My husband has lost interest in me sexually

I understand how hard it is to you as a woman, and I know how painful it will be in your heart to see or notice that your husband or the man you love does not recognise you that attractive as a woman. I understand that you no more interest your husband in any way. Just relax if that is why you are here because you are in the right place for it. I will tell you the things that will make a man not to see his wife as attractive as she is before. Do try to also read characteristics of a good woman for you to know the way you should treat or behave when you are with your husband.


My husband has lost interest in me sexually.


  1. You gained weight or out of shape.

This can be the reason of him not seeing you be attractive to him anymore. If you are no more the woman he knows that is always in good shape, how can you expect him to be attracted to you again? So if you have gained a lot of weight and have gone out of the way, then stop asking this question and look for what to do immediately, before you lose your husband to another woman out there.


  1. You don’t wear attractive clothes.

If you are the type that does not care about what you put on, or you dress anyhow without bothering about the clothes you put on. You need to stop it immediately for you not to lose him. You can’t expect him to be sexually attracted to you when you don’t make yourself to be attractive. So I suggest you change clothes and ask others of the best clothes that will fit you more if you don’t know.


  1. You talk to him anyhow.

If you have the habit of talking to your husband anyhow, or you always lousy mouth and insult him, don’t expect him to look at you in a good mood or talk more of seeing you attractive in his eyes. So I advise if you have this terrible character in you, please try and stop it. Treat your husband with care and respect, and you will see he will love you and see you be attractive once again.


  1. You are dirty.

Don’t expect your husband to find you attractive to him if you don’t keep yourself and the house clean. Men will not be happy to stay with a woman who is always dirty. So try to take good care of yourself and look neat for your husband. It’s’s only by doing so he will be happy to stay with you and have an interest in you again.

  1. You have body odour.

This one makes men run very far from a woman. So try to cure yourself of this, if you know that you are a victim of this. It will make a man to lose all interest from a man so take note of this.


  1. You don’t cook for him.

Stop it if you are among those women who don’t cook for their husband. How do you expect him even to get the strength to look at you not to talk more about knowing if you look attractive? Go and learn how to cook, if you don’t know how to do so because it’s an easy way to a man’s heart.


  1. You don’t give him attention.

How can you expect him to give you his attention or find you attractive when you don’t do so to him when he needs your attention, love and affection. Thus if you are a career woman or the type that cares more about her business than your husband, you are making a big mistake because you will soon lose that your husband to someone else, if care is not taken and regret it.


  1. He may be cheating.

This can also be a strong reason why your husband does not look at you again or bother to make love to you. Take time to monitor him if you are sure that it’s, not your fault. And if you follow him and notice that he is cheating. I advise you to relax and take the time to stop him gradually from cheating.