How Do You Break Up With Someone Who Loves You?

It is good to love and it’s not must that you should stay in a relationship that you are not interested in any longer. Or in a relationship that stress you a lot. It is possible that one can run out of love with someone. But the most important thing is if you are ready to break up with that person, try not to hurt the person especially someone who loves you.

There are many ways to break up with someone but there are some particular ways by which you can break up with someone who loves you.


How do you break up with someone who loves you?


To break up with someone who loves you, you have to make sure that you stay away from anything that will bring you to his/her house. It is because, it is possible that if you visit, you may rekindle the light that you want to stop, and you may not be able to resist it.

For instance. You want to break up with your boyfriend, he may call you for a visit. And he may try to convince you that it’s an innocent visit and nothing will happen. Immediately you accept the offer, due to there is a connection between you two before but maybe you don’t want to continue again.

When you accept to go there, your hormones will remember the time that you two have shared together. But you may wave it and continue the visit. Let me tell you if you reach there and he must notice that you are trying to avoid him. If he happens to be the one who loves you more, he must try all he could to win you over again and you may end up loving him back again. And you may even make love with him, if that is done, it will be hard for you to break up with him again.


Another instance as a guy

If you want to break up with a girl and she invites you to her place, reaching there she may happen to be in a problem. And she may be crying when you arrived, you saw her tears and how to hurt she is at that moment, you will come closer to console her. Doing that may cause you to get attracted to her and you may end up seeing a reason not to leave her again. And you may even end up making love to her. After that incident, you then see that you cannot break up again. Because you have rekindled the spark again.


Lessen your level of communication

Do not frequently call him/her, minimize your level of communication. Don’t call as you used to and don’t answer as you used to, focused on the mind that reminds you of breaking up and make it happen. Communication is the thing that can connect your mind together. When communication is minimized, the relationship will start to reduce its taste.

Do not set him up

Some people do have in mind that whenever they want to break up with someone. That they can easily set the person up with someone else so that once they catch you with the person. They will now break up with them saying that they are cheating on them.

Do not take part in that part. Because that plan that you plotted must one-day leak because the person you plan with may be the one to reveal it. And when your ex finds out that you did all that just to throw her/him out from your life. He may end up hating you more and he/she will not find the reason to miss you when you are gone. He/she will even cause the day you met and also will be happy that you broke up.


Do not be disrespectful

It is true that you want to break a cup with him/her, but don’t let it be the reason why you will be disrespecting the person that loves you. Because doing that will only hurt him/her and it may be caused him or her not to love again. He may see love as something that cannot be achieved in life.

So try to respect the person that loves you, even if you don’t love him/her back. It is not a crime to love and not everyone can be able to love someone. Don’t talk to him anyhow just because you want to break up with her or him. Be a responsible guy to her and a responsible girl to him so that he can love you the more and wishes that you don’t leave him/her.


When you do all these you can see that he will not hurt when you leave. And he may end up getting another person since there is a vacuum and he/she may not notice it till it happens.

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