Happy Birthday Irreplaceable Friend

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It’s the birthday of your irreplaceable friend and surely birthdays are significant. So, you want to post the correct words on your social media page. Or you want the right text message to send to that person to create a heartfelt moment. Wishing can be difficult though. How do you find the right words for that? You may have shared a huge number of birthday messages in the past, after all. How do you keep on repeating yourself again and again?

Hopefully the set of messages below will send you some new ideas and some inspiration, organized in several categories. Basically the right feeling can be as gratifying as any birthday present.

Happy Birthday Irreplaceable Friend


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  • Happy birthday to a person who happens to make so many other people happy all year round — and I’m one of them!


  • Saying someone keeps getting better with age is a cliche. But, that’s also the absolute truth in your case. Have an epochal birthday!


  • The coming year will certainly contain new adventures, new discoveries and a lot of surprises. I can’t wait to share every step of the journey with you.


  • I hope this year, you will receive lots of great gifts. And know that being a friend of ours is one of the greatest gifts I have ever got.


  • I hope all the wishes you have for your birthday come true. And if they do, then next year, please wish me a million dollars!
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  • Your birthday candles have something in common: You light up a room. And with your cake you have something in common: You are as sweet as you could be!


  • I am giving you lots of warm thoughts and smiles this year. It’s cheaper than having a new car sent to you. Wishing a friend Happy Birthday.


  • How do you have in common with wine, pizza, chocolate and you? I wouldn’t want to live without a single one! Have the best possible birthdays, my friend.


  • It’s better to post on social media than to send a birthday card No-one is disappointed to find out that there is no cash. Have a great birthday anyway!


  • I woke up this morning with one song in my heart. And I knew why then: It’s your birthday! Have one outstanding.


  • I know you ‘re getting lots of posts on social media today, so I’m going to keep mine as short and simple as I can: I love you.


Birthday Quotes for Irreplaceable Friend

Look at these another set of happy birthday Irreplaceable friend messages and pick the most suitable ones for your friend.


  • Nobody knows what the coming year will bring. But here is hope that every new day will at least give you a few reasons to smile. Have a happy birthday.


  • I hope your birthday is happy and I hope that after that you will have many, many happy birthdays. Thanks for being such a great friend and such a wonderful person!


  • Birthdays come and go — and lately, they seem to come and go faster and faster. Yet through all of this our friendship endures and grows ever more beautiful, just as you do.
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  • It doesn’t matter the years; it is the happy moments. Here’s to wish you a lot more of them.
    Age is just a number of how long you’ve enjoyed the world!
    Age is just a number of how long you’ve enjoyed the world. Happy Anniversary! Stay great!


  • Yeah, we ‘re all getting older, but with as much style and grace as you do not all of us. Rock on, you birthday fellow!


  • Every passing year is an accomplishment and a triumph, and I’m so glad you’ve scored another win.


  • You have always been a kind, considerate and caring person. You’ve always made life better for everyone. And I am so blessed you have always been a friend of mine.


  • You always think ahead of yourself about others. Let everyone else do pleasant things for you today. And be aware of how much you truly are treasured.


  • When I stop to think about the happiest things of my life, I know that just by being there you made so many of them better. And this is the most exciting thing of all: We are just starting! Nice b’day.


  • Whenever I want to be a better person or do the right thing, I just have to remind myself: What would you do? Thank you for setting a fantastic example and just being you, and for having an amazing birthday.


  • I’m raising a digital glass here on social media and offering you a virtual toast: You ‘re selfless, priceless, and flawless, and I’m honored to know you.
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