How Do You Kiss Someone For The First Time

A first-time kiss is one of the memorable things that someone can hold for the rest of the stay in that relationship, even when the connection is no more. That is why it is essential to know how to kiss someone for the first time so as not to make any mistake that you will always regret. 


The manner and ways you apply when you want to kiss someone for the first time is the most important thing because that will tell if you will kiss that same person again after that first kiss. Additionally, teeth play a big role too! You don’t want stained teeth to change your partner’s mind.


So if you are having a hard time, on how you should kiss someone for the first time, just relax and go through this article, as it tends to give you a piece of detailed information on how to go about it. 


Below are the significant steps to follow when looking for how to kiss someone for the first time; 


How Do You Kiss Someone For The First Time


  • Get yourself ready at any time.

Getting yourself ready for the kiss includes freshening up, brushing of teeth, and smelling good.

While getting ready for the first kiss, you have to have this in mind because it is vital and necessary. To make your first kiss easier and acceptable by your partner, you have to keep your smells excellent so that there will not be any unnecessary disappointment.

Since you are going out on a first kiss and you never can tell where and how the kiss may occur, so you have to get prepared and await any chances that come in, so that you won’t be able to miss many opportunities due to some unnecessary reason. Reason like mouth odor or body odor. So make sure that you take care of that before embarking on that journey.


  • Engage in an emotional conversation.

Engage in an emotional conversation

To make it easier for you, you should be engaged in a deep conversation with him or her just to draw attention more. That emotional conversation will automatically send a signal to his or her nerves, knowing that you are emotionally equipped. Don’t just walk in and start kissing without anything. It looks irritating. 


  • Make sure that your partner is ready for that.

Before you embark on the journey of kissing someone for the first time, you should as well know if the person is ready for it. Through that conversation, his or her response towards whatever you two had discussed is the right way of founding out if he or she is ready or not. So you should be very conscious of that so that you won’t end up disappointed.


  • Draw more closer, and your face facing each other.

Draw more closer, and your face facing each other

Move your face more closer to the person to catch the mood burning in passion. You shouldn’t be far while trying to kiss someone. You should be very close to that person at least. Let your face be at least one inch from the person. By so doing, it will be easier for both of you. 

  • Set the mood for the kiss

This is very important. If you didn’t set the mood, you might not be able to achieve what you wanted, for instance. Give her some love hints and tell the person something that can trigger his or her emotions, but keep it pure. Let it not be naughty since you are going for the first kiss. Be natural but romantic.


  • Do not ask for permission to do that.

Sometimes, if you meet a shy person who will be pretending not to be shy if you happen to ask him or her if you should kiss her, the person might end up giving you No” as an answer while inside they wanted it. So such a reason is why you shouldn’t ask for permission. Instead, you took it by surprise, and the person will have no other option than to comply with you. But let it be someone you have known at least for few times.

  • Do not just kiss, instead get your hands busy too.

While kissing, you should as well get your hands busy by romancing or touching his or her face or even neck. Keep the emotions moving. If you are kissing for the first time, it is necessary that you spicy the kissing so that your partner will feel it too. Kissing without making use of your hands to touch the neck, face, or body of your partner doesn’t feel good.


  • Be relax and comfortable while kissing.

Be relax and comfortable while kissing

Comfortably and relaxing kiss the person with love and passion. Do not rush it as if it’s something that you can’t do without. Make it soft and wanting so that you won’t irritate the person. The way you kiss will determine the length it will go.

  • Let it be romantic and gentle.

A gentle and romantic kiss is a memorable one that your partner will always keep and remember for the rest of their mind. So kiss gently and romantic to kiss another time. If you mess up in your first kiss, you may not be given a chance to kiss again by that same person.


  • Do not prolong the kiss too much, just be alert.

Do not prolong the kiss too much that the person you are kissing will start crying for breath. You can kiss for 5-10 minutes at least for the first time. Or if you notice that your partner is enjoying it, you can continue.


  • Withdraw as soon as you notice any changes in your partner’s movement.

Withdraw your mouth as soon as you notice any changes from your partner. Especially the differences that show that he or she needs some break. Be at alert to observe any movement so that you won’t misuse any opportunity giving to you.

“How Do You Kiss Someone For The First Time”

  • Do not be disappointed if it doesn’t end well, just know that information has been sent.

Do not be disappointed if it doesn't end well, just know that information has been sent

Do not be disappointed even if the kissing doesn’t end well. The little that you minister will travel fast down to the nerves, and he or she will always remember it. So don’t be disappointed, just understand that you have atleast sent a message to her heart.



Kissing for the first time is a natural feeling that anybody who is in a relationship could ever feel. 

So if you are having a hard time knowing the steps to follow when you want to kiss for the first time. With all those steps listed for you above, we believed that you could understand how you have to tackle that so that you can enjoy the relationship that you have with your partner.


Do not hesitate to drop your comments and contribution In case of any.


“How Do You Kiss Someone For The First Time”

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