Love message for her

Love message for her
Love message for her

You can get messages that you can send to her for you to tell her, the importance of having her in your life. For you to make her understand how special and lovely she is. Do you wish to let her know that she is a blessing in your life? Did you want to make her understand that without her you are empty and can’t do anything? “Love message for her”

I know you also want to make her see your love for her in the text or this message you want to send. No matter what the case may be, I will let you know today, the best and cutest messages you need to send to her. With these love messages she will understand how lovely and special she is and how happy you are for having such a wonderful girl like her.

So you see I understand exactly how you feel and what will be perfect for her that is why I decided to write down for you the cutest love messages you can send to her. So without wasting much of your time let me now tell you the best messages you can send to her. After reading this try to also read how to make her miss you badly, to learn more on the things that will make a girl miss you


Love message for her


  1. Ever since I met you my whole life has never been the same. I have tried to hide and lie to myself that I cannot love you but the more I do the more I fall for you. My dear, please allow me to be the one to love you forever.
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  1. Looking at the sky, I see nothing except your name written all over it. That is why I realized that I can’t do anything in this life without having you by my side.

“Love message for her”

  1. If I ask you to be my girlfriend, I may end up losing you one day, if I ask you to be my wife, we may divorce, if I ask you to be my heart I may lose you when I die but I ask you to please be part of my soul so that I will be sure that I will forever be with you even after this life is gone with all in it. I will still have you.


  1. I accept that I have dated so many girls, I have been in many relationships but I don’t accept that any person in this world has ever made me feel the way I feel for you now. Please I beg you to let me love you.


  1. I have seen many people in this world and many girls in this world but I have never seen one with the same heart and beauty like you. That is why I decided today to let you know that, comes rain comes sunshine my love for you will never change.


  1. Am not sure about how tomorrow will be, neither am I sure if life will be good for us tomorrow. But one thing which is 100% sure today is that nothing can change the love and feelings I have for you.

“Love message for her”

  1. I was asked today in church about what my prayer request is, guess what I prayed for. To be the only one in this world that you will love and cherish because I have made up my mind to live and die for you no matter what happens.
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  1. One request I want to make from you today is this, please never you in this life cry or suffer. Because as long as I live, I will die making sure that you are forever happy.


  1. I was very sick, but I was very surprised when the doctor prescribed the medicine to cure my sickness, and he said that all I need is your love. So please give me your love, because I will die if you don’t do so.


  1. Never for once have I prayed to God for something and he failed me, but when I pray for love, I expected to be given the love that everyone has but I was surprised when he gave me a special heart and a loving girl like you. My angel you worth more than life itself and deserve loving and dying for. “Love message for her”

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