Female Orgasm: All You Need To Know

Female orgasm and all you need to know about it is what I explained in detail in this article. So relax while we go through it in a step by step way to make you have more understanding of everything you need to know. After reading this try to also read how many inches can a girl feel to learn more things.

What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is feeling you got from an intense pleasure during any sexual activity.

It’s you got when you reach the height of excitement. A feeling of satisfaction. It involves the contraction of the muscles in the genitals.. a man can have an orgasm, as well as a woman. 

Orgasm normally occurs during masturbation, or when there’s sexual intimacy between you and your partner or even more persons provided that sexual activities are going on.

The Orgasm of a man is different from that of the female orgasm because both of them have different sexual organs as well as responsibility. 

Orgasm of a man will be released in the form of sperm, which is capable of impregnating a woman when it’s deposited inside the woman’s vagina.


But female orgasm cannot impregnate a woman, instead, it marks as a sign of satisfaction in a woman. Some women can have an orgasm when they masturbate on their own while some cannot. And some can also have an orgasm during masturbation but will not be able to have it when they are with their partner.

Why can’t I orgasm


  1. Unable to focus.
  2. Inadequate romancing.
  3. Too much masturbation.
  4. Stress.
  5. Medical condition.
  6. Sexual trauma experience.
  7. Hormonal imbalance.
  8. Ugly relationship.
  9. Unable to ease yourself beforehand.
  10. Too much changing of position.


  • Unable to focus 

This is one of the reasons why you are not able to have an orgasm. During sexual activities, and you find out that your mind is somewhere else, and you can’t focus as, at that time, you will notice that, your partner will struggle all he could but, you won’t be able to have an orgasm. So, if you can’t orgasm, check this reason and know if you have fallen to it. Because for you to come quickly you need to concentrate as a woman.


  • Inadequate romancing

If your partner is not able to romance you very well in a way that you will be well stimulated, you will see that ability to orgasm will be far from you. Good and longer stimulation is needed so as to have a memorable orgasm. Even if when you are masturbating, if you don’t stimulate very well, you will not orgasm. So make sure to indulge in some good romancing and a better stimulation or you can also call it foreplay. 


  • Too much masturbation

Too much masturbation can lead to a problem in reaching orgasm. It’s not that you will not masturbate, but the problem here is that you masturbate more often than you are supposed. Masturbation should be done two times in a week or more but not every little time, you masturbate. Being addicted to masturbation can lead to serious problems in satisfaction during sexual activities.


  • Stress

When you are physically, mentally, and emotionally disturbed, there’s no how you can orgasm. The reason for not reaching orgasm is because you might be tired or stressed up and that will prevent you from giving in a maximum concentration towards the sexual activity with your partner.


  • Medical condition

There are some medical conditions that will prevent you from finding orgasm. Sometimes, the doctor may advise you to keep away from some certain things that may lead to struggling or anything, which in one way or the other, sexual activities may be included. So such a condition or even medicine can be the reason why you can’t have your orgasm as a woman. 


  • Sexual trauma experience

Sometimes, you may have some previous sexual trauma experience that is capable of stopping your sexual arousal when you are about to have an orgasm. This reason is another great reason that may lead to an inability to orgasm.


  • Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can as well lead to orgasm dysfunction. When the hormone responsible for urge and sexual satisfaction, is not well balanced. Your sexual activities cannot be completed so there will be no orgasm. There must be an obstacle or obstruction during the process. So you are advised to visit your doctor when you notice such a thing.


  • Ugly relationship

If you are having issues in your relationship, maybe your relationship is not Ina good shape. This reason can cause orgasm problems. Because all your mind will be either in one thing or the other. You won’t also feel the love that you two shared again. The spirit of anger shall be in you depriving you of orgasm.


  • Unable to ease yourself beforehand.

If you are not able to pea or urinate before going into the act, you may end up unsatisfied. So it is a very necessary topic before having sex with your partner.


  • Too much changing of position

Too much changing of position can also lead to orgasm dysfunction. Not that you won’t change position while making love with your partner, but you need to make it normal, let it not be too much because it will be kicking off the mood in which both of you have built. For example, under 10seconds you have changed up to 3 positions or 2.