Female Orgasm: All You Need To Know

Prostate orgasm. How to have a prostate orgasm

To have a prostate orgasm, you need to be in the mood. Do not mind the things happening outside you, instead, draw your mind towards the activity and achieve the pleasure from it. Just as it happens in a woman.

For a man, an orgasm feels the same way for a woman, only that this one will be rushed out in a large quantity. And it’s capable of making a woman pregnant. 

Orgasm of a man feels like an electric current that passes through your whole body. And at that time, you will feel the sweetness of the sensation, and your penis will get more hard and strong, even your pushing will be increased till the liquid is rushed out. 

What is a ruined orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is an unsatisfied sexual activity. An orgasm that is already built but one or two things interrupted it from rushing out. Or it can also be the inability for your partner to perform very well on the bed. A forced orgasm can also be called a ruined orgasm.


  • When you are about to climax and your partner intentionally withdrew his tool, making some excuses. This is called an intentionally ruined orgasm. And such ruin can hurt the most because she is bout to be satisfied.
  • Secondly, you are almost at the peak of the whole thing, when someone interrupts you and you hurriedly jumped up. It’s an unintentional ruin orgasm. Although it will hurt but not that much.
  • Thirdly, you are almost there and you received an alert or an important call or message. Your mind will automatically be divided and the whole pleasure will fall back. This is called a mind ruined orgasm
  • Lastly, your man or your woman is not able to perform very well on the bed. Maybe you are the one doing all the work but you really need to climax. You may now decide to climax forcefully just to settle yourself. You will find out that, there’s no enjoyment in that and you are not happy about the waste of energy. This one is called rubbish ruin orgasm

So ruined orgasm occurred when you are about to climax and something comes up to interrupt you. It prevents you from reaching her climax.


How many calories does an orgasm burn?

For a woman, it’s assumed that you burn about 3 calories a minute while a full man burns 4 calories. Calculate it to the number of minutes you took to orgasm and with that, you can get the actual calories you have spent.

What happens if a woman doesn't climax
What happens if a woman doesn’t climax

What happens if a woman doesn’t climax?

  1. Always gives excuses
  2. She will show no response
  3. She masturbates more often
  4. Shows no interest in sex anymore
  5. She will give you directions
She gives excuses

Ruined female orgasms will make her to always give you reasons or makes some excuses not to have sex with you. Or if she always says that she is tired or sleeps off instead. Then know that something is wrong. Because it’s also a sign of a girl that doesn’t climax each you meet her.

She will show no response

If you are with her and she doesn’t always show some responses. As a woman, she will always be touching or showing some signs like a woman who is in the mood to feel you as her man. But if she doesn’t show all these signs even when you are having intercourse, like the way she morns and act will tell you better.

She masturbates more often

If she always looks for any other measure or means to satisfy herself or urges then know that she doesn’t climax with you.

 She shows no interest in sex anymore

If you notice that she shows no interest or that she had lost it all in sex, then try to ask her some questions about it because it may be a sign that she doesn’t climax or taste her Female Orgasm.

She will give you directions

If she always directs you on how to do it or if she always changes your position on how to do it right for her. Then know that maybe she is not enjoying it well. And that shows at times that she didn’t reach to climax on your other performances, and wants you to do it better this time.

What Is G Spot?

G-Spot, which is Grafenber spot. It is a small area inside the vagina.

And it is located about an inch or so inside the vaginal opening on the upper vaginal wall that is closest to the bellybutton.

The G-spot is known to be sexually sensitive and also swells slightly during arousal and it also feels raised or bumpy.

Although not all women have this tissue. While some will like their G-spots to be stimulated and others also don’t like it that way. So many women will even notice no difference in sensation one way or the other. Many women have this. And about 10 percent of them do ejaculate when their G-spots are stimulated.

G-Spot also works the same way the clitoris works in women. To stimulate them higher during sexual intercourse. Which makes them reach the climax and have total satisfaction of sex. And also which makes some women have good enjoyment of sex.

I hope you now understood what the G-Spot means and its work in the female body. But if you still have any suggestions or still what to talk more about this. Then you can make use of the comment section for others to learn from you too.