Signs He Is Making Love To You

Signs he is making Love to you are not that hard to see in a man. So relax and take your time to go through everything I said in this article and watch the videos to learn more about it.

If you want to know the real signs, he is making Love to you and not just having sex with you. Or you want to know the things you will see in a man and say YES, he loves me and is enjoying me. Suppose you are worried if he really loves you or just playing around with you. Then relax, for I will explain all now.


Signs He Is Making Love To You

  • He will care about your feeling.
  • He will always look at your face.
  • The way he kisses you.
  • He will not rush you on it.
  • There will be more romance than sex.

How do you tell a man is truly making Love to you?

  • He will care about your feeling. When you’re sleeping with a man who loves you, you will notice that during sex, he will look at how you feel, whether you love that pattern or feel those positions well. He will not just look at how he feels but also at you and how you feel about it.
  •  He will always look at your face. During sex, he will focus more on your response; it’s only through it he will understand you and how you feel about it. A man who wants to have sex with you will never be looking at you. Instead, he will be concentrated more on the sex that he is having than looking at your face. That guy who loves you and looks at your face when having sex with you doesn’t just have sex as if it’s just sex. Neither does he see you as a sex toy, but he sees you as the one he loves.
  • The way he kisses you. If you are with the guy who loves you, he will not just kiss you but will also do that romantically in a way that will get you to turn on more and make you understand that he really cares about you and not just the sex. A guy who doesn’t love you may not even kiss you, and even if he does so, it will never be romantically or quite often.
  • He will not rush you on it. Since he loves you and cares about your feelings and emotions, he will not be in a hurry but will relax and understand you well and even make sure you are satisfied and happy. If you are having sex with someone who doesn’t love you, he will never do all that. He doesn’t love you, so that everything may look like a rush. Since all he wants is to do it and go without even bothering to know if you are satisfied.
  • There will be more romance than sex. A guy who loves a girl never rushes to sex. He takes his time to see if you are okay and highly aroused with full enjoyment and sweetness of sex before rushing to sex. A man who never loved you and will take all as just having sex and fun will never care about those things, and there may not even be much romance.

Signs he's enjoying you on the bed.

Signs he loves you when making Love.

He reacts and does things when he is on the bed with you. Like he will look into your eyes with a smile and also see that he satisfies you during sex.

  • He will always be looking into your eyes directly with a smile.
  • He will change the style as soon as he realizes you don’t fancy what he’s doing.
  • He won’t border to satisfy only himself. He will also care about your satisfaction.
  • He will be moaning for you with some pet names in his mouth.
  • He, too, kisses your lips and all parts of your body.

Signs he's having sex with you but not making Love

Signs he’s having sex with you but not signs of making Love.

There are certain things that your man may do, and you will understand that he is only after having sex with you but not making Love because having sex and making Love are two different things altogether. Although the two of them may go together, if you can understand it, you will know that there is a big difference between them.
With these few signs, you will be able to know the difference.

  • He will choose a style that only suits him without considering how you may feel about that.
  • He will go faster and more steadily with just one pattern as he is forcing you.
  • He won’t try to romance you and will only go straight into fucking you.
  • He won’t be able to kiss you for a long time. He will be avoiding your mouth in coming together.
  • He will withdraw as soon as he is fully satisfied.

both of you is enjoying it

Signs that show that you two are enjoying the lovemaking.

Little signs will indicate how enjoyable your lovemaking is with both of you.

  •  Both of you will feel happy and relaxed in the arms of each other.
  • You both will always wait for each other before withdrawing your urges.
  • There will be romantic communication that will go between you two.

For example.
Come on, baby!
I love your moves
Such appreciating and encouraging words will be familiar to both of you.

  • You won’t feel ashamed of yourself after lovemaking.
  • You both will like to look into your eyes while making Love.



How to last long on bed.

How to last long in bed.

Sometimes this long-lasting thing has brought so many breakups in some relationships. Some think that their partners are incapable of bed, or maybe he is weak. But sometimes, there are things that you need to do for him to last long in bed. Because it is not always a problem, some problems may be from your hands. With these few steps, your partner will pick up.

  1. Don’t always feed him with one particular style at a time.
  2. Initiate foreplay
  3. Engaged him in dirty discussions and play with him.
  4. Do not go straight into making Love; drive the mood in so many directions before arriving at to point.
  5. Try dominating him, be in charge, and lead the go.

he will come for more

Signs he will come for more.

Sometimes you may think that he won’t come again after that first one. You may wonder if he enjoyed lovemaking with you since he hasn’t asked for more. Some signs will show he will come for More.

  1. He will start admiring your looks, your hips, and your smiles.
  2. He will tell you how sweet you are on the bed and how creative you are.
  3. He will always give you romantic eye contact that sends beautiful and wanting signals into your soul.
  4. He will hug you on your waist and will drag you slowly to the wall or bedroom.
  5. He will start romancing you and kissing you at the same time.

All these signs show that he wants some more from you.

Signs he wants to make Love to you

  1. He will always want you to come around. He never seems to leave without seeing you by his side.
  2. He calls you every time and every minute of the day.
  3. He will travel from afar to check on you and touch you.
  4. He will not like to get his eyes off you. Instead, he will have one of your photos to remind him of you.
  5. He will buy you new pants and sexy clothes to keep you hot and sexy before his eyes.

How to tell he loves you by his kiss

If he only kisses you without being too quick to have you, it’s a sign know he loves you because a guy who loves you will only move with you as you kiss him and will not try to use the kiss opportunity to take advantage of you.

How to know if he enjoyed it

If he enjoys it, he will be happy, relaxed, and satisfied with you. He will also ask you for more and always return for more. With all these, you will know that he always enjoys it.

Signs he is not satisfied.

If he is not satisfied, he will complain or tell you, but if you refuse, he will feel sad, but if you want to know if he is satisfied without him complaining to you, look at his face to see if he is happy or sad. If unsatisfied, he will touch and romance you to get you in the mood for more.


Why does he look me in the eyes when making Love?

  • It shows he loves you and wants to be sure you are enjoying it.
  • He also wants to make sure that you are not in pain.
  • For him to do so, he cares about how you feel


A man who doesn’t see it as just sex takes his time to make sex more enjoyable for you. He will look at your face and understand when you are okay and need more. He will take his time to romance you. Make you happy, look directly into your eyes, and tell you all he wants, and you will see the fire of Love in him. That guy who sees all as having fun never bothers to learn about all that and what makes you feel more loved and happy during sex. Immediately he is satisfied, he will come down without considering your feelings.

If he enjoys you in bed, he will always come back for more and easily get attracted each time you are alone. He will always talk about it and try to get you in the mood.