Why Do Guys Kiss With Their Eyes Open?

Your paramour and you lean in for that first kiss. Next, turn your head and close your eyes. Your body feels electrified and sparks fly.

Your eyes briefly flutter open for a moment and then you see your partner staring back at your face, his eyes wide open the whole time.

It’s possible you are a little scared. Is it you? It’s strange and it says something about the man.

It’s not unusual to kiss with your eyes closed, despite the initial shock. Many men do this, whether they are doing it every time or just occasionally. Some believe it is a sign that the man should not be trusted.

He isn’t willing to be vulnerable by closing his eyes. This could indicate that he has hidden or malicious intentions.

Kissing with your eyes closed doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unhappy with the guy.

Some guys simply love the visual input from kissing while their eyes are open. These are just a few of the many reasons guys love to kiss openly.

Why Do Guys Kiss With Their Eyes Open?

Why do people close their eyes while kissing?

You’ve probably seen a couple get married in a movie or TV show. It follows a specific sequence, which is often exaggerated to create a dramatic effect.

Two people close their eyes and pucker their lips. They then lean towards one another, tilt their heads in different directions, and then they kiss.

A kiss between two people is awkward in real life.

The other person may not be aware that the other is approaching for a kiss, or they might both tilt their heads in the opposite direction and bump foreheads ( almost everyone tilts in this way).

One thing that almost everyone does is close their eyes before touching their lips. Why?

Closed-eye kissing is caused by our inability to focus on anything too close to our faces.

The closest distance that the human eye can focus properly is almost ten inches.

Any closer to your eyes causes strain. Your vision becomes blurry when you are in the distance where a kiss is taking place.

Additionally, if you keep your eyes open while you kiss someone, it can lead to sensory overload.

Your lips are extremely sensitive and can relay a lot of information during a kiss, including moisture level, pressure, movement, etc.

Your partner is so close that your tongue picks up a taste signal. You’re also inundated by new smells and hearing what your partner is saying.

It can be overwhelming. One way to calm down is to close your eyes to block out the visuals.

Your brain can’t experience pleasure if it is constantly processing too many signals.

This is to not mention the distraction caused by eye contact during sex.

You won’t notice the sensation on your lips if you start staring at each other.

Although it is a good idea to keep your eyes closed during a kiss, there are some exceptions. Some guys prefer to do things differently.

Why Do Guys Kiss With Their Eyes Open?

What does it mean to kiss with your eyes open in psychology?

Pop psychology has many theories about why men kiss while opening their eyes.

Bruno Mar’s 2010 song, “Grenade”, cast suspicion on anyone who keeps their eyes open while they kiss this lyric.

You should have known from the first kiss that you were trouble.

Keep your eyes open

Why did they leave them open? (Ooh)

Some believe that if someone’s eyes are not closed, it is a sign they aren’t trustworthy. If their eyes are open, they may not be fully committed to the kiss.

Narcissists may be uncomfortable with displays of intimacy.

Although it can be difficult for partners to show affection or get close to one another, many people are skilled at it and use it to their advantage in the love-bombing phase of a relationship.

Narcissists love to kiss, with both their eyes closed and open, because it can make them feel powerful, especially if they look like they’re having fun.

Some say that a man isn’t willing to be vulnerable if his eyes are open.

He is keeping his eyes open to see what’s going on around him. Most men don’t worry about someone sneaking up on them while they’re kissing.

One particularly bizarre theory is that a man who keeps his eyes closed during a kiss may be a powerful move to keep his eyes open.

Although it might seem daunting to look into someone’s eyes from a distance of an inch, it is not when they have their eyes closed (as most people do while sharing a kiss).

This is a powerful move that would be completely unnoticed.

These theories are all ad-hoc and have no scientific basis.

The choice of whether you kiss with your eyes closed or open is personal. It also depends on how comfortable you feel with tactile and combined visual stimulation.

Why Do Guys Kiss With Their Eyes Open?

7 Reasons Guys Kiss with Their Eyes Open

Is it bad that people kiss their eyes open? It is bad. Is it abnormal?

No! No! Kissing is about pleasure. Keep your eyes open if you are enjoying it.

You might still be asking yourself why guys kiss with their eyes closed. There are many reasons for this, but these are the most common.

1. It makes the first kiss less awkward

Most people have seen the scene in a movie where a man leans in for an affectionate kiss while his eyes are closed. The object of his affection pulls away. He stands there looking ridiculous, waiting for something.

Some men will not let go of a first kiss, to check if it is rebuffed.

If they are, he may abort the kiss or pretend that it was not his intention.

2. He isn’t going to bump into you

There’s always the chance that you will both lean towards the same side when you kiss.

It can cause embarrassment and pain, and you probably won’t make another attempt right away.

He can avoid this type of situation if he closes his eyes until you touch your lips.

After you’ve kissed several times and settled into a rhythm, bumping foreheads is less likely.

3. He is nervous

It can be awkward to kiss with your eyes closed. However, some men will still do it if they feel anxious.

They can see your reactions with their eyes closed. Are you happy, relaxed, and enjoying the experience, or are you looking at it in pain?

He won’t see you unless you make a grimace when your lips touch. His eyes aren’t able to focus when you’re so close to his face.

If he is unable to see clearly, it could indicate that he needs assurance.

4. He is a visual person

He might need visual stimulation if his eyes are open during a kiss.

Every person responds differently to stimuli, and every individual has a preferred way of absorbing information.

Kissing can be a very tactile experience. Our lips are more sensitive than our fingertips. However, some men feel more connected to the experience if they see something while kissing.

Although they will only see a blurred fleshy image because you are so close to them, it can still be stimulating for some men.

5. It increases intimacy

It would be easy to assume that it is impossible to get more intimate than standing a few inches from someone and exchanging a little saliva. But making eye contact before, after and throughout can enhance the experience.

The intimacy of the experience is enhanced by the fact that it feels odd to kiss with your eyes closed.

You can be more present with your partner by not shutting off your visual sense.

6. He Sneaked a Peek

You can’t tell if your eyes are open if you kiss him in the middle of a hug. Most likely, he has just opened his eyes simultaneously with you.

Perhaps your mouth has changed and he wanted to take a quick look at you while he waits.

Some believe it’s a form of dominance. He wants to be sure that you are his. However, a more plausible explanation is that he feels closer to you when he has a few visual stimuli before falling back into the tactile whirlwind that is a kiss.

7. It’s just a habit of his

What is it about a man who opens his eyes while he’s kissing that makes him curious? It’s probably because he has always done it.

Although it may not be the same as what we see on TV and in movies, there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe it’s part of his personality.

It is a personality quirk, nothing more. It’s a personality quirk that you may find off-putting. If it’s more than normal, discuss your concerns with him.

Why Do Guys Kiss With Their Eyes Open?

Is It Weird to Kiss with Your Eyes Open?

Even though it may feel strange to kiss with your eyes closed, it is not weird. It doesn’t matter what you love about kissing, except perhaps your boyfriend.

You may have to explain to them why you are doing this if they find it strange that you keep your eyes open while you kiss.

If you feel that having your eyes open creates intimacy or stimulates your vision, tell the person you are kissing this.

Communication is essential in any relationship. Having the ability to express your needs and wants can make things easier.

It Is a Problem!

It might seem strange that your partner is inclined to close their eyes, but those feelings are completely normal. Only you know what it means to kiss your partner with your eyes closed.

Although you don’t have to notice their habit if you close your eyes, the mere fact that they are looking at you in this vulnerable moment can be distressing.

Consider why you feel this is so intrusive. Is it because you aren’t ready to give him that level of vulnerability?

Do you feel that he is being less vulnerable by not looking at you, or closing his eyes?

Do you feel self-conscious about what you see with your eyes closed? This is an excellent opportunity to have a conversation about intimacy.

Kissing with your eyes closed or open?

Your boyfriend and you should be comfortable sharing a kiss. You can do it even if you have to close your eyes during the experience.

You might only leave them open for a few seconds to ensure everything is working properly.

Many people find it distracting to have them open.

You don’t have to leave them open or shut, as long as you are enjoying the kiss.