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What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?

There have been several cases about a man leaving his wife for another one. And there are many reasons why we see this kind of thing, that is why I decided to talk on those reasons that will make a man decide on its own to walk away from the woman he loved and got married to. “What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?”

It sounds weird, but it happens, and at times it might be the fault of the woman and can also be the fault of the man. No matter whose fault it is, we will surely look into it and get the exact reason why it happens. 

So relax because we are going to look deep into this because this issue has been one of the problems we are facing in society today. It doesn’t affect the husband or the wife that way. But it does affect their children because there is no way you can train a child to be better in society when there is a broken marriage. 

This is the primary reason why we need to understand the reason why it happens in other for us to know the best way to tackle the problem. Now let me not waste much of your time and go straight to the reasons or to what makes a man leave his wife for another woman.

What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?

  1. Lack of respect.
  2. No caring.
  3. Lack of Attention.
  4. Inability to cook.
  5. Not been good on the bed.
  6. No more love.
  7. Lack of trust.
  8. The nonchalant attitude of the woman.
  9. Cheating.
  10. Lack of appreciation.
  11. Not being supportive.
  12. Third-party.
  13. Influence of his friends.
  14. He is confused.
  15. Career woman


  • Lack of respect.

Lack of respect

As a woman, you should always try at all costs to obey your husband and treat him with so much value and respect. If you don’t value, obey, and show your respect towards him. How will you then expect him to be happy? A man can not leave you if you are the type that treats him well.

“What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?”

  • No caring.

What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?

There is responsibility for every woman who is married, and part of this responsibility is caring for your man. As a man cares for you, and help provide your need, you should also learn to take good care of him too. Who will wash and iron his dress if not you?  If he is the type that goes to work early in the morning, also try to wake up and prepare his meal and arrange the dress he put on. 

Even when he is in the workplace, try to call or text him. Checking up on him and doing so much of your work as a woman will make him have you in his mind. But neglecting all these can cause him to quickly leave you, especially if any other woman treats him well.


  • Lack of attention.

Lack of attention

If you don’t give your husband your attention, who else will you give it? As the woman of the house, you have to know when your man is troubled and come closer to him and try your best to understand why he is disturbed. 

Listen to him when he is talking to you. Never you walk away from him no matter what. Show him that you want to be the one he should be thinking of in anything. Show him that you are always ready to be with him and care about him in any way that you can. Doing all these makes you a better wife and a woman of his heart.

“What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?”

  • Inability to cook.

What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?

It is said if you want to love and show a man how much you love and appreciate him, then cook for him. Food is one of the ways a woman can use to walk into a man’s heart. So if you don’t cook for your man, maybe because you don’t know how to do so. Why not talk to him about it and go and look for a place or where you can learn it. If he is a man that loves you, he will be happy.

Cooking for your man is a striking thing every woman needs to be doing for her man, most notably her husband. It makes your man feel happy and proud. Men, at times, do argue about the best meal or woman who cooks well. If you cook for him, he will be very pleased and bold to argue with his friends about it. He may even invite them over for dinner or launch for them to taste how good his wife can cook.

  • Not being good on the bed.

What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?

Some women may say, what did this get to do here. Well, it has a lot to do, because a man will never be happy with his woman if she never satisfies him. If he finds it hard also to satisfy you as a woman don’t just leave him alone and take it as if it is not your problem. You both should try always to make sure that you satisfy each other. 

In fact, try so hard to see that your sexual life is good. A man can leave his wife or even cheat on her if your sexual life or performance is terrible. Learn to make sure that your sexual life is okay, call him and talk to him about it and make your that your sexual life is not lacking in any way.

“What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?”

  • No more love.

No more love

If he doesn’t love you again or have feelings for you, then you need to sit up and know the reason behind it and try to fix it. Learn what exactly is lacking in your marriage and how to fix it. Start treating him as if you both are still new boyfriend and girlfriend, wear attractive dresses. 

Help him to see your real beauty and the authentic taste in you. Don’t just fold your hands and leave him to battle it alone, learn to do all those things that are needed from a woman to make his man love and show concern towards you again.

Learn ways to seduce your man and put on different seductive clothes that will attract him and remember him that it is still that beautiful lady he loves and admires so much. Show him that you always look beautiful and sexy as you do so don’t forget to care and do your duties as a woman. With both join together, he will still have millions of reasons to love you again.

  • Lack of trust.

Lack of trust

If this is lacking in your marriage and you keep calm, bear in mind that you are making a huge mistake. He can cheat on you, he can leave you for another woman, and he can never believe or agree quickly in whatever you are saying and all this makes a man start losing interest in his woman.

  • The nonchalant attitude of the woman.

The nonchalant attitude of the woman

Leaving a life as if nothing concerns you is not good. You don’t have to feel less concerned about anything about your marriage. Don’t think that all the problems are left for the man of the house to solve or fix.

If you are doing so stop it. When you look at your man and notice that he is not happy or something troubles him, go to him and try to know what is wrong. He is your man and also your responsibility too. Listen to him when he talks to you and take things that he told you seriously and never play with all the words or take most things as if they are nothing. You may lose him to another woman if you do so.

“What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?”

  • Cheating.


This is one of the crucial things that cannot only make a man to leave his wife but will also break the marriage apart easily. When the woman or the man starts cheating, it is the beginning of the downfall in that marriage. 

When your man is cheating, you need to make sure you try and stop him from doing so because if he is the type that doesn’t hold his emotions, he may break up with you one day and got married to the other woman. If on the other hand, he got you cheating, he may get mad and leave you if he is the type of man that can’t forgive.

So you see it is a hazardous activity that leads to the destruction of the marriage. It doesn’t have any good ending but destruction in a marriage. That is why you need to look for a way to fix it if such a thing happens in your marriage.

  • Lack of appreciation.

Lack of appreciation

Most women are fond of this, and it is not good. Learn to be grateful and show a sign of appreciation for anything your husband does for you. If you never appreciate him or show him a symbol of happiness in you for what he has done for you, that is very bad then.

Is only when you say “Thank you” on anything he does and be happy with it that way, will he do more. I want you to know something, and no man will buy you anything if he doesn’t care about you. He can’t also buy more than he can afford. If your man got enough, he would do more for you.

So please try at all time to understand him. If you never appreciate him and one day he does something small for another woman and she shows an excellent appreciation to him. He can then start picking interest from there and once he starts developing interest feelings will follow up. And when he starts doing all these, there is nothing that you can do again, that he will love or value. 

And maybe one day he will decide a man to leave you and go for her. So you see why you need to appreciate your man in anything that he does for you. By doing so, you won’t give any space to any woman to come and take your man away from you.

“What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?”

  • Not being supportive.

Not being supportive

Like I said before, the man must not do everything. Try at times to help him do things, don’t fold your hands and allow him to make all the payments and carry all the problems on his head alone. Yes I know is his duty as a man but you are also his helper and adviser.

By calling you his helper doesn’t mean you should take all the problems too. But what I mean is this everything must not wait for a man to return before you do it. There is news I heard some time ago about a woman that builds a house with the money the man dropped for him at times to run house activities.

I don’t mean you should build a house because it is very high, but all am saying is to help him save if he can’t do so. Buy small things that are lacking in the house if you can. Don’t be wholly dependent on your husband. All these will make him get tired one day and leave you for a woman who can understand, especially if is a man that can’t endure, or withstand things in most situations.

  • Third-party.


This is one major problem in most marriages today. Suppose you are the type of woman that listens to advice from friends and even from your parents. Then you need to stop doing so. It never a good thing and advisable to do.

I want you to understand this. Your marriage is your own alone, and what works for you may not work for others. Every family has his or her way of leaving. You can’t expect all the countries to have the same constitution.  It not possible, and that way, it is not also possible for what works for this family to work for you.

Avoid third party, no matter who the person is to you. I don’t say it is never good to ask your parents for advice or listen to your friends but let them not be the ones that will ultimately control your marriage if you continue doing so. Your husband May wake up one day and leave you, because you may be treating him in ways that he doesn’t want.

  • Influence of friends and family.

Influence of friends and family

Most at times, it might not be your fault. You may have tried your best to make him happy but still can’t do so to him. Don’t continue to blame yourself if he leaves you, because most at times are bad friends that do cause it and he will one day regret leaving you. If he keeps bad friends, don’t be surprised if this happens. 

But it is most places that value male child more, then expect it to happen if you two don’t give birth to a male child and especially if he is the type that listens to friends and family advice.

“What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?”

  • He is confused.

He is confused

Yes, sometimes it happens especially if the man doesn’t know what he wants in life or from a woman. And It is not suitable to be with such a person because no matter what you do, you can never make him happy. The best way to handle this situation is to take things easy with him and make him realize your value and how lovely you are. But if none seems to work out, don’t kill yourself over it.

  • Career woman.

What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?

Don’t ask much if you are the type that thinks mostly about her business instead of your man. Suppose you give your business more time more than you give to your husband. Then expect him to leave you for another caring woman who will bring out her time to love and take care of him.

Finally, I want you to understand that what makes a man leave his wife for another woman is nothing else than the way his woman treats him. So mind your character towards your husband. Value him and treat him with so much care and respect. Don’t think because you are married that you will don’t need to dress and look sexy again. 

Now is the time you should even taking good care of yourself. Looking beautiful for your husband, so that other girls out there won’t take him away from you if you notice that he is keeping bad friends. Don’t shout or get mad at him, just take your time and use your power as a woman to talk to him and follow him gradually till he stops it.

If you have done all these and he still leaves you. Don’t blame yourself because it is not your fault, and he will surely regret leaving you. So try to make sure that you try your best and leave the rest to God.

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“What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?”

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