how to keep my husband sexually satisfied

how to keep my husband sexually satisfied
how to keep my husband sexually satisfied

How to keep my husband sexual satisfied? How to ride my man? All these are questions many ladies and women are asking today. Because it is very important in any relationship.

Lovemaking is sweet, and it sweeter when both of you work together in Inorder to achieve better excitement.

There are ways in which you can ride your man to make him ask for more. After reading try to also read signs he is making love to you to know if the guy truly loves you, or just wants to have sex with you.

Satisfying your husband is the most important thing to do and think of as a woman. Suppose it troubles you and disturb you on what to do about your husband to make him happy and satisfy him sexually. Then you have to visit the right place for you to know all that and understand it all better. I will let you know today the way and things you need to do for your husband to be sexually satisfied. So now, let me not talk much About this and tell you something to do to keep him sexually happy.

How to keep my husband sexually satisfied

  1. Wear sexy and seductive cloths
  2. Use a bedroom voice when talking with him alone.
  3. Compliment him
  4. Change positions
  5. Ride on him
  6. Communicate with him
  7. Watch porn together
  8. Wrap your legs around him
  9. Kiss him romantically
  10. Romance his manhood romantically
  11. Use the tongue on his breast
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Wear sexy and seductive cloths

Putting on seductive and sexy dresses will help to get him in the mood and seduce him easily. Don’t be known as that woman who doesn’t bother to look for dresses that turn him on. But wear only those dresses that will easily capture a man’s eyes when he is with you. I don’t say you should dress anyhow in public but put then on when you are in the house with your husband to draw his attention.

Use a bedroom voice when talking with him alone.

When talking or discussing alone with your husband, try to use a bedroom voice and romance him at times when talking with him. Doing so, together with the way you dress will easily seduce him and get him in the mood. If you always do all these, he will be happy with you.

Compliment him

Try to compliment him in his ride or on the ones he is doing already and romance his back gently as you praise him. As he is riding on, you try to make some noise or sound to make him understand how you feel about it.

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