Personalized Gifts for Men

It can be hard to buy for the men in our lives, but even if they deny it, men love receiving thoughtful gifts too. Some of the most thoughtful gifts can be personalized just for your guy. Whether coordinated in his favorite colors, embroidered with his name, or perfectly cut to his measurements, he will indeed feel the love with your personalized gifts.


  • A personalized cologne — Did you know that a service will build a cologne off of a photo and questionnaire of your loved one. Simply fill out the quiz on all types of things, from foods to activities, and this company will build you a personalized scent.


  • A tailored jacket — Finding quality clothes that fit can be challenging for men because so many different body types are not all one shape fits all. Surprise your guy with a custom-fit jacket and tailor it to what he enjoys doing, whether for running, skiing, or just staying out of the rain. He’ll be delighted to receive something function that actually fits!


  • A personalized phone charger — We know that the kids steal everything, and just because this customized phone charger has dad’s name on it doesn’t keep it safe, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.


  • Engraved Cheese Board — No matter what your SO’s favorite meal is, who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? An engraved cheese board is excellent for entertaining, but it can also serve as a great reminder of a fun meal he can make for you two to enjoy together.

Personalized Gifts for Women

Women can be just as hard to buy for as men, but studies show that most women do all the shopping, and therefore, there are more gift options out there for women. However, we think you should just bypass most of that stuff and go for the absolutely unique and thoughtful personalized gift. We’ve laid out our favorites for you here.


  • Personalized Gear — Does she roller skate, play guitar, or is she an amateur photographer? Personalized gear can be an excellent gift for an active lady. Get her helmet laser engraved or an embroidered and personalized camera strap. If she plays guitar, you could get her some picks with her name or social media to handle it for handing out at shows. A personalized guitar case would be awesome.


  • Engraved necklace — Jewelry is an age-old gift, but what if this year you got her a necklace that had an engraved quote from one of her favorite songs that she just loves to sing. That way, she can take a little bit of the beat with her everywhere she goes, and if she is feeling down, she’ll enjoy the inspiration that the necklace brings.


  • Night Sky Print — Photos of the night sky are inspirational on their own, but what if this night sky had a story. Encapsulate your first date or her birthdate into a customized print of exactly how the sky looked from where she was standing on that very night.


  • Personalized Paint By Numbers — A personalized creative gift is a perfect way to show someone you care and that you see how much they enjoy being creative. The best part about customized paint by numbers is that the possibilities are endless. It can be pf a photo of the two of you together. A selfie where she just looks stunning, or a picture of her favorite place. No matter what, a personalized paint by number makes a super special gift for those we love.


In conclusion, it is easy to gift the ones we love when we take the time to think about the things they love and what we could do to enhance those moments for them. Dig a little deeper and remember a time you saw your SO smile so big it nearly broke your heart and impart that kind of joy into their gift by personalizing it just for them.