Female Orgasm: All You Need To Know

How to have an orgasm

How to have an orgasm.

In order to have an orgasm, you should first understand what orgasm is and also how your body works to it. 

For instance, there are some people who don’t know what an orgasm is and how their body reacts during sexual activities. If you can be able to know the things that can turn you on or the things you like during sexual activities. It will help you know your muscles are contracting to die to the pleasure you are getting from the sexual arousal which helps in more satisfaction.

Secondly, you should also have in mind that, to be fully satisfied during sex, you should always put other things aside and concentrate on what is going on around you. You should also consider your self before anyone. That will help you have an orgasm even faster.

Thirdly, accept the feelings when it comes, do not push back or back off especially when you start to feel the sensation. Move on with it and relax so that the blood will flow around your nerves very well. Do not forget to choose a comfortable place so that you won’t be interrupted.

Lastly, allow your partner to pleasure you or tease you in a way that will touch your G-spot so that the feelings will not be shattered. In other words, do not reject foreplay from your partner, because it’s part of the excitement. Do not border about time, just carry on till you reach the climax.


What does a female orgasm feel like

The feeling of orgasm in women is different. The way it feels to this woman, will not be the same way it will feel to the other. But there are possible same feelings or slightly different you may notice on many females.

  1. Sometimes it may feel like a wave that runs through your whole body, making you be high and completely glowy. It’s a feeling that you must notice in your body.
  2. Sometimes it feels like you are going to cry, and not because it’s painful but because the pleasure is a massive one which cannot be controlled especially when you have almost reach the climax.
  3. You may feel a kind of tingling on your spine or at your feet, depending on how much build-up you can get. Again a kind of explosion will be rushed out and you will begin to feel better gradually with the continuous beating of your heart. All these happen as a sign that she is about to get to her climax.
  4. Some people feel warm and very comfortable when having an orgasm. Your body will be so sensitive that you feel highly urged in any little touch till you are satisfied.
  5. It feels as if you are about to pee,  kind of a long awaiting peeing that is about to rush out from your womanhood.
  6. It feels like a kind of current passing through your whole body, starting from your toes down to every part of your body just in one second.
  7. Your vagina will begin to be more tight and tight. And also the other muscle. And your vagina will be dancing from inside your stomach to the outer covering. It all signs of female orgasm that is about to happen.

How to make a woman orgasm

How to make a woman orgasm.

In lovemaking, it is required that both of you should be satisfied. It is really good when one person is satisfied and the other is not unless both of you decide on who to be satisfied and who not to.

There are ways in which you can make a female orgasm or a girl orgasm. Those ways are- 

  1. Choose a comfortable place
  2. Make sure that you smell good
  3. Spend much time in romancing
  4. Stimulate all her sensitive areas
  5. Devote your attention in kissing her passionately
  6. Locate her G-spot
  7. Do not focus on satisfying yourself, monitor her body language
  8. Do not be in a hurry to climax
  9. Tease her with your manhood a bit
  10.  Choose a better position


  • Choose a comfortable place

A relaxable and comfortable place is required when you want to make her orgasm. If she’s not comfortably relaxed, she will not concentrate and your plan will be ruined. So, while trying to make a woman or a girl orgasm, you should always consider the environment you are in, especially when dealing with a shy girl.


  • Make sure that you smell good

Consider taking a good look at yourself, freshening up, brush your teeth, and present yourself so we’ll so that it can help your work easier enough. When you are properly arranged, you will notice that she will be easily turned on without too much stress. 


  • Spend much time in romancing

Focus more on foreplay, because that will be the begining of her arousal. If You are good at foreplay, you will get exactly what you want and how you wanted it. But if you just jumped to penetration without foreplay, it may piss her off. And that pleasure may not be highly nurtured for an orgasm to happen. 


  • Stimulate all her sensitive areas

Take your time to stimulate her very well, especially in her sensitive areas, like her nipples, thighs, and all the areas that arouse her so we’ll. That means you should be very observed In order to notice the place that sweet her the most.


  • Devote your attention in kissing her passionately

A passionate kiss can go a long way in making orgasm. So devote your time in kissing her passionately and romantically. You can choose deep tongue kissing.


  • Locate her G-spot

A woman’s G-spot is a kind of rough but somehow smooth when stimulating well. It’s located below her stomach inside her vagina. Finding her G-spot and stimulating it very well will give you what you want. And do not be hard on her.


  • Do not focus on satisfying yourself, monitor her body language

At this point, all you need to do is to concentrate on satisfying her instead of yourself. Study her body language so that you will understand when to withdraw or when to continue. If you are able to understand her body language, you will be able to reach the climax with her and it will make you satisfy her.


  • Do not be in a hurry to climax

Take it slow and steady. Do not rush things. Do not mind your time instead of mind your duty as at that moment. If you rush it, you may be satisfied or she may also force herself to climax but it won’t be easy and enjoyable anymore.


  • Tease her with your manhood a bit

Sometimes, you can tease her with your manhood. Like romancing her vaginal with your manhood without pushing in. Tease her for some time and then push in small, do that two or three times with a better romancing before pushing in finally. It will help in making her come quickly


  • Choose a better position

Choose a position that will help you reach her G-spot. A position that will give both of you a nice pleasure ever. And do not frequently change position because it can piss her off. Stay long in one before changing, unless you noticed that she’s not comfortable with the previous one.