How To Keep My Husband Sexually Satisfied

How to keep my husband sexual satisfied? How to ride my man? All these are questions many ladies and women are asking today. Because it is very important in any relationship.

Lovemaking is sweet, and it sweeter when both of you work together in Inorder to achieve better excitement.

There are ways in which you can ride your man to make him ask for more. After reading try to also read signs he is making love to you to know if the guy truly loves you, or just wants to have sex with you.

Satisfying your husband is the most important thing to do and think of as a woman. Suppose it troubles you and disturb you on what to do about your husband to make him happy and satisfy him sexually. Then you have to visit the right place for you to know all that and understand it all better. I will let you know today the way and things you need to do for your husband to be sexually satisfied. So now, let me not talk much About this and tell you something to do to keep him sexually happy.

How to keep my husband sexually satisfied

  1. Wear sexy and seductive cloths
  2. Use a bedroom voice when talking with him alone.
  3. Compliment him
  4. Change positions
  5. Ride on him
  6. Communicate with him
  7. Watch porn together
  8. Wrap your legs around him
  9. Kiss him romantically
  10. Romance his manhood romantically
  11. Use the tongue on his breast

Wear sexy and seductive cloths

Putting on seductive and sexy dresses will help to get him in the mood and seduce him easily. Don’t be known as that woman who doesn’t bother to look for dresses that turn him on. But wear only those dresses that will easily capture a man’s eyes when he is with you. I don’t say you should dress anyhow in public but put then on when you are in the house with your husband to draw his attention.

Use a bedroom voice when talking with him alone.

When talking or discussing alone with your husband, try to use a bedroom voice and romance him at times when talking with him. Doing so, together with the way you dress will easily seduce him and get him in the mood. If you always do all these, he will be happy with you.

Compliment him

Try to compliment him in his ride or on the ones he is doing already and romance his back gently as you praise him. As he is riding on, you try to make some noise or sound to make him understand how you feel about it.

Change positions

Try to try out new styles and things with him and do not depend on one form changing positions will make the who experience to feel so great and lovely for him.

Ride on him

Don’t always allow him to take the lead always but also try to ride on top of him at times. Doing so will make him relax and understand you well and styles that you love and how it sweets you.

Communicate with him

Don’t just leave things that way but also try to make sounds and talk to him on the best styles and way that sweets you most. If he is doing it this way and you are not enjoying it, don’t keep quiet about it but be open and free about it to him. It makes men happy to see there woman telling them what they want and how they need it. So tell him and direct him.

how to keep my husband sexually satisfied

Watch porn together

Put porn and ask him to come and watch it with you, be free and open with him. Tell him that you want them to check out styles that sweet and also learn more about new techniques that you two can also try out.

“how to keep my husband sexually satisfied.”

Wrap your legs around him

During sex, try to wrap your legs around him. It will draw him closer and make him enter you well and also enjoy you more because of the soft and smooth of your laps. So try to wrap your legs around him

Kiss him romantically

Kissing him during sex is good and gets him more seduce and be in the mood more. So try always to kiss your husband during sex and romance him as you do so to make him happy.

Romance his manhood romantically

Try to romance his manhood and not all about inserting in you. Play around his manhood with your finger to get him high and make him feel you more. I love it when women romance there manhood and even suck it. It sweet men most, so do it if you can or do only romance with your fingers.

Use the tongue on his breast

Try to suck his breast with your tongue moving around it. It sweet men most just as it cute women and make you as a woman get high that same thing it also does to men. So don’t allow him to be the only one that sucks your breast.

How To Ride Your Man

How to ride your man

  1. Carefully make yourself comfortable on top of him.
  2. Please yourself first before pleasing him
  3. Make it freaky
  4. Do no base on one pattern.
  5. Relax, and do not rush things.
  6. Be confident and motivated
  7. Control and juice him
  8. Go on slow and steady to avoid being tired
  9. Fling your hair on him once in a long ride
  10. Put romantic music that will spicy it up.
  11. You both should work together.
  12. Concentration vis needed to achieve your goal.


  • Carefully make yourself comfortable on top of him.

Carefully sit on top of your man as well as making yourself comfortable on him. If you sit anyhow on him, you might end up hurting him or even hurting yourself because his penis is already strong and hard at that point. So carefully insert it in you and sit on top of him, making yourself comfortable.

“how to keep my husband sexually satisfied.”

  • Please yourself first before pleasing him

Do not border too much in pleasing him, instead first please yourself. Make sure to enjoy every bit of it because he will drive joy and more arouse when he sees you enjoying him while riding him. So please yourself before pleasing him. You may focus on pleasing him and may end up displeasing yourself, which he may not like.


  • Make it freaky

Make it done kind of freaking. Let be like you are flirting with him. Make use of some dirty words or naughty lines that will keep the move going. Kiss him on his body while sitting on top of him you can slightly such his breasts while in him, romance him or even nipple play with his nipples. Just make the sensation freaky enough. To add more excitement and an adventurous element to the bedroom, you can also explore fantasies and enhance intimacy through role-play by wearing a sexy maid costume or something else that your husband fancies.

“how to keep my husband sexually satisfied.”

  • Do no base on one pattern.

Do not base on just one pattern. You can change motion. You can turn backward or even sideways. Just make sure not to sit on one pattern and ride. Try another direction. Do shake your waist on him. You can push it up and down while sitting on him, for it will give him a romantic sensation that he will ever love.

  • Relax, and do not rush things.

Do not be in a hurry to be satisfied. Instead, take it slow and steady. Relax and work your erotic life out. Enjoy your man relaxingly, and do not rush it.

  • Be confident and motivated.

Be confident with yourself. Motivate yourself and believe that you can do the best. Do not feel awkward or afraid. Just think that no one is inferior, so go on it and be motivated. Spicy your relationship so much with a lot of confidence in you and motivational acting.

  • Control and juice him

Be in control of his penis and make him juicy. Let it be a kind of tight and friction. Make him feel some friction once in a while so that he can feel the walls of your vagina on the top of his penis then dig inside again. Just be creative with him and give him some ride that he had never experienced before.

“how to keep my husband sexually satisfied.”

  • Go on slow and steady to avoid being tired.

To avoid getting tired, you should always remember to be slow and steady. You can speed it when it’s time and control the movement when you feel like you are getting tired, but focus on the ride and maintain your balance.

  • Fling your hair on him once in a long ride

Sometimes, try to touch him by your hair, for it will make him feel the motion, and it impresses him the most. Let it not be too frequent just once in a long ride.

  • Put romantic music that will spicy it up.

Make use of some romantic music that will keep the activity on spark. There’s always power in romantic music when making love, especially when you are the one riding your man. Try it, and you will love it.

  • You both should work together.

Let your man understand that it’s a teamwork. If both of you don’t work together, you will not achieve better excitement that you needed. You need to work together with him to fulfill your desires.

  • Concentration is needed to achieve your goal.

You need to concentrate so as not to get off mode. So take note of that.

How do you make your husband want you all the time?

  • Wear sexy and attractive clothes for him.
  • Don’t be known for a bad smell because it is bad for you as a wife.
  • Try always to take your bath and dress neatly with good fragrance.
  • Learn always to tease him and use some naughty words.

How can I make my husband sexually interested in me again?

  • Know the best things to do to attract him.
  • Try to be neat and apply an excellent fragrance to him.
  • Dress in sexy and attractive clothes.
  • Cook his best meal and do the thing that will make him happy.
  • And then try making use of naughty words to turn him on.
  • Avoid those things that irritate him.


Finally, I hope that with this you have understood the question “how to keep my husband sexually satisfied.”, so you can also read what makes a man leave his wife for another woman, and learn more about the things that can make your husband leave you and avoid them.