5 love languages

5 love languages
5 love languages

There is language of love, which everyone must pass through even you reading this, I myself who is writing this is not exempted from it. It’s the only language spoken and understands to anyone who is in love with someone or who loves someone. “5 love languages”

No matter what you say about it or what you think about it, you must pass through it as long as you love someone or that you fell in love with someone and that is why it’s called love languages. So relax let me tell you more about it. You might be surprise that you have already passed through all or some of them.


5 love languages


  1. Words of Affirmation (Using of words).

In this one you try all your best to use words to express your feelings and love for the person. In this type you will look for the best way for you to express that true love and feelings that you have for someone. You will try the best you can to make the person to understand how deep and important the person is in your life. You may be carried away when doing this, because you are not the one speaking at that time but your love and feelings is what’s going to the person at that time.

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  1. Acts of service (When actions speaks).

Yes this is the act of using actions to express your love and feelings for someone, instead of just talking to the person. In this type of language you don’t need to speak a lot or waste much time, but you only need to prove or show all of these things in actions. So you see now that when you take all your time to express or prove that your love and feelings you have started doing this one.

“5 love languages”

  1. Using gifts.

Whenever you see yourself thinking of the best thing to buy for the one you love, or when you go out and buy gift for someone. That shows and proves to the person, that you love and think about the person, and if you are doing it, you are already speaking one of the love languages. So bear in mind that whenever you move out and buy gift for the one you love, you are already practicing this. For you can’t buy gift or something to anyone if you are not thinking about the person or if you don’t have the person in mind.


  1. Quality time (Spending more time with the one you love).

Sometimes you will notice that if you are in love with someone, you will try to be close with the person and spend more time with the person. It is a part of love language, because if not love, you will not have to think about it, give the person attention and even spend all your time with the person but still eager to spend more. So that time you make just to have a good time or visit places alone with the one you love is the quality time that we are talking about here, as one of the languages that love has.

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  1. Physical touches (Emotional touch).

Those times you are alone with your love, kissing, romancing and making love with your partner is where this one falls. All those things can’t be there if you are not in love, remember that emotions come with love. So the emotional touches you do with your partner are known as physical touches in love languages.


Finally I believe that I explained it all to you in the way that you understand it well. All these signs maybe seen in everyone when he or she falls in love, but every individual has its own primary language when the person falls in love.

Now over to you, let’s hear your own primary language of love.

“5 love languages”

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