How Many Inches Can A Woman Feel? (Best Size Women Enjoys)

Well  many guys have been complaining and saying, “my girlfriend or wife don’t feel my penis when i insert into her, how can I make her feel it and how many inches can enter a woman or can a woman feel.”

So I decided to answer that question. For all to read and learn from it, and to also make you to understand more about the virginal and how it works during sex, so without talking much on this issue let me go straight in answering the question.


You can download How many inches do you need to please a woman- as PDF if you want to.


How many inches do you need to please a woman?

According to studies and research the depth of a virginal is about 3 to 7inches. By this I mean for and adult and not a child. Now on the question “How many inches can a woman feel?” the answer depends on the size of the virginal, because during sex a woman virginal is said to be expanded by 200%. 

Although not all virginal expand up to that, but it is the highest of expansion of a woman virginal during sex and can even expand more during child birth.

It is also said that most women who have not given birth have about 3 to 4 inches and can also expand during sex, but after giving birth it increases to accommodate more. 

At first during sex a woman can feel about 6 to 8 inches but can accommodate more during sex or when fully aroused, because during that time her virginal will expand both in length and in width making it to accommodate more .

With this I believe you have understood the answer to your question. Now over to you if you still have more knowledge or something else you feel that we will know on this, do let us know from the comment box so that others to can learn more on this topic. 

Best Size that Satisfy women

The best size that women love is from 6 inches up, anyone that is lesser than this size will be very hard to enjoy or hit her well, but in all is always good for a man to learn and know how to ride a woman because without knowing how to ride her well then you can’t really satisfy her no matter what your size may be.