Why Do My Husband Want To Share Me?

Are you wondering why your husband wants to share you with another man? Are you confused on what came over him to think of sharing his wife with another man, just relax and read this Post as it tends to tell you the reason behind his actions, and the possible way to know. Below is the likely reason behind his Interest in sharing you with another man. “Why Do My Husband Want To Share Me”


Why Do My Husband Want To Share Me?

  1. To hide unsatisfaction in bed
  2. To trigger his sexual drive
  3. For some practical
  4. As custom demands
  5. To derive the pleasure of the taboo
  6. To earn money or promotion
  7. Self Interest


  • To hide dissatisfaction on the bed.

Some men who are not competent enough on bed. In order to hide their shortcomings, they might want to share you with another man. 

For instance, if you notice that your husband isn’t good in bed and in a way, the situation is disturbing him a lot, he might hold himself and hide his face trying to share you with another man. It may be due to he wants you to tell much better in bed, to experience the full meaning of sex, so for him to achieve that, he will then share you with another man for you to be fully satisfied In bed. So this might be the reason for his actions.


  • To trigger his sexual drive.

Sometimes, there’s this drive that arouses in some men when they watch all these pornographic videos. A video that shows where a husband is sharing his wife with another man. Such a drive is capable of triggering him to indulge in such activities with you.

For example. Suppose your husband is the type that likes watching pornographic videos, especially threesome or sharing wife or husband. One day, he will develop the urge for it and may want to try it on you. This is capable of triggering the sexual drive of your man sometimes. 

“Why Do My Husband Want To Share Me”

  • For some practical.

Hr may be doing it to know how it feels and how much he can go with it. So this video of pornography can make him trying to practice what he has watched. 

One of the reasons he may want to share you with another man can be to practice what he has heard or seen somewhere.


  • As custom demands.

Your husband may want to share with you because it may be part of his custom. For example. There some tradition that demands, whenever your fellow man does something good for you that you like very much. The best way to pay him or to show how much you appreciate him for what he has done for you is by giving him your wife to for a day or two on bed. Such custom can make him want to share you with another man. Not that he hates you but that he is happy that he has something to offer for his fellow man after treating him so well.

“Why Do My Husband Want To Share Me”

  • To derive the pleasure of the taboo.

Some men do it to derive pleasure from it. So, he might want to do it with you for fun. He may want to do it as well for his satisfaction. He may know that the act is not good, but the fact that he enjoyed doing it will make him ignore that it’s a taboo or not. Instead, he wants to derive joy and pleasure in the prohibition.


  • To earn money and promotion.

Some men may also want to engage in the sharing of their wife with another man because he might want to earn from it, or maybe his boss wants to sleep with you to give him a promotion at the office.

So such situations can make your husband share you with another man. If you found out that it is your husband’s business partner that he wants to share with you, just know that it’s for money or promotion.


  • Self Interest.

Some men do it for their selfish Interest, not the one that will benefit you or your family. It will be only for his Interest. It doesn’t matter to him how you will feel about it, for the fact that he is happy with it.

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“Why Do My Husband Want To Share Me”

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