A good wife is that woman who can love her husband unconditionally, love him as if there is nothing else to love in this life. “Characteristics of a good wife”


A good wife is a woman who can stand by her husband no matter what. Stand by him and give him the best that you can offer. Let the world know how strong he is and not how weak he may be. Control your tongue and work together with him.


A good wife is that woman who supports her husband in every angle that she can do. It is not a must that he should be the one to support you. If you have you should support him as well and everything is not all about financial support. You can support him with the contributions and suggestions you made in his life. Helping him to bring out the best in him and encouraging him in his work.


A good wife is that woman who respects her husband’s decision even though it’s hard. Your husband should be your priority, respect him and don’t forget the reason why your title was changed from Miss to Mrs., for that reason alone, it not easy.

“Characteristics of a good wife”

A good wife is that woman who can stand for her children and fight for their rights. Defend your children both outside and inside especially when they are on their right. Do not defend them when they are wrong, correct them and fight for them as well.


A good wife is that woman who doesn’t look down on her husband no matter how poor he may be. You should always consider your husband to be the best man in this world. Praise him always and don’t look down on him just because he may have nothing or he may appear too small in your eyes.  Do not underestimate the power of a man.

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A good wife is that woman who is willing to devote her time and attention to her family, both the children and the husband. Pay attention to your husband, know when he needs you most, know his do(s) and don’t. Care for your children and attend to them whenever they need your attention.


A good wife is that woman who is willing to sacrifice for the betterment of her family. You can sacrifice that golden jewelry and beauty attire for the main time so as to support your husband in building you your family.


A good wife is that woman who never wanted her family to go hungry when there’s something that she can do to prevent it. You shouldn’t be the type of woman that will always wait for a huge amount of money to be provided for you before you could prepare something to eat. Learn to manage any little that you are being given since there is no other means.

“Characteristics of a good wife”

A good wife is that woman that understands his husband’s mood including that of her children, thereby comforting them.


A good wife is that woman, who doesn’t nag at all times.


A woman is not supposed to nag at all the time, you should be a woman that speaks when it’s necessary.


A good wife is that woman who always listens to her husband’s advice and words. Giving ear to your husband’s words it will guide you in case of mistakes.


A good wife is that woman who doesn’t gossip at any given time the husband is not at home. You shouldn’t be found among the women who gossips in your area. You should learn how to stay in your apartment with your family.

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These are the qualities of a good woman. Drop your comments if you have any.


“Characteristics of a good wife”